10 Things Much Worse Than Same-Sex Marriage (But Are Totally Legal)

10 Things Much Worse Than Same-Sex Marriage

As we already proved in this handy pie chart on gay marriage, the world will not end if two people of the same sex are allowed to get married. The only thing that will happen is that some gay men and lesbians will get (gasp!) married. (Maybe some of them will also get divorces and alimony and shared child custody, eventually, but let’s look on the bright side.)

So why is same-sex marriage still not legal in 45 states while other terrible acts and laws remain legal? Here’s a list of 10 such acts or laws that, despite being a hell of a lot worse than two people getting married, remain absolutely legal.

Exotic Pets

Fennic Fox Exotic Pet

In several states, it is legal to own exotic pets such as tigers, bears, lions, and monkeys. No longer the territory of guys like Zigfried and Roy, apparently, there are enough exotic pet enthusiasts to warrant internet how-to’s. Exotic pet breeding is a flourishing industry, regardless of concerns for animal welfare or public health and safety. Many have clamored to illegally transport animals into the country in hopes of selling them for a large profit. Smuggling exotic pets is a $10 billion dollar a year industry, second only to drugs. Tens of thousands of dollars in ‘merchandise’ die slow and cruel deaths each year. Forced to travel hidden in cramped boxes or cages, improperly cared for, starved, and generally neglected, many smuggled animals such as the endangered Slow Loris (or even Tigers) suffer diseases and slowly die. Those who don’t die are often abandoned when their new owners realize keeping a Tiger requires more than kitty litter and Fancy Feast.



An epidemic of suicides last summer and autumn spotlighted a major problem faced by many teens: cyberbullying. The National Crime Prevention Council defines cyberbullying as “the process of using the Internet, cell phones or other devices to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.”

Cyberbullying is another issue in which advancing technology has outrun authorities’ ability to deal with it. Anonymity, free speech, and murky privacy laws all make trolling nearly impossible to prosecute. Because most cyberbullying takes place outside of school, administrations and teachers are at a loss as to how to prevent it, or punish it when it’s discovered. Parents have successfully sued school districts for failing to prevent such harassment, but otherwise, little legal action can be taken.

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty

The Animal Welfare Act, put into law in 1966, prohibits cruelty of animals. However, the law itself is strangely narrow: birds, amphibians, reptiles, farm animals, and rodents bred for research are all exempt from the bill. This means that while mammalian pets are afforded legal protection, the vast majority of animals in the US are not. Factory farms, puppy mills, and animal experimentation all have horrific practices that would nauseate any sane person, though all of these practices are legal under the Animal Welfare Act.


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  1. TheReviewer says:

    I’m surprised pedophilia’s not on the list. That’s still legal right? My kids are sure going to be disappointed if not!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I’d consider a 12 year old getting married to be pedophilic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Government and religion should not be controlling sexual behavior. It should be the individual’s free decision. Age of consent laws are counter productive. Pedophilia is the new “Faggot bashing”, now that homosexuality is accepted.

        • Lis says:

          Umm.. What?
          Did I read that right?
          Do you know what pedophilia is? I don’t think so, because if you did, you certainly would not be defending it. PEDOPHILIA: sexual perversion in which children are preferred sexual object.
          Children need to be protected because they are not fully developed, in this case the point is that their decision making faculties are not fully developed, that is what age of consent is for. Pedophilia is ‘bashed’ because pedophiles prey on children!
          And, by the way, homosexuality is definitely not accepted.. This article is about how it’s still illegal in most states!

        • Anonymous says:

          Ah, you’re the type of person who gets their hand stuck in pickle jars, aren’t you?
          Are you serious?
          Are you truly suggesting that hating people who force children to do sexual acts–or even merely want to do so–is akin to hating adults of the age of consent who decide to have relationships with people of the same gender? Are you really saying that having sexual urges for *children* is excusable, and comparable to adults have normal, consensual relationships?
          Perhaps you need to reevaluate your outlook.

          • AuroraMoon says:

            Really, I find it so tiresome that there’s STILL people out there who actually thinks that Child Rape is comparable to two adults in an consenting relationship.
            Thankfully more people are starting to realize how ridiculous it is to compare pedophilia and homosexuality.

  2. Anon says:

    I have no problem with same sex marriage, but I don’t see why privately owned weaponry is in general bad. The high powered laser you cited is flashy, but nobody’s going to go rob a bank with something that proudly proclaims it can pop balloons. Flamethrower legality is pretty bad, but it’s not as if using it on property is any more legal than dousing said property with gasoline then tossing a match, which would be just about as easy as flamethrowering a person when you consider their range.

    Private ownership of guns isn’t bad, and gun control laws don’t correlate with the degree of crime in American cities. If we weren’t allowed to have guns, then the status quo between the citizen and his government would be dangerous. I’m not saying we should all prepare for a gunfight vs. our governor, but we have the right in our constitution to throw out an unfit government should one show up. It’s a right we should hope never to have to use, but we need to make its use a possibility, lest we risk becoming a totalitarian state.

    Also didn’t you say that the exotic pets were smuggled in? Doesn’t that make the whole “things that are totally legal” point moot?
    Additionally the torture, but that’s more of a gray area.

    • drew says:

      Exotic pets are often smuggled in illegally, but it would be less of a problem if the sale/ownership of exotic pets were illegal.

      • Anonymous says:

        Questions of legality only makes criminals. Law abiding citizens will follow the law and those that don’t care, won’t.

        Going with a rather extreme example, if chocolate suddenly became illegal due to some tangent that it is financing the drug lords of Columbia. Would that make chocolate unobtainable? No, the supply would shrink rapidly and the demand would grow exponentially, increasing the cost to exorbitant amounts.

        Making guns illegal would have nothing but negative consequences. Do some research on the Jamaican gun ban.

  3. Regular Guy says:

    You are just an idiot. Your whole post is misinformed and just stupid.

