Rush the Magic Racist

As we come off the heels of Don Imus’ infamous public plunge, Rush Limbaugh served up a similarly distasteful nugget on his syndicated radio show yesterday exposing a side he seemed all too eager to share with his audience. Limbaugh “played a song parody in which an Al Sharpton impersonator (played with stereotypical gusto) sings a song filled with idiotic assumptions about black people called Barack the Magic Negro,” (view the video and read about the routine). Like Imus’ show, Rush’s performance are reliant on sometimes latent and sometimes unconcealed racism that masquerades as cultural or social critique, typically centered on the criminality or simian comparisons of minorities and African-Americans in particular.

But Rush’s ‘critiques’ have never been critiques, rather venomous attacks based on race that seek to undermine and delegitimize the abilities of African-Americans. This latest attack is the exemplification of the angry white male mystique that Rush exploits: Barack Obama is not a successful, articulate politician in his own right, but a successful, articulate black politician — another black male who enjoys a position of prestige and power simply by being black. He satisfies his audience by railing against a society perceived to prop up blacks of lesser merit at the expense of the anonymous white male through the welfare system, affirmative action, and all things politically correct.

After getting in trouble for more blatant racism in the beginning of his career (including the infamous “Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?” line and a litany of other well-documented statements), he moved onto the subtle art of undermining the respect that one should give to blacks. Limbaugh was forced to resign from ESPN Primetime, a NFL pregame show, after saying the following:

“I think what we’ve had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well,” Limbaugh said. “There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn’t deserve. The defense carried this team.”

Limbaugh sees McNabb, a former MVP and quarterback who took his team to the playoffs for 5 years in a row, as a fraud perpetuated by a media with a vested interest in a black quarterback. And yet last year, discussing football on his radio show about the constantly embattled Chicago Bears quarterback Rex Grossman, brought up Grossman’s race — white in this case — as to the reason why he was being criticized, rather than his performance, which any sport fan would eagerly tell you was terrible (Read more about this incident on Media Matters):

“The media, the sports media, has got social concerns that they are first and foremost interested in, and they’re dumping on this guy — Rex Grossman — for one reason, folks, and that’s because he is a white quarterback.”

This is the world as perceived by Rush Limbaugh, a world absent of meritocracy where minorities gain on reverse racism and whites are unfairly punished merely for skin color. Limbaugh’s views are the embodiment of 21st century racism: an implicit discrimination that allows an immediate dismissal of others qualifications and respect simply because of race.


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  1. Mercenary says:

    Look, moron, Rush was simply taking the term “Magic Negro” by an L.A. Times columnist, David Ehrenstein. Ehrenstein came up with it first, and Rush pointed out that its okay for a liberal to use the term Negro. Are you really this stupid? Is anyone?

  2. Admwho says:


    I think you miss the point, it is not ok for anyone to use racial slurs. To make it worse Rush, is a nationally radio personal not some read-neck spewing the garbage privately in his home.

    Rush has a big megaphone and with that comes more responsibility.

  3. Joshus B. says:

    Mercenary got it right about your intelligence regarding the magic negro issue, but you are also totally misinformed about the Rex Grossman comment. Did you do any research anywhere besides reading a media matters transcript? You libelous fool, Rush was being facetious and ironic while talking about his past comments. Please do some actual research before lying about and smearing someone.

  4. Kit says:

    But Rush was still fired from ESPN for saying that Donovan McNab was only considered good because he was black, right guys? Or was he being ironic then too, playing on his image of being a racist while not actually being one?

  5. Ron says:

    I can’t believe amy intelligent person would stoop so low as to defend Rush.

  6. alec says:

    Mercenary: By liberal do you mean black? You do realize David Ehrenstein is black, right? Or did you not read his article in the LA Times either?

  7. Mercenary, I didn’t realize Imus was a conservative. I thought he was a liberal. Its one thing to sing a hip hop song about some unknown figure and to get up on radio and slam namned individuals. One is art, the other is slander.

    If I say all women are whores in some song thats social comment about the singers culture experience. If I say your mother is a whore, that’s different if I call her a whore and use her name. One is art, the other is slander.

    Unless of course its actually true and can be proven.

  8. alec says:

    Uh, Rush’s comments about Grossman were straight-faced — where were you when this was happening? I heard it last year and I found a link for background on it, Rush only tried to backtrack a day after he said it. More info:

  9. minnesota mike says:

    Joshus B

    I think that you are the one who has to do the research MY FRIEND.
    You might actualy want to go to the sight and click on the audio of his comments.
    I know this is sometimes hard for people who live in skies of purplish teal.

  10. R Ray says:

    Mr Mercenary: Spend your life with Rush if you like but along the way ask yourself two questions: What does the resentment towards others do for you and how long are you willing to suspend your life while you work out your problems with particular types of people?
    Incidentally: If Karl Rove can only win elections through illegal means and he does it, is this a good thing for the country and is it okay with you?

