America Is Not At War

This sign was found at a US military facility in Ramadi, Iraq, written by a member of the Marines. It reads:

“America is not at war.
The Marine Corps is at war;
America is at the mall.”

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  1. jensen25 says:

    It’s pretty hard to disagree with the general sentiment of this.

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  3. rcorrino says:

    It is time america dealt with its problems at home and stop messing around abroad.

    Bring out troops home! Much as I respect them, they have no business out of the US and I am sure a lot of them agree with me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bring them home to do what? Sit around? Have military cutbacks and be without jobs? They are soldiers. They are doing what they are supposed to be doing…getting into ppls’ business and creating havoc and cleaning other messes up. That would be like having the NY Yankees “home” and not play ball cuz they might get sweaty and they have “no right to mess up the turf”. Sheesh.

      • Anonymous says:

        Think yankees ripping up the cubs turf. Soldiers should be defending their home turf not a dustbowl out in the middle of nowhere.

      • Anonymous says:

        The chances of the NY Yankees being killed while they “get sweaty” are far less than the Marine Corps in this situation.

      • Chaz says:

        To train for fighting wars of the future you moron.

      • Anon says:

        In this specific case they are Marines not Soldiers.

      • nahummer says:

        Just making sure I can understand your sentiment; we have to be at war in places like Afghanistan where innocent people are losing their lives everyday just because we have soldiers and therefore they need to fight. Have fun at the mall!

      • Anonymous says:

        are you seriously suggesting that the USA should be in a constant state war so the troops will not be bored? There are numerous job oppurtunites for fromer and current members of the military, not to mention the boost the in the economy as a result of the end of a 40 billion dollar a year war.

      • you're talking nonsense says:

        yes! why not?… and destroy innocent people’s lives, homes, hospitals, schools… and hope. stop being the fuckin typical and (sorry if you feel offended) idiotic north american who believes what they want you to and have no real opinion on any subject but what’s said on tv. Do some research and then leave a comment, but please… if you do, please do us all a favor and actually investigate both sides, deeply.

        what a shame… your comment, people like you…

    • Jesse Donat says:

      The problems at home? You mean the prices at the mall – they’re crazy!

  4. ET says:

    True That.

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    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on…

  6. Jimmy says:

    Well, yeah… give us a reason to be at war and we’ll be at war. Until then, the Marines are not fighting a war that serves the purpose of the American people. I know people will read this with anger, but its just the cold hard truth.

  7. anon says:

    well… it IS true…

  8. James says:

    Same thing. Capitalism and militarism are both tools of tyranny. Both make us willing slaves to the mega-rich and ultra-powerful.

    • Jeff says:

      Capitalism is a tool of tyranny!? You have got to be kidding me!

      No tyranny would ever allow capitalism in their country. It promotes rewards for hard work, intuition, progress, and more.

      • 100window says:

        USSR allowed capitalism for about 10 years, Hitler’s system was massively capitalist. Also America is capitalist and as much as this may hurt… it isn’t exactly the land of the free. Though I don’t believe it is the system that is broken but the people who use it. Also are you trying to say that everyone who is poor is lazy and everyone who is rich works really hard? Get. Fucking. Real.

        • Scott says:

          Read some history, moron. The USSR never “tried” capitalism, you completely made that up didn’t you? Yes. “Hitler’s system was massively capitalist” – oh yeah? You do know that “Nazi” is an acronym for “Nationalist Socialist” right? Hitler nationalized entire industries in Germany leading up to the war, and the state controlled every aspect of Germans’ lives.

          You’ve just shown yourself to be ignorant, I hope you’re blushing with shame.

          • Art Haecker says:

            Scott: Actually they did. It was called the “New Economic Policy” The acronym in Russian was the same and the new guys were called “Nepmen” It was free enterprise on a local level. The small time farmers had always been known as “Kulaks”. When the Kulaks became embarrasingly successful, Stalin had them executed or, in the case of Soviet Georgia, starved.

          • Art Haecker says:

            Scott: 2nd reply. Hitler did not so much nationalize industries. He did nationalize the labor unions.

            Perhaps you should be doing some reading on your own.

  9. DR says:

    The sign is right. American isn’t at war because a large part of America never WANTED the war. The Marines are in Iraq because a lot of them wanted to fight or were too stupid to say ‘no’ to an illegal war. Stop complaining and fight your way out.

    • maybe says:

      you may have a point, but FU for saying people that put their lives on the line are “too stupid”.

    • Really? says:

      I wasn’t aware the Marines or any armed force was a democracy that could decide if they wanted to follow orders or not. What you have said is the stupidest thing I have read in days.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too true. You’d think people would remember the nuremburg trials. The war is wrong and unjustified. Troops that believe that shouldn’t do it. Simple as that. Don’t support the troops because they are just following orders. The nazis were just following orders too. FUCK THAT.

    • Godot says:


      Didn’t take long for some mental giant to start calling Marines stupid.
      Now there’s an original argument we’ve never heard before.
      What’s next, calling them a bunch of baby killing nazis ?

