Courage And Compassion In Egypt

Protester Kisses Police During Egypt's 2011 Protests

A protester kisses a policeman during the protests in Egypt.

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  1. Mohamed Magdy says:

    This is defently photo to remember for very long time .. it says alot of things Egypt ppl just want to leave a decent life they are not into terrorism they are not into any other things that is promoted by the US / EU news channel
    hope one day all of the ppl see the true face of Egypt and the whole middle east Countries
    I am Egyptian and I am proud

    • Julio Bermudez says:

      I am a Panamanian … Panama City in Central America and I’m also proud of the Egyptian people, my heart is with you, no retreat no surrender no quiting FREEDOM FREEDOM FREEDOM OUT MUBARAK!

  2. :) says:

    lol, that cop doesnt look too happy

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