    • Another Very RegularGuy says:

      I’m with you Regular Guy. What a waste of cyberspace!

      • Shane says:

        totally agree, Regular Guy

      • prostraightmarriage says:

        I must agree with these guys. most of your info is not factual or stretches of the truth in an attempt to make others feel bad about you not being able to “marry” your domestic partner… I believe in marriage as it was meant to be: a man and a woman before God. Letting 2 gays (something not supported by religion) get married/make a holy union with God makes a mockery of the whole concept. Go cry in a corner somewhere… your wasting our time with this trash you call writing.

        • Kurt says:

          Marriage is a mockery. Or have you not been paying attention…

        • Anonymous says:

          How about you worry about things that actually affect the world instead of whether 2 guys or 2 girls can get married? How about instead of spending your money building a church so you can worship and talk about being tolerant and caring, you actually go out and help those in need, or actually practice tolerance?

          Marriage is a government institution, not religious. Atheist, Jews, Muslims, Christians and Budists all fall under the same laws for marriage to why not the same sex community?

          And for the record before you say anything stupid, I am straight and was raised Christian. I have seen the light and realized that organized religion is a hypocritical establishment and chose to live by my own morals, one of which is not forcing my beliefs on others. If you don’t like gay marriage don’t get one!

        • Lia says:

          I’m tired of seeing people post that marriage is suppose to be a commitment to god between a man and a woman. Marriage was a contract between men usually for business purposes. The woman was the property of her father or eldest male kin to use in business deals. “You give me this property, I’ll throw you some a cows and my daughter, deal?”

          Marriage wasnt for love it was for gain for wealth so stop this nonsense. If you want it to be like that again count me out.

          As for modern times, married people get benefits that people in civil unions don’t. Joined taxes, hospital visits, health care. Why shouldn’t two people who love each other and want to commit to the rest of their lives together be allowed the same benefits?

          And just because you believe in a god doesn’t mean everyone else does. And whether or not their is one, the Christian god is suppose to be a forgiving god, and Jesus died on the cross to forgive the sins of man. If he died for the sins of man then he also died for the sins of gay men and women. And there’s no where in the new testament that dictates others wise.

          “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

          • Keith Pinster says:

            Awesome Lia. Thanks for speaking out against such stupidity. People should learn to stay out of other people’s relationships and bedrooms. If you don’t like it, don’t look!

            Again, thanks for standing up for decency and civil rights!

        • Anonymous says:

          As it has been said on House…
          Ramon: Faith is not a disease.
          House: No, of course not. On the other hand, it is communicable, and it kills a lot of people.
          I’m just gonna take a shot in the dark here and guess that you’re probably some kind of Christian. Based on that, let me remind you that Jesus supposedly preached tolerance and ‘being good to one’s neighbor’. Declaring that marriage is only between a man and a woman and that homosexuals do not deserve to marry is by no means tolerant.
          Besides, the sanctity of marriage is hardly something do get up in arms about. Ever heard of Rudolph Valentino and and Jean Acker? They were married for about six hours before getting a divorce. Yeah, gays are *totally* the biggest threat to the “sanctity” of marriage.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you reg. guy

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, that was a well supported rebuttal…

    • Regular Lady says:

      I concur.

  4. amanderpp says:

    ok many of the things you listed here are true but left out key information that make it seem simple. The exotic pets need licenses that are very hard to get. the flame throwers must have a hole in the gas take and i’ll put the laser gun as a downright lie seeing as how you can’t even get green lasers because they’re so powerful.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not sure your article is really a help to the issue. Most of your arguments argue the illegal points. There is the gun exaggeration. Yes people lasers are now the killers weapons of choice. Then the rant about ILLEGAL animal smuggling. I also don’t believe animal cruelty. Is legal

    • Anonymous says:

      Got cut off. But basically this was a woefully waste of an article.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly, many forms of animal cruelty are legal. Even when it is illegal, it is rarely prosecuted.

      • Keith Pinster says:

        This is actually sadly true. People who RESCUE animals from cruel situations tend to be prosecuted more than the people who are being cruel to those animals. Granted, there are plenty of people who go way overboard trying to “protect” animals because they are clueless, but if there were decent laws that were upheld properly, we wouldn’t have nutcases trying to steal dogs because a person is trying to protect them from running away by putting them in a dog-run.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You know, I’m a fucking socialist/pacifist/whatever and even I think you sound like some kind of crybaby : “boohoohoo little animals are tortured, boohoohoo people can buy and sell guns, boohoohoo people say bad things to me online.”

    The worst thing is that your valid criticisms (no matter how badly worded) are made dumb as hell because you associated them with your shitty spoiled baby worldviews. Fuck you. I hope you die a slow and painful death.

    • Shane says:


    • Lia says:

      You’re clearly not a pacifist if you’re saying things like “I hope you die a slow painful death.”
      Perhaps you should reevaluate what you call yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, you’re definitely “whatever”. Way to spoil your own (debatably valid) arguments by peppering your writing with insults and unsupported, arbitrary declarations that the article is “dumb as hell”.
      By the way, you’re a “pacifist”? And you’re wishing a slow and painful death on the writer of the article… Way to be consistent. You’ve *really* succeeded in presenting yourself as a thoughtful individual with useful opinions.

  7. Anon says:

    What are “online weaponry sales?” Like, when you order a gun online and it’s shipped to a licensed firearms dealer and you have to undergo the same background check as if you bought one from his current stock? What craziness has that caused exactly?