    • Joey says:

      Wow, that was really so observant of you. Just as a large part of America never WANTED the war, I guess the Marines also never WANTED the war. They weren’t too eager to go fight in a foreign land and lose their own lives. It was the the groups with vicious interests and ulterior motives that wanted the war. No one else.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Marines along with the rest of our troops go where they are told, saying no to this war is not an option. If you don’t believe in this war that’s totally your opinion, but don’t place blame on the men and women who are putting their lives on the line so you can sit on your ass in your moms basement complaining about the job they’re doing.

      • Anonymous says:

        How about you get off your high horse and show our troops some respect. You know why they’re fighting? Because they know they’re preserving your right to drive a car. Yeah. That is the biggest reason we’re over there, to ensure we retain access to oil reserves. Oh, and not to mention saving the lives of people who would be enslaved by dictators without our intervention.
        Semper Fi, mother fucker.

        • Anonymous says:

          How about you go back where you belong, your fuckin ass eating country, (sorry to inform you about that like that but you actually are ass-eaters, literally… but hey, that’s the cheapest, though worst, part of the meat, nobody needs to know… that’s the way your country works). You are simply invading, destroying… just to keep corporations growing. stop trying to rule the World, those are NOT your resources, fuckin get in line and buy it as everyone else does! So, yeah, as much as i respect your courage, your “job” is criminal and inhumane, shredding not only economy (not yours, of course), but humanity (yours too, actually) and the environment… i bet you don’t know shit about politics, but open your eyes!

          you are not fighting for “freedom”, you are oppressing it.

          • Anonymous says:

            why dont you go back to your weak little country and roll up in the fetal posistion while our big bad alpha country pillages and takes whatever they want…. dont make an idiotic argument as if america should be humbled into the same standard as every other country….. we are bigger more rich and more successful.. theres no way we’d hold ourselves to the same standard as say georgia or kazzkhistan or bitch-istan, where u must live.

  10. Philosopher says:

    Physically, yes this statement is correct. Mentally and economically we are feeling the effects of an unstable empire because we are at war. There is no way to deny that & if this marine wanted to be a baby about it he should have found a different job, with that said THANK YOU & support our troops.

  11. mike says:


  12. TheMan says:

    America is not at war. War was not declared. This is an occupation.

    • Really says:

      We have been at war with Iraq since their invasion of Kuwait. The cease-fire that existed for all of those years was conditional and if you all remember, Iraq never fully complied. I bet most think the Korean war is over too. Perhaps you are wondering why we still have troops there? There is a “big picture” and most Americans too easily forget what happened last week. Too concerned about the latest celebrity breakup. So, it seems like that Marine is pretty enlightened.

  13. Jeremy says:

    Americans are working their asses off at home while marines kill innocent civilians in Iraq. See, we can all make illogical conclusions. At least it’s the unintelligent among us that enlist and get killed.

    • Wow says:

      Well, Jeremy, I sure am hoping that you meet your end in a most unfortunate way for saying such an ignorant and callous thing. Not all American are working their asses off, especially compared to many cultures. God help us all if you are an American. And this is coming from a liberal. Wow you must be an empty tool :-\

  14. Chris Oakley says:

    WIth all due respect to Jensen25, it’s actually very easy to disagree with the general sentiment of that graffiti. America’s been at war practically from the second that first jet slammed into the World Trade Center.

  15. DNA says:

    Killed any babies lately?

  16. DNA says:

    Killed any *MORE* babies lately?

    • I did says:

      I’ve been responsible for the loss of two babies, no regrets what-so-ever. Kill anyone for oil lately?

  17. HEH? says:

    pretty impressed that a marine can actually write in cursive

  18. Jason says:

    Why would an average person care about a business trip to secure oil? Pull troops out, save lifes.

  19. kiddo says:

    and WTF did the guys in the MARINE CORPS thought they were going to do when they SIGNED UP? i’m 23 driving my BMW in the streets of MIAMI. dont get me wrong. I’M thankful that they are there protecting my way of life here. but they shouldnt complain.. i guess they’re not complaining… the sign just states a fact and has no opinions of its own. but a lot is implied. and wtf with the comments… ???

  20. Liquidator says:

    No, the American government is at war. American citizens are forcefully paying for the war. I never had an opportunity to vote “no”for the war, nor did I vote for the government that started the war, so don’t blame me.

  21. Anonymous says:

    the marine corps is not at war either.

    theyre fiddling about chasing Arabs in caves… wasting their time, lives, and taxpayers money on an illegal, pointless conflict.

  22. Jack says:

    What mall? I need more stuff….

  23. Joe says:

    exactly what’d i expect from brainwashed murderers. how quickly they forget why they signed up, most likely to escape their own struggles and just thinking everyone is having a great time out here. people are dying in the streets in america too guys, its the shame what the government has done to you, but you are still responsible for your thoughts and actions and you will be judged.

    • Geez, I disagree with the Iraq war / occupation as much as anyone but really? To say “people are dying in the streets in america too guys” and actually expect anyone with a brain to consider you a credible part of our society is pure insanity.

