Oh Sarah, It’s Good To Have You Back

Oh Sarah, I was so worried about you… about us. You see, you gave us our best month ever in October. We spent an entire month insulting your ever-present stupidity, the constant accessorizing of your retard baby, your victimhood complex, and above all, the sheer force of your media-obsessed narcissism colliding with your ability to routinely embarrass yourself everytime you opened your mouth.

And so when you resigned last week, I thought to myself “That’s it, Prose Before Hos is dead”. But I was wrong. You are so firmly committed to being a self-centered, egotistical jackal that you will do anything to get attention. While I feel sorry for Alaska (sort of), I am happy to see you insert yourself onto my cathode-ray tube in another vain attempt to make America all about Sarah Palin — a full 9 months after the elections should have made you irrelevant.

You are America’s ho, Sarah Palin, and I’d have it no other way.

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  1. smow says:

    sarah sucks. I’m glad someone hates her as much as I do

  2. Anonymous says:

    What’s the matter – you all scared????

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