  8. misinformation says:

    Ok, read more about animal research before you go spreading lies. Experimentation on live animals is held to strict regulations, and ALL procedures must go through extensive critique and justification for being performed. Regulations (and human decency) disallow the inhumane and cruel treatment to animals that are part of any experiment, and discomfort is kept to a minimum. Inspections at facilities are performed regularly, and any amount of straying from established protocol results in a revocation of the privilege to work with animals. Before any of you Peta-terrorist supporters start thinking bullshit thoughts, go ahead and realize that EVERY

  9. d says:

    I love how most of these comments are toward the part about gun ownership. You people make me want to leave this country more and more. The main things that the writer of this article was trying to say was simply that there are worse things allowed in this country than same sex marriage. And also as far as the gun thing goes, I believe it is way to lenient.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll pack your bag! See ya!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll remind you of your views on gun laws while the thugs/terrorists are stealing your sh*it and rapeing your daughter instead of mine because I PROUDLY own firearms and I’m not afraid to use them!!!!!

  10. Tink says:

    I do kinda of see the point your trying to make, but I’m pretty sure that some of the things you put in this post, consider the thing about exotic pets, being smuggled in illegally, or how I’m pretty sure most animal testing is now definitely illegal, (thanks to organizations such as P.E.T.A) but it kind of makes you sound like your a bit of a whiner. Plus in the description of the author, (and this is directly copied and pasted) ‘ developed a habit of debating sexual politics in seedy hippie bars.’ which mean you were probably drunk, or high or possibly both when you wrote this, and you honestly think that these are real problems. Which mind you i think we have bigger things to worry about honestly then all of these including same sex marriage. Just saying

  11. Anonymous says:

    Such crap.

  12. 'Drea says:

    “Justifiable homicide” is only a valid term if you are Dexter. In any other case, it’s murder.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are we to consider the abortionist justified in the cold act of premeditated murder of an unborn child when they rip it from it’s mother’s womb or is it “justifiable homicide?” Come on, what is wrong with us in the USA? We have very little consideration, compassion or love for the life of another. We’ve become a bunch of zombies who accept same sex marriages, abortion of the unborn, euthanasia as a way of “getting rid of” our elderly, feeble, mentally ill, and medically uncureable. Watch out – the shoe may some day be on your own feet.

      • Keith Pinster says:

        ‘Drea – Ya, like the article I just read about the woman who was on 911 with the cops for over 20 minutes while 2 men were breaking into her house to rap and probably murder her and her baby. I’m sure you consider it “murder” that she shot one of them (and let the other one run away) because she didn’t let them kill her baby. You are SO compassionate!

        Anonymous – Right. We are all “zombies” expecting to be able to live free, allow women to make their own decisions about their own body, allow our elderly who live in excruciating pain to end their own lives with dignity on their own terms. It’s far more “compassionate” to force your morals down the throats of women no matter that they want, to force the chronically ill to suffer uncontrollably because of your self-righteousness. Ya, the other shoe of freedom will be a real bitch, won’t it? Much better to have a totalitarian government that forces YOUR morals down everyone else’s throat.

      • kurisushiro says:

         I’d consider it far less compassionate to force a child to be born to a mother who can’t take care of them or to force someone who is going to be a vegetable to live as a shell of themselves.

  13. mojave says:

    yeah… since when is torure and animal cruelty legal? Killing abortion providers? are you kidding? The person who posted this is probably the most ignorant human I have even come accross.

  14. Crazy Canuck says:

    All of these comments border on insanity because none of you care that your government spies on its own citizens, detains them indefinitely without a trial, and TORTURES PEOPLE!

    Fuck everything else in this article, American (and Canadian) citizens should be outraged that the government can SPY on them for NO REASON. AND TORTURE YOU.

    But let’s all just focus on the guns and animal cruelty THAT’s the real shame (sarcasm).

    The government does everything it can to make the people into sheep that are FORCED to follow every rule, and if you step out of line your ass is getting investigated (I say illegally, but the government MADE it legal…)

    I applaud the lenient gun laws… If anybody tries to torture or spy on you, I suggest you use those guns without prejudice. Fuck the government.

    • Not Retarded says:

      You are all idiots; hyper paranoid fools who have no clue who are what people genuinely are and should fucking pull your collective heads out of each others asses and stop trying to make everyone happy and let everyone just fucking BE.

    • Keith Pinster says:

      Crazy Canuck – Thanks for actually noticing the important bits. I, myself, have been the victim of my local government illegally pressing charges (felony charges at that) against me in order to force me to settle a civil case that was completely bogus. All because I helped someone who was about to be kicked out on the street by the exact same government. No good deed goes unpunished by our lovely government! So I have to say, you hit it right on the head. Fuck the government!

  15. Jim says:

    Are you retarded? I’m not saying same sex marriges are bad or good, but you listed some clearly good things up there. Just sayin.

  16. ED says:

    Since we aren’t using actual facts for our arguments, I’ll take a shot at devil’s advocate:

    So we should let gays marry, get some tax breaks, and push more of a burden on me in the form of paying higher taxes so I can no longer afford to pay my bills and wind up on the street… In AZ, living on the street is equivelant to a death sentence.

    So you give me a choice between being spied on and being allowed to own things or death? I’ll take the former.

    Do you now see how easy it is to make arguments when you have no real foundation of logic or reality?

  17. Aric says:

    What’s wrong with second ammendement? Stay safe stay second ammendement.

  18. Stutz says:

    It might be ridiculous to be able to own exotic weaponry, if there were any examples — you know, ever — of people having been brutally murdered by tank, flamethrower, or laser owners. If we are adults, and if 95% of Americans can be trusted enough to be issued a license to operate a motor vehicle (one of the most potentially and actually dangerous machines ever devised), I think we can manage with letting people keep their flamethrowers.

  19. big Lou says:

    Super Liberal B.S

    Real guy. Oh no noy private weapons. It’s illegal to own a tank with a working gun and it takes a Class 3 FFL to own a flamethower. Ask your local BATFE how easily that is. P.S. IT;s not

  20. ZZZ says:

    You can’t lump all exotic pets into one category. Of course there are lots idiots who try to keep tigers in their backyard and end up eaten, or illegally buy endangered wild animals. The fennec foxes you choose to picture, however, are neither dangerous or endangered. They get quite tame and are bred in captivity, just like a dog or cat.

