The House Representative In My District Is Determined By 31 Votes

Why voting matters: Though I currently live in NYC, my family lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, where Republican incumbent Virgil Goode has been the congressional Representative for what feels like forever. Virgil Goode has quite the history on him, mostly race-baiting and saying pretty awful things about gays and Muslims, so some of us were really hoping he would be getting the boot in 2008 with the popularity of Barack Obama and Mark Warner (former Governor and soon to be Senator of Virginia).

My Dad usually votes Republican/Third Party, my mom votes straight Democrat, and I begrudgingly vote Independent/Democrat in most elections. Well, things changed this year… I guess we all got fed up with Bush and the past 8 years, enough so to drive a centrist-right person like my Dad into a straight Democratic ticket.

Good timing too, because this was the year to clean house. And while no polls showed Goode’s challenger, Democrat Tom S. P. Perriello, coming within 5%, we all were hoping for some sort of election miracle. And it looks like we may have gotten it:

[stats via Virginia State Board of Elections]

As of 3:31 the day after the election with 100% precincts reporting, Perriello is ahead by 31 votes. Yes, with over 315,000 votes cast, Tom Perriello is ahead by 31 votes.

I’m really glad I voted. And I’m even gladder that my whole family voted. Mom, Dad, and I constitute 10% of Perriello’s lead. And I hope it stays that way.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As a UVA alumnus, I was interested in reading this. But I just checked the Cavalier Daily, and they say the race is still too close to call. Nothing on Cville Weekly yet. Any further developments?

  2. alec says:

    You can check out the Daily Progress [link] for more recent updates… the last reported has Perriello up by several hundred votes as of Friday morning.

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