Remember The Legacy Of George Bush

Remembering The Legacy Of President George W. Bush


1. Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years, Washington Post

2. Bush Administration Adds $4 Trillion To National Debt, CBSNews and Economic Policy of George Bush: Effect of policies on federal budget deficit and national debt, Wikipedia

3. Economic Policy of George Bush: Effect of policies on federal budget deficit and national debt, Wikipedia

4. Job Growth Under Bush Much Slower Than Under Clinton and Reagan, Fox News

5. Closing The Book On The Bush Legacy, The Atlantic and Poverty Statistics, US Census Bureau

6. More uninsured, but blame skewed, Politifact and The Lost Decade, DLC

7. Middle-Class Life Under Bush: Less Affordable and Less Secure, DPC Senate Reports


9. Current Gas Prices and Price History, Gas Price Chart, and High oil prices? Weak dollar? Blame Bush, Politico

10. Middle-Class Life Under Bush: Less Affordable and Less Secure, DPC Senate Reports



13. Economic Policy of George Bush: Trade policy, Wikipedia and Bush’s Eight Years in Office, Washington Post

14. High oil prices? Weak dollar? Blame Bush, Politico



17. America’s Image in the World: Findings from the Pew Global Attitudes Project>, Pew Research and In 18 of 21 Countries Polled, Most See Bush’s Reelection as Negative for World Security, BBC News

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  3. kirby says:

    Could you please post a pdf version where the links to the sources work?
    Please… then I can pass this to loads of people! 🙂

    Such a sad, sad, sad…. 8 years, what a waste of a good country.

  4. ChrisB says:

    You might want to check on who the president is. (Hint: It’s not Bush)

    • JJ says:

      You do realize this chart was made in 2008, right? Critical assessment of the numbers ftl.

      • TimR says:

        What kind of idiot posts a two year old chart without stating that it is old? A thief of the work of others perhaps?

    • ryan says:

      Right, because history has no value.

  5. Mark says:

    GW isn’t even the president, isn’t this 2010 ? Those numbers are even worse now with the “Messiah”

  6. Jack says:

    So you give Obama a year and a half to absolutely wreck things, and then you post stats like ‘budget deficit over the last 3 years’? Absolutely pathetic.

  7. Alex says:

    Bush was a disaster but there was never a Clinton surplus. If you disagree, look at the debt. It rose every year. That isn’t possible with a surplus.

    • Leigh says:


      There is a difference between the national DEBT and the national DEFICIT. The debt was designed into the economy in the early 1800s when our government was still getting off the ground. Every budget since has been planned based on accounting for the debt, paying off some interest, but otherwise going about its business.

      The DEFICIT however is an absolute lack of funds due to overspending/inadequate taxes/five hundred other reasons. Think of it as the difference between credit and debit. Most people expect to have some form of credit card debt at various points throughout their lives. It might suck, but you live with it.

      However, if your debit card has no funds, you’re simply screwed.

    • Anonymous says:

      if you think that, then you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how the economy works.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        Actually Leigh is right. There is a huge difference between deficit and debt. A national surplus is very possible while still having a national debt.

        • Lazarus says:

          There is absolutely a difference between national debt and a budget defecit / surplus. We’ve had a national debt for a very long time. However, under Clinton, there was not an actual budget surplus. He achieved his so-called surplus through phony accounting (specifically, using intragovernmental lending procedures against entitlement program funds such as social security) to create an on-paper ‘surplus’ while actually running a defecit budget.

  8. Kaileigh says:

    Hello people! Numbers go up when a country is fighting a war on terror!!!

  9. Chris says:

    Hmm. I’d like to see this compared to Obama and his “Change”. Seeing as Obama has only been in charge for a year and has already done far worse damage. Most of bushes is caused by a terror attack, natural disaster and a war.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please be specific, what damage? Most of Obama’s negatives have to do with the fact we are in the worst recession since the Great depression and that started before he came into office.

  10. […] Però deixem-nos de tòpics i mirem què va canviar amb el govern de Bush: Remember The Legacy Of George Bush […]

  11. J says:

    Color me unsurprised, especially about the nutballs trying to blame Obama for it.