  21. Vlad says:

    You spoiled what could have been a good list with exaggerations, grey issues and those that are out of place outright.

    – Gun ownership question does not belong here, no matter how you look at it.

    – Teenage marriage is a complex grey area, just like teenage pregnancies.

    – Exotic pets question is marginal, especially compared to some much more important issues on the list.

    – Cyber-bullying is just not illegal (much different than being legal). It cannot be made illegal until it can be clearly defined, and even if that’s possible I’m not sure it’s something the law should be concerned with.

    So, first five on your “top ten” list are either irrelevant or ridiculous. Anything bad is worse than gay marriage and many bad things are either fully legal or not illegal, so the list misses the point altogether.

  22. Erik says:

    Killing abortion providers is not ‘totally legal’. Quite the opposite. When you make a list of things that are ‘totally legal,’ try not to include things that are totally criminal.

  23. Dwell in Irony much? says:

    You’re going to get all in a fuss about the patriot act violating the constitution but you have no problem with the infringement upon the right to bear arms.
    I agree with most everyone on here that you’re cutesy little list here demonstrates your ignorance on many topics quite effectively and does little to actually support your point.

  24. Larry says:

    Why is CRAP like this allowed? It is lies and is disgusting. I know the LEFT is behind it but that does not make it acceptable. God bless America. If you find the mention of God offensive…OH WELL!

    • Anonymous says:

      The second amendment to the constitution guarantees the right to “keep and bear arms”(I’ll leave the interpretation up to others), the FIRST amendment guarantees freedom of speech and of press. It’s allowed by the same document, and was put ahead of your favorite amendment.
      So before you start getting all righteous(too late, I know…) you might try giving a little thought into your pointless tirades…

  25. Pretty good article except for the firearms deal. A citizen of this country cannot possess or own a tank, a high powered pulse laser weapon or any other type of ordinance e.g hand grenades, mines, nuclear warheads, light antitank weapons, etc.

    As for Chicago, it has some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the country and is right up there with New York City in the number of gun crimes per capita. Hate to say it dear lady, but firearms restrictions in the US do not and cannot work. Even if you totally ban all firearms, it would simply open another illegal and lucrative black market as criminals will NEVER EVER give up their firearms. Sad but true and there is no denying it.
    Unfortunately but true, the only thing we can do in the US is to allow as many law abiding citizens that wish to be allowed to carry a firearm. National statistics show that the more guns there are the less crime. Even the most dedicated anti-firearms organizations have been shying away from this area of protest because the statistics are making liars out of them.

    • kurisushiro says:

       Actually a private citizen in this country CAN own a tank. There’s a many who restores and collect vintage tanks, the weapon just needs to be disabled.

  26. Diggity Dank says:

    Wow – Which one is NOT like the others, kiddos? Nine of the 10 are right on target, as bad things, and as touted, far worse than gay marriage… Yet one of them is a good thing and in fact the ONLY thing protecting us from complete tyrrany at the hands of power-grabbing attempted-tyrants like W. Bush. Can you guess which one is “720 degrees opposite” of bad, as a blithering idiot hoplophobe leftist like government_employee might say? But rather a very very very GOOD thing? Huh, can ya kids? Of course you can. Get real, Ds and leftist idiots – how can you be so perfectly exactly right on everything else in this article, yet so dead wrong on the most important PROGRESSIVE issue of ALL of them – the right to Keep and Bear Arms to protect us from our own government-corporate complex run amok? Stupid is as stupid Neo-Con-O-Crat Uniparty does – Ron Paul or bust baby.

  27. Tom Ledford says:

    You have failed to connect your opposition to private ownership of weapons and your fear of intrusive government. The very reason we have private ownership of weapons is we share your fear of intrusive government. We are governed by consent of the governed. If that ever comes undone, we can undo the government. The founding fathers knew this and debated it in revolutionary times. Most mass-killings have occurred where governments fired on their own people. In America there is always the possibility that the people will exercise their own primacy over a brutish government, if that should ever develop. Weapon ownership helps secure the people against runaway government.

    Gun control has been a total failure in your home country. British gun crime has skyrocketed since private gun ownership was banned.

  28. JustSaying says:

    Worse of all: Voting Republican!

  29. BalladofJohnnyx says:

    What a left-wing piece of garbage.

  30. Poorly Written Article says:

    I won’t waste my time or yours by going into details. This is one of the worst article I have read, and the conclusions you jump to are outlandish.

    However, I will bring attention to the fact that you call pro-lifers “insane”. Meanwhile, just a few paragraphs before, you lobby for animal rights. I agree animals should not be mistreated. But how in the world do you justify the killing of HUMAN BEINGS?! What happened to HUMAN rights? Save the animals and kill the children? I think you have your priorities out of order.

