9 Awesome Portraits Of Rappers As 17th Century Aristocrats

The egos. The larger than life personalities and over-the-top, signature styles. Of course it makes sense to paint Tupac, Biggie, Nas, et al as 17th century aristocrats. Or at least it does to British artist Amar Stewart. Lacking any sort of professional training, Stewart manages to convene timeless artistic masters–Dutch painters and contemporary rappers–in a project that is as refreshingly original as it is technically well done.

Notorious B.I.G. as King Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger

Biggie King Henry VIII

Mary J. Blige as “Portrait of a Woman” by Frans Hals

Mary J Blige Woman

Tupac as “Portrait of a Man Holding a Skull” by Frans Hals

Tupac Portrait Of Man Holding Skull

Rick Ross as “Portrait of a Man” by Frans Hals

Rick Ross Portrait Of Man

Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes as “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” by Jacques-Louis David

Lisa Left Eye Napoleon

Nas as “Portrait of a Man, Half-Length, in a Black Coat” by Frans Hals

Nas Portrait Of Man

Jay Z with as “Young Man Holding a Skull” by Frans Hals

Jay Z Holding Skull

Action Bronson as “The Laughing Cavalier” by Frans Hals

Action Bronson Laughing Cavalier

Eminem as “Portrait of a Man with Hat” by Frans Hals

Eminem Portrait Of Man


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