  12. DUH says:

    even if you ignore the blatantly obvious fact that its 2010, as others have pointed out, you are also assuming that the president has WAAAAAAAY more control over some of these figures than he actually does. Hell, the government as a whole doesnt have a lot of control over the economy, let alone the president alone. and i dont even like GW, i think hes an idiot! You know who i blame? dumbass consumers who took out loans they couldnt pay off to get shit they didnt need. the budget deficit is a different story, that is alot GW’s fault

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m pretty sure it is Congress that comes up with the budget. While GW certainly had an influence, in the end it was our wonderful representatives that overspent.

    • DUH-DUH says:

      Why is it so many idiots forget that a President picks his cabinet? That cabinet forwards a policy the President and his staff set out to accomplish along whatever ideological lines they may possess.

      Anyone who doesn’t think the Bush administration didn’t do the worst damage to this country we’ll probably ever see in our lives has a fundamental misunderstanding of both economics and geopolitics. Not accounting for the myriad of travesties that have erupted because of this “War on Terror”, it was Bush’s cabinet and his presidential powers that made it possible to deregulate our entire financial market. This allowed for the disgusting abuses in hedge funds and the overall derivative market that caused both the bubble and economic poison we sit in today.

      For the record, I’m a Republican and Bush, FOX News, and the RNC abandoned us for the prospect of unkempt consumption of money and advancing their ideological vision for the future. To defend him and those eight years is to defend the kind of economics that will be the death of this great nation.

      • FaQ says:

        Hi. I’d recok I have a better understanding of both economics and geopolitics than you do. I say this in both a technical and an experiential sense. And I think Bush was a decent, though uneven President. I certainly don’t think he did the “worst damage … we’ll probably ever see” to the country.

        So, in conclusion, avoid generalizations in your rhetoric or accept that one risk of such generalizations is exposing yourself to easy refutations. Or, more simply put: constrain your claims to strengthen your position.

      • Jackie Marshall says:

        Wow. I’m in agreement with a Republican. But lately both parties are playing a dangerous game of pandering to corporate interests over those of the their constituents. I feel lucky I’m old and will not live to see the legacy of greed and Imperialism that has undone America and possibly all of humanity. Neither major party represents me anymore. Obama is so middle of the road he is ineffective at undoing the Bush damage. Some call this Bush lite. I call it “indoctrinated by the K Street machine”.

  13. pacman says:

    Don’t you people even care how the rest of the world sees you? You are pretty much hated globally now. One would think that you’d actually give a crap about that. Instead you keep squabbling amongst yourselves about who sucks more in office. Your arrogance truly knows no bounds.

    • Victoria says:

      Yeah, it’s quite astounding isn’t it…. also, change does not happen in less than two years. What, did you people honestly expect this fantastic mind-blowing fast change of every problem in the USA? If so, it is impossible, so give the man his entire term to try and then judge.

    • DUH-DUH says:

      Who is this coming from?

      A Brit? Don’t talk about arrogance when your country made its name and fortune off of mercantilism and forced colonization.

      The Dutch? Same story with a tulip bubble.

      German? You really want to go there?

      Italian? You hold the political center of the holy see inside of you, talk about arrogance, and Greece’s negligent spending practices can be tied to your cowardice in financial regulation.

      French? I’m pretty sure France was originally called Aragonia.

      Canadian!? …CANADIAN!!! …the Leafs are passable at best! …okay, you got me at Canadian.

      • pacman says:

        You’re right! I am just bitter because you stole all out best hockey players. 😉

  14. Scott Sampson says:

    This is confusingly put. One of the commentator said it was published in 2008, that should be made apparent. Perhaps compared to 2009/10 numbers.

    If you want to make a point, do it, but this is just muddled and has no context

  15. smith says:

    i’m not surprised by the idiots who’ve taken a disaster bush has left and blame it on obama..

    it’s probably better to explain it in idiot terms.

    there was no leak with clinton.
    a leak began as bush started destroying the country, water above the leak filled up and the leak burst.
    6 months later
    obama took office and bush’s bursting water is still raining over him.
    idiots are blaming obama for bush’s leak.