  31. Glow in the Dark Knight says:

    You are way off base with this article. You cannot be serious. There are so many arguments against this kind of thinking, but let’s just take a couple. What is it with people quoting the word “Torture”, and then changing your words to cruel and unusual punishments? Torture is not viewed by the vast majority of Americans as pouring water over a suspected war criminal in order to get vital information for the purpose of saving American lives as “torture”. You lost a host of us on that one. But there’s more. You missed it with saying the things that were worse, were totally legal? And you want us to respect you as a legitimate and intelligent voice to be respected or heeded, or are you just about personal gratification, entertainment and profit? I read at the end . . . Nicole is a writer living in Chicago. She graduated from the Evergreen State College, where she developed a habit of debating sexual politics in seedy hippie bars. Nicole also writes on Tumblr and on her new blog. This last sentence is all I needed to read. The fact is that you are obviously very ignorant of the impact that same sex marriages, if legalized and sanctioned, honored, protected and allowed would have on our society as a whole. If you are not convinced that the majority of Americans are strongly opposed to this happening, just take a good look at what happened when the liberal thinking Californians themselves were given an opportunity to approve this activity as acceptable . . . they rejected it! Look, to even propose that a chosen, perverted human behavior, such as homosexual relations, is in any way shape or form equal to being born with blue eyes, black skin or female genitalia, is a foolish conversation and I will not dignify your proposition with an answer. Same sex marriage is simply another cry for acceptance of perverted human behavior under the guise of freedom. Freedom in America is not seperated from responsible moral behavior, and all of the other “more dangerous” and “totally legal” things on your list are not backed or being nationally promoted or by majority being thrust on our youth or our culture as needed or acceptable. Thsi battle will never be won by “your” side. And opposing this kind of dangerous activity and propoganda is both right, truthful and completely warranted. There will come a day when you will face God Himself and all your “debate skills” polished in seedy hippie bars will not be able to rescue you from the eternal torture of your soul if you choose never to repent. Consider the reality that God is in control and has every right to make and enforce all moral law. he is not asleep. he sees what I write here and He has His eye on you. make no mistake about it, you, and your constant rejection of His ways will soon be history. He will prevail. He always does. Do not harden your heart. He loves you. May God have mercy on your soul . . . Glow In the Dark Knight

  32. Disco Harvey says:

    Number 11:

    A Chicago liberal with broadband internet access.

  33. marriage is 1 man -1 woman. I think people should be able to choose their own benficiaries, pay for whoever’s health insurance they want, live with who they want ( not sexually though/no sex before marriage[ even teenagers no sex] dumb MTV). This list is just bloody lame.
    Just remember though though when this happens- no gov’t healthcare- no food stamps- no housing allowances. Housing allowances should be done away with anyways, close the borders and you’ll have jobs and insurance for all americans. Peace out- Yo

  34. Monsire says:

    Hi, my name is Nichole and I went to Evergreen “social liberal” college so I could learn how to be a sheep and write the most liberal horse shiit that millions of others have done before me. Nichole learn how to think for yourself or your doomed.

  35. Aminnyarterry says:

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    With best regards

  36. Anonymous says:

    Imbeciles, hope you die

  37. stonedc7 says:

    Insane pro-lifers? Being in favor of living? That is crazy, right?

  38. Um.... What?! says:

    Is this a serious list? I mean sure, the patriot act is a joke but really? Cyber Bullying? What are we a society of Lilly-livered, feebs?

    • kurisushiro says:

       So, basically, since it hasn’t happened to you personally, it doesn’t happen at all.

  39. Voice of Reason says:

    I get the point you’re trying to make: you’re gay and it isn’t hurting anybody. Agreed. But do you know what gives you that right? Living in a free society. This same free society consists of an organized government which allows its citizens to hold weapons for their own protection (vice North Korea). It is also one which is dedicated towards protecting its citizens from enemy combatants who don’t follow the same rules we do. We can’t go out and hunt them down from the outside, but we sure as hell can do our best from keeping it from happening on the inside. This is where the patriot act and guantanamo come in. If you want to live in a truly open society which lines up with your beliefs, why don’t you move into Al-Qaedea society? They are predominantly the only ones with guns, they pretty much respect the privacy of every male member in their society, and they all practice faggotry. Sorry ladies, you will be left out in that deal, but at least the men get to do whatever they want!

    As for abortion, I consider myself a pretty reasonable man. If something has a heartbeat, then it’s alive. That’s a fair assumption to make, and it really does make sense. If a woman hits the ejection button prior to that point then whatever mess it puts her in is her business – it’s her body as far as I’m concerned. But when there’s a second heart beating in there, then that’s a whole other person who unfortunately does not get the choice to have been conceived inside of such a selfish person. Yes, I understand that not all babies are conceived at the mother’s will, but from what I can read, she’s got 5 weeks to hit that red button before the heartbeat develops.

    And finally, marriage is a joke because that’s how the media portrays it. They also portray faggotry as a joke as well. And religion. And politics. The sanctity of marriage is fine for those who respect it. It is the gay community that has turned it into something that simply refers to a legally binding term. It is much more than that. It is a union between the bride, groom, and God. Anyone can do the legal part. Any 2 people can grant one another power -of-attorney, custody rights, anyone has the right to adopt. It’s not like there’s an iron curtain separating the fags from all the legal benefits of marriage (of which I have yet to discover after 5 years). As far as taxes go – anyone can be claimed as a dependent. So what’s the big deal?

  40. Fabian says:

    The bottomline about homosexuality is this:
    Specifically because it is not normal; spreads deadly diseases; and it is dibilitating and humililating to its practitioners. It co-ops young children who are not able to make a value judgement because of their young age.
    Worse things: Gun ownership is NOT a bad thing; 1,500,000 concealed carry permits were issued this December, and 500,000 6 days before Christmas. Our murder rates were reduced 29% in 2011 over 2010..Why? The public was armed and thugs and crooks knew it! Everyone should have personal protection, the more the better for everyone!

    What you do today determines who you are tomorrow–

  41. BTM says:

    Gun control will give criminals the upper hand. Having known several gays and transexuals and they are some who like t push themselfs on others. The first child abuse case tried in the US was tried under the animal crualty laws of the state of New York over 100 years ago.the illegial import of large tropical snakes has got the state of Florida fighting the same from the everglades to above middle Fla. Now gay marriage I have no problem with adults messing up thier lives but to subject children to the confusions fo 2 momies or daddies is just tje march toward legal pedophilia. 30 years ago it was popular to protest the abuse toward gays in the media and then film. Now the want to let bert and earnie on the muffet to get married. I have seen several dramas on television in the past 10 years protraying pervert in man boy clubs telling detectives ie their are more of us then are of you law and order. or maybe we have needs and we are wired different so why should we be persacuteds because we are different. The gay rights movement started about the time of Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll and bra burning. Now in America it is wrong to be a man or a real woman is the nofault divorce put enough kids in hell alive so I guess it is ok to send them to hell before the live in hell

    • Sir Derpington says:

