Ground Control To Lord Bozarking

Dear Lord Bozarking:

We have created a mighty post in your honor, in the hopes we may be graced by your presence. Please, take our humble offerings and shower us with your poetic verses of filth and degradation in the modern world.
I held her head under the water. 3..2..1, I pulled her head out by her hair. She gasped for air, filling her lungs with the crisp November sky.

The sun shone bright that day on the lake at the old quarry, as I knelled in the dying grass, my pants around my ankles. A Southern breeze blew, across the lake, across the grass, across my dark and dense curly pubic hair. My hands moved up and down my engorged shaft, as I plunged her once again below the water. I felt her struggle beneath my hand, as orgasm began to rise within me. I stopped myself, lifting her head out again. I heard her gasps, short panic’d breathes seemingly in time with the blood pumping through the full veins of my cock.

“Ok, ok,” she said. “I’m ready.”

I pulled her out of the water, her wet nipples glistened in the sun, hard as diamonds. She got on all fours, and her shivering body made inserting the enema bag into her quivering asshole difficult. I held her down, stabilizing her body with mine, enough to insert the nozzle inside her.

I found myself in the classic 69 position. Her light brown public hairs shimmered and shook, from both the breeze and cold, and I kissed her mound gently as I filled her lower intestine. The warm rush of fecal matter covered my face, as I felt her take me deep inside her throat. I came almost instantly, my semen filling her mouth as her shit rained upon me.

The force of my explosion caused her to vomit in her mouth, and like a tiger I sprang to meet her mouth with mine. Our lips parted and tongues intertwined, shit, vomit and semen mingled with our passionate kisses. Filled with so much desire, my hands could not help but explore her body as if for the first time. Overwhelmed, we collapsed feeling like one spent soul.

“I love you babe,” I said to her, as I gazed into her deep blue eyes. I felt myself drown in them, my heart lost forever to her.

“I know you do,” she replied smiling. “I guess I do too.” She laughed at herself, and kissed me with a passion that was at once both strong and tender. I closed my eyes and felt like I had floated away.

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