US National Debt In The Past 25 Years


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  1. Stix says:

    Thanks for the trackback

  2. ron Kuffel says:

    The only people to blame are the US citizen. We are probably the dumbest people, we beleive the goverment will take care of us and watch over us, they sure have screwed the American public with their spending…..

  3. Greg Brooks says:

    I don’t dispute that the debt has grown, but the numbers are only really meaningful as a percentage of GDP. After all, if your household carries a debt of $50,000, it’s a lot more serious if your annual income is, say, $25,000 than if it’s $1 million.

    The following chart shows national debt as a percentage of GDP from 1950 onward. While it’s certainly higher now than at some points in that timeframe, it’s by now means at its worst.

  4. Mike says:

    No, it’s not the people who are to blame, it’s the truly facist government that took control of America in 2000. All the pieces for this takeover were in place long before then, all it needed was a puppet president to let the greed flow uninterrupted.

    Screw you, Geroge Bush, you stupid, lying, sacka crap.

  5. thepoetryman says:

    Amen! ?????,! ‘Amen! ????! So be it; truly…

  6. Amerikkka Rulez says:

    America is the greatest nation on earth we can kick anyones ass and land on the moon.

    I want to see 10000000000 TRILLION debt and make those slave Chinese and Indians pay for it, while we watch porn.

  7. Brainiac says:

    Mike, you’re an idiot. As you can clearly see, the debt was increasing when your blowjob Caligula was in office too. The big ramp up was due to 9/11, and while I don’t like that any more than you, your side of the party was all for it too.

    So screw you, Mike, you stupid idiotic sack of crap.

  8. Braniac = garbage says:

    Wow Braniac… I thought your IQ had to be above RETARDED to post here???

  9. google slovenia says:

    haha, i can only laugh at you americans how dumb you are… you have a democracy, you have freedom of speech, you have the freedom of choice…NOT!! the only thing u have is a gaping hole where you were screwed by a big fat corporate dic.k! let me assure you that something like this could never happen in europe cause if our leaders steped out of line… well we would throw them off, not like you, just turning a blind eye to your problems, or simply not caring enough to do something about it. can’t really say that i am a least bit sorry for you, event though this dumbness of your’s will certanly affect me and the whole world… hopefully for the last time… hopefully

  10. Kyle says:



    • Steve says:

      Clinton had the benefit of a Republican Congress the last six years of his administration.

      Congress creates the budget. The President sign or vetoes.

      Bush had the disadvantage of a democratic Congress from 2008 on…

  11. Anonymous says:

    TRICKLE DOWN! one word says it all. REAGAN-BUSH & BUSH. Enemies of the State.

  12. Shazaam says:

    Reaganomics and the Great Trickle Down Scam.

  13. Dave says:

    The huge US debt was caused by former president Woodrow Wilson’s signing of money making power over to a private company; The Federal Reserve. Look it up and you will see how debt has grown since then and it might even inspire you to look futher into the fact that a private company controls the entire world because as you know; money is power.

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