      “I have seen several dramas on television”
      Well, you must be VERY educated then. I’m sure you’re an expert, aren’t you?
      Were you raised by two parents of the same sex?
      I’m betting you weren’t, therefore it’s safe to say you are not an expert.
      Having two parents of the same gender IS NOT THE SAME as pedophilia. Not even close.
      It’s two adults, raising children. As long as both of the adults in the relationship love one another and have a happy family, there shouldn’t be a problem.
      Pedophilia is sick, wrong, and disgusting. Pedophilia is an adult having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a child, one not of consenting age.
      They are two different things that have nothing to do with each other, and by comparing them you’ve just shown the entire internet how absolutely ignorant you are. Not to mention your atrocious spelling and lack of grammar structure. Now everyone knows that you were probably dropped on your head as a child.
      Congrats on that, bigot.
      Did you even HAVE an education? Probably not.
      Please do the entire world a favor, and stop trying to convince people of your close-minded and inaccurate thoughts until you learn how to type like someone who actually made it past the third grade.

    • kurisushiro says:

       You mind is obviously much sicker than those of the people you’re bashing.

  42. Confused Guy says:

    I’m lost. Didn’t you say that the stuff on this list was, “totally legal?”

    Killing abortion providers? Illegal.

    Torture? Illegal. (Waterboarding is not considered torture. If you think it is, compare that to having your fingernails pulled out. Compare that to sleep deprivation. Compare that to castration. That is torture.)

    Smuggling exotic pets? Isn’t the main theory behind smuggling something to bring it in to a place that it is illegal to have? Furthermore, just because someone mistreats a privilege , like not taking care of exotic pets, doesn’t mean that the whole concept should be made illegal. I speed in my car. Because I sometimes drive poorly do you want your license taken away?


    • Me says:

      Have you ever been “waterboarded”? Me and a few friends tried it to see what it was like. Have you ever felt like you were drowning? Like there was nothing you could do to take a breath? It’s actually quite horrible. I would say that it does qualify as torture.
      Back on topic. As for gay marriage, who fucking cares? What two consenting adults do in their bedroom is none of my business, nor is it any of yours. Marriage has nothing to do with God, and if it did, isn’t He supposed to be forgiving and loving? I think there is something to be said about being born gay. I knew people in elementary school that were gay, even if they didn’t know themselves at the time. If we are all to face our creator in the afterlife, why should we spend so much time worrying about what others are doing and what their punishment is going to be instead of worrying about ourselves? If being gay is a sin, He will be the one to make the judgment, isn’t that part of His job? Doesn’t it say in the Bible “Judge not lest ye be judged”? Let people be who they are let them face their judgment.

  43. Keith Pinster says:

    I think it is incredibly ironic that Private Ownership of Weapons is considered so horrible and included in a list with the Patriot Act, Domestic Spying, Indefinite Imprisonment, and Torture. Are you so inept at understanding the constitution and concept behind private weapon ownership that you don’t understand that it is ONLY the second amendment that protects us against those other things that you list here? Are you so dense that you can’t understand that the whole point of having those other things on this list is because they are atrocities that our government gladly perform and would happily extend into totalitarianism at the drop of a hat WITHOUT the second amendment to allow us to protect ourselves? Are you also such a loser that you can’t even understand the basic evidence that shows that violent crimes ALWAYS decrease in location with fewer gun control laws and ALWAYS increase in areas with more gun control laws? Seriously, is it really that difficult for you to understand, or are you just so blind to your cowardice that you pee your panties every time you hear the word “bang”? Just curious of what it is that drives your stupidity…

    • Fyrehed says:

      Is there a source for your claim more guns always equal safer streets, or are you just talking with your asshole?

    • LiLanana says:

      I completely agree with you. It’s our second amendment right and I hate how people think that they can just change the constitution. What our Nation was founded on! I just get tired of people blaming guns for crimes it’s just absurdity. Guns don’t just go off on their own. People kill people, and whether guns are illegal or not it’s not going to stop a murderer from murdering someone. Although it may stop that someone from defending themselves from that murderer… It’s just common sense. You think a little law will stop these psychopaths from finding a way to commit crimes or finding weapons for that matter? What people should be focused on is getting better control not completely eliminating the possession of them. I just think its so funny. 
      What next they’ll be fighting our freedom of speech? Or maybe make it illegal to possess a knife, or a vehicle, or hmm idk a  fork… (I mean “they” all kill people too right?) The possibilities are endless at this rate…

  44. Dawn says:

    Are you on pills for your nerves?

  45. tygra nyx says:

    i find it offensive that the title insues that same sex marrige is wrong I have just as much rights as everyone else to get married as straight couples i am an honour student on my way to crimminal psychology i have a family that is smart well to do i am no diffrent than the straight people with biggatry on their minds fuck you america for being one of the world biggest biggots

    • Kawaiikimikun says:

      It’s sarcasm, obviously the author supports gay marriage if you read the article.

    • kurisushiro says:

       He’s not saying that gay marriage is wrong, he’s saying that the people who are so rabidly against it could be spending their energy things that actually hurt living beings.

  46. Anonymous says:

    It’s outrageous how people think they can just go around and bash gays or own exotic pets. Owning an exotic pet in its self is animal cruelty.

  47. anon says:

    if you waterboard some deranged religious fanatic and he gives up information that would save thousands of lives, he won’t die from the waterboarding but other innocent people will if we don’t get the information

  48. BearYourArms says:

    I was with you until your problem with privately owned weapons. Just because I’m equipped to fill you full of holes doesn’t mean I will.

    It would be like a straight person saying that a homosexual is going to rape them because they have the “equipment” to do so.

    • The Falconer says:

      More like if someone said they were going to rape them because they had tools specifically made for raping people.

      • Thatguy says:

        So what, people shouldn’t own knives – which were specifically made for hunting and killing?

  49. obliviga says:

    You’re a fucking moron.

