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Time Magazine is our ho of the week for running an “article” that boils down to: women all do this, and men all do this. While feministing and pandagon put it much better than I could, here are some of my favorite quotes:

When men disagree, the steps to resolution are reasonably clear and unsophisticated. Acts of physical violence are visited upon one another’s person or property, and the whole thing blows over. Women? Nu-unh. We savor the discord. We draw it out. We share our contempt with our friends, like a useful stock tip, or really good salsa. And then we all go hate together: a mutually encouraging group activity for when the book group gets quiet.

She’s too confident. This also bodes ill. Women have self-esteem issues.

Next time I disagree with someone, I’m going straight over to them and beating the shit out of them. This is apparently called being a man. And I thought all I had to do was have a penis and watch football.


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  1. alec says:

    I got bad news baby — I think our sarcasm meter is off. You may have to go in front of the Prose Before Hos editorial board for this one.

  2. AlvinBlah says:


    I guess men are still from Mars, and women are still weak idiots that bitch with their friends and periods.

    Go progress!

  3. Hi…

    really great post…

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