History Repeats Itself, Painfully So

Iraq Invasion in 1922

A 1922 political cartoon on the British invasion of Iraq. In the 1920’s, Britain imposed a H?shimite monarchy on Iraq and defined the territorial limits of Iraq without taking into account the politics of the different ethnic and religious groups in the country, in particular those of the Kurds and the Assyrians to the north. During the British occupation, the Shi’ites and Kurds fought for independence.

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  1. Truthiness says:

    If it were really only 50 million dollars a year it’d be a dream comes true.
    The cost is almost 14 billions a month now. That’s about 466 millions dollars a day. A god damn day.

  2. Me says:

    You idiot! That was $50,000,000 a year back in 1922…

    …which is $575B in todays dollars

  3. Hah says:

    What? Your calculation is absurd. $50,000,000 in 1922 is “only” 628,214,285.70
    And, actually, that’d be £, not $.

    £50,000,000 in 1922 pounds would be
    $3,058,360,000 in todays dollar.

  4. Robert says:

    The United Kingdom’s GDP in 1925 was 4466 million pounds. 50 million pounds would have been about 1.12% of GDP.

    The current United States GDP is about 13.2 trillion dollars. 1.12% of current GDP is 148 billion. Assuming your cost figure of 14 billion dollars a month is correct, that would come to 168 billion a year. So using these numbers, the relative cost for the two wars looks pretty comparable.

  5. Alex Toronto says:

    We are so stupid. Dunce caps for everyone.

  6. LEONARD says:

    You are all wrong. The pound in 1922 was based on the gold standard. it was real money. in other words every pound note had on it that the bank of England promised to pay the bearer on demand its equiverlent in GOLD.

    American dollars are worth less than monopoly money. At least with that you get a genuine game to play.

    No gold in the bank means the paper is useless.

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  9. garfunkel says:


    History Repeats Itself, Painfully So – Prose Before Hos…

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