  50. TheCapulet says:

    I could eat a can of alphabet soup and shit out a better written article than this.

    By the way, flamethrowers? Class 3 destructive device. Meaning that they are actually restricted in nearly every regard.

    And your “Wicked Laser”? I can make that with 30 bucks in parts and a broken BluRay player. There’s absolutely nothing dangerous about popping baloons. Anything I could do with that laser, I could do 100 times faster with a good ol’ fashioned Zippo.

    If you did proper research regarding your subject matter, You’d know that areas with the highest firearm ownership also have the lowest crime rates per-capita.

    Blah Blah Blah, something about the Constitution of the United States, Blah Blah Blah. You’re bashing that which is precisely what gives homosexuals the right to marry in the first place. Congratulations on failing at basic logic.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I like that in the last one, the shadow of the man’s head shows clearly he is wearing glasses, while George Bush isn’t wearing glasses. Good try, though.

    I do, however, agree with most everything else. Same-sex marriage is in no way “harmful” to anyone or anything, except religious freaks who might die of a heart attack if it becomes legal.

  52. DERP CHEESE. says:


  53. Dave says:

    That’s right. Let’s list killing abortion providers, but not mention the millions of babies killed. How hipocritical!! This list is nothing but a way for you liberals to condemn only those things which you don’t like. You say you’re tolerant, but you’re the most bigoted people there are.

    • AuroraMoon says:

      look at it this way– They may be murderers but does that give you the right to kill them? No.
      Just like it’s illegal to break into the houses of convicted sex offenders and kill them no matter how much tempting it is to. It might seem morally justifiable to you but you do not have the right to act as judge, jury and executor.
      If you go and blow up all clinics just because you disagree with what they’re doing, then you’re no better than a TERRORIST and should be treated like one, no matter how “moral” your ideas are. Heck, half the doctors working in abortion clinics usually don’t agree with the moms in getting an abortion and will often advise moms on other alternative routes to take.
      So if you blow up a clinic with those doctors inside, all you did was kill innocent men and women who were actually trying to talk people out of abortions! 😛

      Two wrongs does not make a right.

    • Fyrehed says:

      Killing babies is my favorite thing to do on the weekends. I heart dead fetuses.

    • kurisushiro says:

       I advise against termination myself and I’m pro choice, not anti choice like you are.

      we live in the USA, not your fantasy christian version of Iran.

  54. joke says:

    There are reasons why these things happen in which we cannot control. SAME SEX MARRIAGE CAN BE. AL THEY GOTTA DO IS NOT GET MARRIED OR THEY MARRY SOMEONE OF THE OPPOSITE SEX.

    • kurisushiro says:

       I’m pro choice and even I advise against abortions.

      We live in the USA, not the christian version of Iran.

    • kurisushiro says:

       Ack, that was at the wrong comment, but why should they be forced ot marry someone they don’t love for the benefits they can easily be granted?

  55. jim says:

    you’re embarrassing

  56. Connorevans says:

    Im gay myself, and I oppose same sex marriage. You can get all the financial, governmental, health benefits etc. All without having to get married.
    Why am I against it you ask? All it does is have other people see that your committed to each other, all we both need to know is that he and I love each other and thats all that matters.

    Plus, much of this stuff is illegal. And you overlooking this fact shows that you just want to bring attention to an issue in the wrong way, and that makes you just as bad as the crazy people against gay marriage because you only make those who are for it (Including many friends of mine) look as stupid as you are.
    Thank you sir, so very much. You have helped set us back yet again

    • Fyrehed says:

      You can’t legally make medical decisions for your spouse, even if they are in a life-threatening situation and have no immediate family. You don’t get to have tax breaks or incentives heterosexual couples have. I’m against all marriage in general: it wouldn’t be an issue at all if it was all taken off the public record and kept a family matter. As is, heterosexuals are privileged. It isn’t to say they do not deserve tax breaks and social recognition of their commitment to one another, but rather that it is unjust to only allow people you assume like they same type of sex as you to have those benefits. When homosexual couples are denied equal benefits and protections as heterosexual couples, I can’t help but feel they should be revoked for everyone. Then again, that would actually solve this stupid social issue, and Americans love bickering too much to really want to change anything for the better of all.

  57. Deesis says:

    Yes I think you should add same sex “marriage” to the list. Every thinking person knows the law and morality are not always the same thing. In a democracy = elected oligarchy that is what you get. It is because no one admits that is what you get when the law is based on no objective morality.
    Marriage is ancient and is based upon a man and woman using their sex organs and differences to compliment eachother… and it leads to offspring.
    a penis and anus …poo and piles. Penis and penis= doesn’t fit together.
    I am sure 2 guys or 2 girls can love eachother…..but is sex in this case love or instinct expressed incorrectly?
    I mean some have sex with animals or flash themselves or any number of sexaual obsessions that become habitual but lead no where.
    Heterosexual marriage is the only form of sexual relationship society should recognise as it results in children, future tax payers and the continuation of society. What a crime it would be if guys or girls were confused by a law that allowed gay marriage and they settled for it when they were really straight. How wrong it would it be if government thought it could redefine and get involved in an area it has no authority to be involved in.

    • :-) says:

      Your right so far we can’t produce children what with out un-fitting penises, piles and such but dammit we’ll keep on trying.

