Building of the Nazi Germany, Part 2: The Politics of Racial Science

National Socialist Racial Science: Color Palettes for Eye-Color Classification (1937)

racial science

National Socialist Racial Science: Comparison of an “Aryan” and “Non-Aryan” Head from the Slide Series “Blood and Soil”

aryan head

Inside of an Identification Card for Jews Issued in Berlin


Viennese Jews are Forced to Clean the Streets



“Albert Einstein: Authorial Fame Seems to be Relative!” National Socialist Charicature of Einstein’s Political Activity, Kladderadatsch, No. 39 (September 1933)

einstein and nazi germany

Der ewige Jude [The Eternal Jew], Film Poster (September 1940)


A Child’s Stroller with a Swastika on the Backrest in a Lower Bavarian Village (1937)


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