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  17. Dave says:

    they didnt take into account the world events that led to this decrease in standard of living. obviously there was 9/11, and as a result the economy was heading into a recession. also military really had nothing major to do until 9/11

    bush is an idiot but he did come at a bad time, no president would be able to increase quality of life post 9/11

    • Citi Zen says:

      Bush came in at a time where we really needed a smart person to make wise choices; he made bad decisions every step of the way. Nothing he did was posisitve. Why did we attack Iraq & create a stopming ground for people that already hate us ? Why did we not put all our efforts into finding the attackers ? Remeber this, Iraq & Osama had nothing to do with each other. We found Sadam in a hole in the ground, but could not find Bin Laden.
      Bush plunged us inot a war which actully cut oil production. Just look at the memoires of his VP. Read between the lines & find some truth.

  18. Hurf says:

    Nice cherry picking. I’m sure someone cares what Indonesia thinks of the US as a generalization.

  19. You're stupid. says:

    You’re an idiot. Bush wasn’t a great president by any means but what did Bill Clinton have to deal with within his term? Nothing. Accept getting his dick sucked. We got attacked on 9/11 and reacted without much strategy because we didn’t know how to fight this kind of war. Generals and Commanders aren’t immune to making mistakes.

    • who's stupid and an idiot says:

      Yeah!.. Accept getting his dick sucked!

      • Ry says:

        It’s “except” not “accept”… Perhaps in between all your research you should take an English grammar class.

        And I’ll take a President getting a blow job to one going to an unnecessary war anytime. Iraq has cost us so much more than just the lives of our soldiers…

    • Anonymous says:

      this must be one of them infamous glenn beck’s people

  20. alex c says:

    First of all, you really should make it “2008 under Bush” instead of “today under Bush.” For anyone complaining that “Bush is not the president today,” all of his numbers come from around 2008.

    Secondly, number 14 is just all wrong. To start, your reference at politico has different numbers than what you used. To quote straight from your source: “In 2000, it took $1 to purchase one euro. Today, it takes close to $1.60 to purchase a euro.” Assuming your numbers are reasonably close to these figures to not call them straight BS, the question still remains; where did you get your numbers?

    Lastly, and most importantly, if a Euro costs less to buy then the dollar is worth more. You should have put, “# of Dollars per Euro” not the other way around.

    Sorry, those things just caught my eye.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please know what your talking about before spouting wrong information. When judging a currency you use the primary currency as the denominator so that you can work with it. While your way may appear correct at first glance, it becomes increasingly confusing if you attempt to relate it to anything with regard to the dollar’s strength. It’s much simpler to look at the buying power of 1 dollar versus the euro or any other currency (when referencing the dollar).

      His numbers look at least close to what they were at those times.

  21. DavesNotHere says:

    Not accurate. The budget deficit has always been negative. We did not have a surplus during clinton’s admin. So how can we trust any of the numbers?

    • DaveNeedsGoogle says:

      Budget deficit is not the national debt.

      And yes, Clinton DID leave a substantial budget surplus for Bush.
      Do 8 seconds of research on the topic and you’ll know.

    • james says:

      read Leigh’s post above you moron
      you don’t even understand the difference between deficit and debt

  22. person1 says:

    dude, what a fucking idiot.

  23. Silk says:

    Any chance we, as citizens, could take some personal accountability for any of these issues?

  24. den says:

    poor Obama….people see the country spiraling downwards, in the midst of war and a depression and they expect that a new president can suddenly reverse it the day he takes office?

    are you people retarded….it costs more to make drastic changes then it does to keep a good economy on the rise. Were you really expecting the reversal of stupidity to be free?!! think of any business the restructures… is a large investment in the beginning in hopes of leading to a better future.

    But I guess it is just easier to blame a president who has taken on one of the worst economic states in history and expect him to suddenly make the country great again in a year and a half when it took nearly a decade to degrade it to its current state.