    • guest says:

      Most thinking people realize that morality is often in the eye of the beholder. I’m not sure how two people consummating their love for one another is amoral just because they aren’t producing babies. The world is in no danger of running out of children; we have more than we even provide with ample care. And no one is going to be “confused” and “settle” for marrying someone of the same sex unless they are naive. Generally the only good marriages are those where people truly love each other, so if you aren’t sure of your sexuality, you shouldn’t be saying “I do.”
      On the other hand, homosexuals trying to force themselves into straight relationships that bear children are only going to make things awkward for their child(ren) and spouse when they eventually come out later…

    • Fyrehed says:

      Here’s a brief list of why your argument is stupid: 1.The government has already redefined marriage several times over. That’s obvious because parents no longer choose your spouse for you nor are they required to the give the groom a significant part of their estate, and you have a legally protected right to make life-saving medical decisions if you’re a woman.
      2. Polygamy is illegal, even though it results in copious amounts of children. Sterile couples, elder couples, and people who simply don’t want kids can all legally marry without being harassed. This completely mutes any point about same sex couples not being allowed to marry because they don’t breed (even though they can adopt and lesbians most certainly breed, albeit with a ‘lab’ partner).
      3. If you’re so ‘confused’ that you take a dick in the ass when you don’t want one, you have big mental issues that have nothing to do with the law and probably a lot to do with your upbringing.
      4. You think same sex marriage should be on a list titled: “10 Things Much Worse Than Same Sex Marriage.” My conclusion? You’re stupid.

    • My bad.  I didn’t mean to “like” your post.  You are right about 1 thing.  The government has no authority to be involved in this issue.  Gays should be allowed to get married.  Plain and Simple.  Our government has no authority to deny basic rights.  

  58. the age to legally wed in Massachusetts is 18. Do your homework, or you just make the whole movement look bad….

  59. Fyrehed says:

    A lot of the things on this list are actually illegal and/or wildly inaccurate. A better title might have been ’10 Dangerous Things That Are More Socially Acceptable Than Same Sex Marriage’ or something similar. Consent in Massachusetts is not 12, but consent in Hawaii is 14. You cannot own crazy flame-throwers and similar weapons without extensive training and permits (usually a military background of some kind is required); but you can purchase fully automated handguns without a background check, even if you have a criminal record or history of insanity/abusive behavior.

    For those of you who are second amendment groupies: if everything’s safer when everyone has a gun then why wasn’t the old wild west the safest time in our country’s history instead of the most violent, unpredictable, and savage era of American history? How is it that you think over 12,000 gun deaths a year means you live in a safe country, compared to less than a 1,000 in other first world countries? When you support sadist’s and lunatic’s rights to own guns, I support your right to get a lobotomy and shut the hell up about it. To be clear, I do support the second amendment, but I strongly disagree about every person over eighteen, regardless of mental state or level of personal responsibility, deserves to own a gun. If we want a safe country while keeping our guns, there needs to be a education initiative of some kind training Americans on the subject. Everyone, even if they never want to own one, should at least know how to empty the clip and turn the safety on (at the very least). The entire point of the second amendment is to secure the right to form militias (not just to own guns for the sake of owning guns). We have very few well-regulated militias, they’re far outnumbered by gangs. If you think gang members having access to firearms ‘keeps the peace,’ you’re far too stupid to be saved from your own delusion. All the rest of us can do is hope the cancer kills you before you lose your mind altogether and shoot up a medical clinic or left-leaning politician or your own wife, daughter, daughter’s daughter, and daughter’s boyfriend.

    Despite this list’s trend toward fear tactics and extremism, the point it makes is still quite poignant: there are many, many things in this country far more dangerous and deserving of national attention than same sex marriage.

  60. LiLanana says:

    Am I okay with people being gay? Yes, because there is freedom of religion and belief in the United States and therefore people can be any sexuality they chose to be.Am I for gay marriage? No, because that would not fall into the definition of marriage. Marriage since it FIRST WAS has meant to be the union of man and woman. It involves a husband and wife. A marriage between the same sex would not fall into this definition and I do not understand why if someone has chosen to live a gay lifestyle they would want to partake in a heterosexual union? How about instead of fighting to change something that has always been, they fight to create their own union? Instead of calling it a “marriage.”  I would not have a Bar Mitzvah since I am not Jewish. And Judaism definitely would not change their rules and definition of a Bar Mitzvah to involve me just because I wanted them to. I realize that’s not the same as a sexuality and it is not against the law but it still is a suitable example. How homosexuals wish to live, though God cares, I do not. But as I am okay with their lifestyle they should be okay with mine. And I do not find it appropriate to ask to be allowed take part in a ceremony that was not meant to involve them. I just can’t wrap my head around why they think that is okay..  But I do wish them to have a good life filled with all the love and happiness that they deserve… Although it will sadly be their only life.. God bless you all. 

    • We have certain rights in America which cannot be infringed upon.  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Our government has no authority to deny rights of individuals!  Whether you are for or against homosexuals is IRRELEVANT.  We all have the right in America to get married.  Denying rights to a  specific group of people is called DISCRIMINATION.

      Blacks use to be the servants of White people.  “That’s the way it has always been.”   The rationale that marriage has always been defined as a union between a man and a women is RIDICULOUS. 

      The “Christians” are not my master nor do they speak for me.  Who are they to tell the world what Marriage is? And who are they to say who can and can’t get married?


    • Grow Up says:

      Last time I checked, marriage existed before Christianity came along; and people from other religion marry too. What if some religion/cult/sect/someone claims that “marriage” is permitted between persons of same sex? And what is your problem if two consenting adults perform a ceremony they like? Don’t attend it, if it offends you.

  61. kurisushiro says:

     No it wouldn’t, the people determined to own would just get sneaky about it.

  62. Kixu says:

    The animal pictured under “exotic pets” is a Fennec Fox, which is one of two genus of fox that are completely legal to breed and own in many jurisdictions, and which behaves similarly to a particularly energetic chihuahua.

    There aren’t any humanitarian issues associated with the ownership of fennecs that I’m aware of — at least, none that don’t apply equally to cats and dogs.  You may want to change that image.

  63. […] 2. Things Much Worse Than Same-Sex Marriage That Are Totally Legal […]

  64. I think much of life is worse than same sex marriage, at least for those that want it. Nothing notable about the concept.

  65. roger j says:

    ummm. the article states these things are legal? so what’s it like on mars? yes these are worse than gay marriage but most of them certainly aren’t legal..

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