Part Two Of Vote For Karlos: The Moats Plan

Karlos 2040 Campaign Poster

Nota Bene: Please seeVote for Karlos: Part 1 for a more thorough look into the intricate mind of this insightful 2040 presidential candidate.

My friends, it is time to heal America. Washington is too dysfunctional, our feuds too petty and too numerous. We are a nation divided. Not only by the every-day cyborgs we see at Starbucks or the vegetarian versus omnivore debate we taste in kitchens. But by the very news we hear in TV rooms.

My friends, news stations are a business. They must deliver the news, but they must also deliver ratings. And so our news today is flavored, “super sized” and seasoned to our own tastes. FOX News is sour to many of us here tonight. MSNBC is our sugary-dessert, best consumed sparingly. CNN and NBC are slightly sweetened. And PBS serves up the starchy facts, arguably the best for you but a tad boring.

How Media Works In America

Criticize FOX News or MSNBC all you want, but the networks are only showing what viewers want to see. What we have, my friends, is a media Catch-22: to be better informed, Americans need high-quality, independent journalism; but if news organizations want to stay in business, they need more sophisticated viewers. Put another way, viewers wish FOX News would be more like PBS, but they do not watch PBS.

Thanks to today’s media echo-chambers, special interest groups and the legacy of Citizens United, the myth of the great American president is just that. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are revered as the last great American presidents. It is no surprise they led before the age of Twitter. Before the age of 24-7 news where every comment is endlessly sliced and diced—not because it is significant but because it is airtime. To quote the legendary comedian-turned New York Senator Jon Stewart, “If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.”

Karlos Fighting

And so we must say to every American: Look beyond the stereotypes or disagreements that blind us. [Wink at Clintons] We need each other. We don’t have a person to waste. And yet for too long politicians have told those of us who are doing all right that what’s really wrong with America is the rest of us. Them. Them, the minorities. Them, the liberals. Them, the poor. Them, the homeless. Them, the people with disabilities. Them, the gays. We’ve gotten to where we’ve nearly them-ed ourselves to death. Them and them and them. But this is America. There is no them; there’s only us. One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. That is our Pledge of Allegiance, and that’s what the Moats Plan is all about.

How do I know we can come together and make change happen? Because I have seen it in my own state. In Georgia, we’re working together and we’re making progress. No, there’s no Georgia miracle. But there are a lot of miraculous people. And because of them, our schools are better, our wages are higher, our factories are busier, our water is cleaner and our budget is balanced. We’re moving ahead.

Atlanta Skyline

I wish I could say the same thing about America under the incumbent President Rubio. He took the richest country in the world and brought it down. We took one of the poorest states in America and lifted it up.

And so I say to all those in this campaign season who would criticize Georgia: Come on down. Especially, especially if you’re from Washington, come on down. Come for a drive down Peachtree Street. Come see our booming Tech-tree Valley. Come see our perennial Super Bowl Champion Atlanta Falcons and World Series Champion Atlanta Braves. Come see how Coca Cola XIII is bottled.

Sure, you’ll see us struggling against some of the problems we haven’t solved yet. But you’ll also see a lot of great people doing amazing things. And you might even learn a thing or two. And y’all come back real soon now!


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