  25. Joshua Perry says:

    I think you might need to relabel this as comparisons of Dennis Hastert and Nancy Pelosi since any educated person knows the Constitution says the House of Representatives controls spending since all spending related bills need to originate from the House. Same reason spending dropped in the early 90s – Newt Gingrich was the Speaker. I guess some people just need a lesson in civics.

  26. Sir James says:

    Here’s an idea….Make a up-to-date chart with the party in power….not the president but the controlling party…..Then write about Bush or Clinton or Obama…Might be a big surprise as to who lowers or raises taxes….or maybe who runs up the deficit….I dare you government_employee…Oh and post it….I won’t hold my breath waiting though….

  27. Ramona says:

    I think this is a pathetic attempt of Obama supporters to try to smear Bush. He was a better president than Obama ever will be! He protected, LOVED and CARED about our country! Not his OWN AGENDA! He served in the military and could LEAD our soldiers with pride of having been one!!!! This is a ridiculous approach and shows how whiny and ineffective the Obama supporters are! Shame on you!

    • Anonymous says:

      you’re a fucking moron, bush loved and cared about our country? you’re an idiot, he went oversea’s killed a bunch of innocent people who had nothing to do with the war and created real terrorists.. he didn’t care, he cared for his friends and himself.

    • Sick of Politics says:

      Yeah what a fucking retard. Go fuck Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly (or what ever his name is) & the entire Bush family.

      Lil Bush was a fucking idiot; even his father knew enough to keep Sadam in power, now why do you suppose that, you fucking stupid bastard.

      Screw all these piece of shit politicians & their flocks.

  28. ben says:

    check our national debt now and obama has done in 1 year what it took bush to do in 8…bush, the good ole’ days where we hurt not so bad.

  29. Parker says:

    What amuses me is people actually think our country is run by just ONE PERSON!!! What a load of crap…

  30. Erik says:


    Erik (from the Netherlands). . . .

  31. Anonymous says:

    Not a single active duty unit in the US considered “fully combat ready”??? Wow if that ridiculous statement doesn’t show how completely worthless and factless this trash is, nothing will.

  32. Nick says:

    As much as I didn’t like Bush, I really don’t think half of these can be blamed on him.

  33. Milo says:

    Obama is just using our money to bail out all this companies that he should have let go under. The DEMS are not even for America, they are for doing all the illegals and keeping their jobs. That is ok..I am thinking of quitting my job in the next few yrs so all of you can pay for my health care, unemployment, food stamps etc..Thanks Obama for realizing lazy does pay!

  34. broge says:

    And the far worse he did was to OPEN THE DOOR FOR A SOCIALIST LIKE OBAMA for an ez in.

  35. SuizQQ says:

    Nice try, government-employee. But the comments others have left speak for themselves and the people think your full of sh**.

  36. BC says:

    People are so fucking ignorant. Guarantee whoever made this chart is either black, gay, or some kinda retarded douche. President Bush is one of the best presidents we’ve had. Under the circumstances he faced while President he did the best he could and did pretty damn well. If President Obama was in his shoes Armaggedon would be upon us right now. Obama isnt even going through a crisis and this stupid bitch still cant do anything. President Bush on the other hand, went through 9/11. Ok, the man can’t speak, guess what neither could Moses and look what he did. President Obama is a great speaker but hes a dumb ass. END OF STORY. GO BUSH!!

    • TomE says:

      Moses couldn’t speak? Guess Heston was a bad casting choice then. Also impressive that you got racism, homophobia and whatever category you care to clump “retarded douche” into immediately after calling someone else ignorant.

  37. These kinds of lists really don’t tell the whole story. The years that President Bush were in office included some extremely significant historical events. While I am not a huge fan of Bush, I believe that in 50 years, his tenure will not be looked on negatively.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who are you kidding ? He’ll go down as the dumbest fuck, ever, period ! If Abama does one thing right, he will be heralded as a hero. Even if he is only a one term president. He said it’s not important to get elected again. It’s more important to try & fix things.

      Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. Bush is the dumbest president, ever. He really lowers the standard. There is not argument here. Listen to what people say.

  38. Silly says:

    Half of this data is asinine with regard to Bush’s “legacy” – I don’t see how he single handedly increased tuition, energy prices, insurance premiums, consumer credit card debt and decreased the savings rate.

    Those problems are all exogenous to his presidency. You can point to Iraq, Afghanistan and public opinion of America, however, attempting to attribute all of these other failings to Bush’s presidency is ignorant and only aids in the link-bait nature of this table.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cut oil production due to instability in Iraq (from war), led to lower supply & prices which increase. He did nothing to tell people things were bad & to stop spending monie they don’t have; that is until just before Dems took office.

  39. Jani says:

    I don’t know what to think of this — as much as Bush was a terrific clusterf*ck as president (and a war criminal no less), policies since Reagan put us in this position. And the Congress and Senate under both parties have devolved into non-representative bodies, especially since Gingrich in 94. I’m not wholly cynical, but it’s Reagan, Bush(es) and Clinton that got us here, I think

  40. Basko says:

    Anybody with even a layman’s knowledge of economics knows that a President alone is not responsible for most of those numbers. And you have to be out of your damn mind to think he does.

  41. Jay says:

    Wow. If those comments represent America you really are doomed.

    How can anyone with half a brain still support Bush? He destroyed the one chance you had to keep up with China, he ruined the hardfought respect you had in the world, and he wasted thousands of billions on pointless wars to make his friends at Haliburton even richer. His actions, that were mostly based on lies, led to the death of tousands of innocent civilians including many children and also tousands of young Americans, and you still cheer for him? For fucking sake!

  42. another_Guy says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I think you meant:


      In around 2040 your governement will need to use ALL taxes just to pay the interests of your national debt. At that point there will be 0$ left for schools, roads, public transport, military or anything else. The only way to avoid that is to dispossess the american public by devaluating the dollar. Good luck!

  43. Libby says:

    Lets just blame bush for all the problems in the whole entire world. That solves everything…

  44. Nobody is saying that they are happy with deficit spending under Obama, what make me mad, though, is Republicans inability to look inward for the roots of the problem. Your boy Bush, who many of you still defend, drove us off a cliff and you’re now mad at Obama because the airbags deployed and hit you in the chin.

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  47. bobharrer,sr says:

    had done research on Bush, terrible legacy, my opinion, ok to use , is unpublished, Bush grew under Barbara and George 41, and family, is still a cowboy wise guy, hated people who wer snobbish, smarter, and drank on the sneak. questions obout N/G duty remain. in one class, he showed up in his cowboy suit at Yale. governor Texas, a viable candidate for President in 2000, against a popular Al Gre. In 2000, Gore ACTUALLY WON, beating bush by over a million votes. but ther is such a thing as the electoreal college, and the 25 e/votes in Florida. guess who got the 25 , so Bush stole the election. early bush/staff were warned that their people being trained to fly into tall bulidings.. but nobody though tit would happen, but 9/11 did , 35 90 lives(est), building and environment damage. all pilots were SAUDIS, but Bush should have went to war with Saudi ARABIA,a nd cleaned it up, no he goes afte afghanistan. convised that IRAQ had caused 9/11 (WRONG) bush and the rest were conviced saddan had weapons of massdestruction(they didn’t, but bush /CHENEY made a convincing a gument to go war,even thought JW said no/ so Runm field actually lost the war by firing 3330000iraqi army. we are still there mo wmd , got Sdadam and lost 4800 lives. Obama in 2008 campaigh said he would be bringing 1100,000 home and the IRAQIs have to tend to their own. but if Bush would have cleaned up SAUDI ARABIA, ther would be no afghanistan and Iraqimy opinion, ok to use

  48. […] Remember The Legacy Of George Bush | Prose Before HosMay 19, 2010 … Sources: 1. Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years, Washington Post 2. Bush Administration Adds $4 Trillion To National Debt, CBSNews … […]

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