  11. Flackman says:


    Did you read the post? You missed its point. Oxy Boy is using the parody as “social commentary” so he can pretend not to be a racist and say, “Hey, folks, I’m not saying this, I’m just playing the tape.” Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

    I love all you Rush listeners — a bunch of sheep.

  12. Carson says:

    Mercenary says:
    April 27th, 2007 at 9:53 am

    “Are you really this stupid? Is anyone?”

    Apparently some people are: you and Joshus.

  13. Ah Clem says:

    Rush is a pox on humanity.

  14. Fundies suck ass says:

    HA! Rush apologists are like oxycontin-drugged eunuchs: utterly divorced from reality with no balls whatsoever. When Limbaugh’s dessicated, diseased heart finally gives up the ghost, there will be a line of folks wrapping around the block five times to piss on his grave. Ditto Cheney.

  15. johnnyboy says:

    The article may have been written by someone else, but the song and the characterization of the guy singing it were all Rush. The editorial was shameful, but the song took it to a new level. Its hard to hide behind something you take to another level. That is like the talking point “Clinton thought Saddam had WMDs too.” Bush took the same information to a new level and started a war. Same belief, different reactions.

  16. 11 Bravo says:

    Mercenary … the term implies some sort of payment for your valorous service. What is the going rate these days for chairborne warrior dittoheads who post from the safety of mommy’s basement?

  17. angry white male says:

    just the jew liberal media cooking up another make believe fire storm

  18. just the jew liberal media cooking up another make believe fire storm

    Your meds are in the upstairs bathroom cabinet behind the “hot water bottle.” Please take them before you post again.

  19. KingCranky says:

    Sorry, Rush screwed up so monumentally with this one batch of braindead blather that he can never be taken again seriously, and while it’s tempting to blame his stupidity on the drugs, that lets him off the hook too easily, he’s just that willfully ignorant

    And for the rules on how to play the game

  20. Thanks for reminding everyon that I’m black, alec. It’s clearly indicated in my op-ed, but the Oxycontin junkie doesn’t know.

    Hell, CBS didn’t know either until I told them an houe ago. They called and want to shoot me watching the thing on the net. I said no in no uncertain times. I am not going to contribute to his further self-agrandizement.

    Anyhoo they’re thinking of shooting me anyway on Monday, so stay tuned.

  21. Geno says:

    I’ve always wondered why the idiots who worship Rush enjoy being referred to as “dittoheads.”

    The term basically illustrates the fact that his listeners have no real opinions of beliefs of their own…only those that Rush puts forth.

    Then again, as I said before…anybody who actually listens to Rush is an idiot so I suppose that does make sense in a rather perverse way.

    I suggest his listeners read more…and listen a lot less.

  22. They just left after shooting me for several hours. Stay tuned.

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  24. Dubois says:

    Rush is about parody just like Jon Stewart or Colbert. The LA Times amplified this meme which was already going around — that Obama is not “down with the struggle.” Rush is merely pointing out how the left eats its own.

    You folks that want so badly to pidgeon hole Rush as a biggot and racist are really not very convincing since you demonstrate your ignorance of the content of his program so clearly to anyone who has actually listened to it. Why don’t you try listening to Rush’s program and get educated about what he actually says before you run your traps. I dare you. Cowards!

  25. Mike says:

    I do not listen to Limbaugh ‘s show and don’t much like him, but listen to the clip at Media Matters: the way it starts like a real fottball rant, gives a hint of where he’s going by using a phrase from the McNabb fiasco (“the media has got social concerns”), and gets to the punch line (the words “white quarterback”) immediately before he cuts to commercial. It’s completely different from the rhythm of one of his rants; he’s obviously making a joke. The fact that Grossman faced a quarterback who’s also white only makes that more obvious.

  26. Rip says:

    Isn’t the phrase “Magical Negro” a Dave Chapelle Show reference?

  27. Alan K. Henderson says:

    The song parody jabs at a racist segment that regards Obama as an inauthentic black person – what’s racist about that?

  28. DougB says:

    Is it possible to play Al Sharpton with more stereotypical gusto than he plays himself?

  29. Geno says:

    What is this?

    The gathering ground for the White Supremists of America??

    I’ve never read so many inane comments defending Limbaugh’s blatantly racist broadcast in one setting. Anyone who doesn’t understand exactly what point Limbaugh was trying to put across is delusional.

  30. […] Long History of Racists Comments From Rush Limbaugh Continues […]

  31. Alan K. Henderson says:

    The Shanklin song parodies the attitude among some that Barack is not “black enough” to represent black Americans. Rush accused the David Ehrenstein column for falsely accusing all of Obama’s white supporters of racism, for supporting him only because it makes them feel good. How is it that Shanklin and Limbaugh are accused of racism? Give me some evidence, not just a “because I say so” snark.

