A Jihad On Gawker

Recently, we were on Gawker for the Economist article on Legalizing Drugs. However, in pointing to PBH, they referred to it as “this odd site”.

THIS ODD SITE?!? THIS ODD SITE?! How dare you SIR!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! THIS IS A SITE THAT PRIDES ITSELF ON INTEGRITY, VIRUS ADS, AND MEAN-SPIRITED TIRADES! I will hurl a set of invectives your way so fearsome that you will cower behind your MacBook Pro for eternity! First off, you get paid a miserly wage because you are some meddlesome blogger not even worthy of the title, MEDDLESOME BLOGGER! Second off, you are worse than the love child of Pol Pot and Orson Scott Card. Third off, have you NO SHAME? Both Princess Diana and French Revolutionary hero Denton have proclaimed their love for this “ODD SITE” through the grave. Are you one to challenge their opinion?

Alright, where was I? Oh yah — Finally, stay out of my booze!


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  1. Anti-christian, Liberal, son of a bitch! says:

    wow yo, So you want to send investigators to his house because he called you’re site a odd site. But you proves you’re point by this. Yes any freethinking individual could easily challenge you’re opinion it is fairly easy.

    another question for you Define Jihad?

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