  32. alec says:

    Geno: Haha, agreed on some level but dude, I’m whiteeee. But don’t worry, I feel totally guilty for every other white persons sins.

    Alan: Did you read what I wrote???

  33. PCP, LSD, Crack, Weed, Heroin, Viagra says:

    Rush Limbaugh is a racist idiot, Imus is a racist idiot, and Cho is a homicidal/suicidal idiot. Yet, there are people defending all three of these idiots. Makes you think

  34. Alan K. Henderson says:


    You haven’t commented on the Shanklin parody or Rush’s response to the “Magic Negro” column. You have linked to some articles on the Grossman matter. Rush was playing a bizarre practical joke on the media, making a statement that nobody with half a brain would mistake for something he seriously believed to see how the media reacts.

    Now, can you demonstrate a racist attitude that that Rush exhibits?

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  36. Jake says:

    Rush the drug-addled divorce junkie
    Lived in a world
    Where insults, lies and dirty words
    Passed for intelligent discourse!

    (Hey — if he doesn’t have to write clever parodies, neither do I.)

  37. The Peoples Champ says:

    Negro is a 20th century racial categorizing term. and people know damm well why the word has been changed to African American. Its so fun to here that being black is now a level and not the heritage and skin that you are born with, what is black enough? is there a pill that you can take for it? peoples ignorance is so fascinating to me. Im not calling anyone racist because i don’t know their life out side of what i see but as men shouldn’t we be accountable for what we say and take responsibility for what we do period. And being at that level of media know that there will be consequence for your actions.

  38. alec says:

    Peoples: Agreed. And no, there is not a pill you can take for it. I think for many, it comes from a distinction in culture and class rather than race. For example, someone may say that Eminem or Paul Wall is blacker than Barack Obama or Bryant Gumble because of their background, environment, linguistics, etc. Obviously, I’m not going to solve the world’s problems with race by pontificating on my blog all day, but it is an interesting issue to discuss.

  39. Blacksheep34 says:

    A famous black man once said(and now parodied many a times)”Cant we all just get along?”That was Rodney King for those who forget.
    There are two instances where Al Sharpton has caused the wrongful persecution,(The Duke Lacross team,Taiwana Browley-sorry for the mispell…)But never has he answered for the racist wrong he slings at white America..Never Jesse Jackson…But yet again,a bad joke or satire driven song is sang but Al Frankens best buddy and the guilt of white America shows…”Oh my God,how could he do that?” Says most of the responses I see.
    Im not a Rush fan…really, he takes too long to get to the point.Just not my cup of tea.There will be those here that see my opinon(its just that)as a defense of him and that I mispelled words a show of my stupidy.Yet my point is this.They are just words.
    One of my favorite comedians-Carlos Mancia has spouted for years that we as whites and society are too uptight about the wrongs done to minorities and as long as we feel guilt for this we wont get any further.Words have no power unless you gve them so.He mocks every race and its ok,because hes Hispanic right?This is wrong.Jesse and Al are in it for the money not your interests.Rush is boring but come on,lighten up.We have other stuff to worry about.

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  41. Nick Byram says:

    You idiots, Rush DIDN’T do the video. He DID do the audio, which if you actually LISTENED, is aimed at that racist fraud Al Sharpton, not Obama. Liberal dupes will be liberal dupes…

  42. Kit says:

    IDIOTS! Gosh!

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  46. Ron says:

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  47. VinceinATL says:

    Mercenary here, assumes to know what constitutes offensiveness towards others, only in his own mind, rather than seeking to engage those who such things have been aimed at for centuries in America. For him, this in a long line of slights is just some isolated matter only to be seen at face value, it is his penchant to devalue history and to dismiss history that creates and sustains his attitude that it is harmless; and something that he can enjoy and defend as comedy, while knowing that he actually deep down in his souless being ascribes to the racist basis of where it comes from. It is the same sort of thing that lends itself to some telling jokes about minorities; convincing each other it is all in fun, but deluding themselves why it is necessary to still put others down for their race to feel good.

    Such folks are petty, scared people still clinging to some false sense of personal importance, needing to make others small so they can artifically feel superior. They are a real waste of humanity, contributing only to a dying culture clutching on to their hate.

  48. Jim says:

    Rush is a pompous arse. No more need be said.

  49. glasnost says:

    Well Done! I Like it!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Moronary…keep sucking that political dik while you get f-d in the ass…

  51. […] Rush Limbaugh, the perpetual foot in mouth fatso who somehow outlived Imus on the airwaves. In Rush the Magic Racist, the unending chronicles of Rush’s perpetual racism are exhibited, including his latest […]

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