      I hate that the stupid neo-conservative right wing has some good talking points when talking about how retarded many of us that lean more “left”, are. I’m a Democrat that dislikes tree huggers b/c they make us look pathetic and ignorant to what life is like outside of the U.S.

  24. USAPatriot says:

    Well, I dont know about “AMERICA”, but Im spitting on the Marine Corps for invading sovereign nations, occupying, and killing innocents, who never attacked us or posed any threat whatsoever to the USA.

    No, you’re not protecting my freedoms, you’re murdering for oil and money. Yeah, you are and you know it, so fuck you.

    Fuck you United States Marines.

    Now Im going to the mall.

    • Agrassive says:

      I dare you to spit on a Marine. You would probably piss yourself whilst he beat you to death, but keep E-thugging it up. I’n reality you’re probably some sniveling passive aggressive Liberal Arts major with no balls who looks at the floor when other men look him in the eye. But damn aren’t you edgy on the web….

      • Taniwha says:

        USAPatriot never implied he/she was going to actually spit on a real-life person. In fact they specifically said the ‘marine corps’ as a whole group. There was no aggressiveness in the comment, nor any e-thug posturing or empty threats.

        On the other hand *your* reply (beginning with not being able to spell ‘Aggressive’ ) is full of pathetic threats and assumptions about someone you’ve never met. *You* are the one being ‘tough’ on the internet, while sitting safely in your mother’s basement in your jockeys jerking it to midget porn.

        Pot, meet Kettle. How you can post that and not smell the stench of your own hipocracy is a mystery to me.

        Grow up.

        • Idiot... says:

          I do believe his spelling of aggressive was on purpose. That is neither here nor there…his response is valid. This “e-thug” is flexing his muscles by saying fuck you to the Marines. The enlisted soldiers and 99% of the officers have NO SAY in what goes on. Pull your heads out of your asses people. I suppose that at your job you get blamed for any poor decision as CEO or CFO makes. Clearly it’s your fault when the executives make a decision that hurts the company. Way to go asshat.

      • Sounds like you’re describing yourself Agrassive…

      • Angelo says:

        “You would probably piss yourself whilst he beat you to death”

        Yeah, thats something admirable in a person. The inclination to beat some to DEATH for being spat on.

      • Anonymous says:

        And don’t you feel like a hard ass because you have a cousin who’s a Marine. You’re nothing but an E-thug as well. Quit sucking Marine dick. If they’re so god damned tough, let them defend themselves.

  25. Lazlo Toth says:

    The US Marine Corps: offending foreign civilians, killing babies, and whining about it all so you don’t have to.

  26. jdrc07 says:

    I don’t quite understand what they’re trying to convey there. Are they angry that Americans are at the mall when they’re in the Marine Corps? It’s voluntary service, you didn’t have to sign up. Or are you angry that people would still have the nerve, the audacity to go to the mall when there’s a military conflict going on. Right, everyone should strap up with an M16 and go help the war effort. Oh well now that seems ridiculous too. So what’s the gripe, or is there no gripe, is it merely an observation with no attached implications? Why write it then?

    Some asshole that voluntarily signed up to fight in a meaningless conflict thought he had a profound idea and suddenly everyone’s spreading the picture around like it’s provocative and deep. We’re all well aware of the war you’re fighting, and most of us don’t agree with it, we voted in a guy who said he’d get you out of there, but he predictably went back on his promise. Come to think of it, we voted in a guy 10 years ago who swore by a non-interventionist foreign policy that was against world policing and nation building. What was his name again? Oh yeah, George W. Bush. Seems the voters wanted to prevent you from being there in first place, but the politicians don’t tend to keep their promises now do they.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said

      • Anonymous says:

        Hell I was in the military for 2yrs signed for 6 and when they wanted to lock up my dad because of a plant I said enough and had myself kicked out for a Barracks P.A.R.T.Y. I’m not serving a country that’ll lock up my father who never hurt no one. Big lost in pay but totally worth it.

  27. Sun says:

    This is typical of the self-important martyr like crap dished out within military circles (particularly by upper ranks down to the troops) to foster a brotherhood of purpose. Same as the “all your mates not in uniform are druggie shitbags” and the “your mates are off at the beach whilst we have to defend their right to be there” bullshit I heard all too often… It works on people for the most part. It helps build the “trust no one but your buddies in the section/platoon/company” mentality that the military thrives on.

  28. winterbear says:

    America is in an occupation. We have not been at war since 2003.

    We could withdraw and come home any time…

  29. max says:

    my job sucks too. u signed up for it 🙂

  30. max says:

    at least u have a job. and will have one till you die and leave your children orphaned and your fuckrag husbandless

  31. Taniwha says:

    I think the entire world would be better off if the Marines were at the mall too. There would be fewer terrorist attacks in general, places like Iraq and Pakistan would have about 100 less murders every week, and the money saved from the defense budget would turn around the US economy in just a few years.

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  33. Anonymous says:

    you all are pathetic…saddam mass killed thousands of his people while in power…talk shit from behind a screen…if you hate capitalism and freedoms get the hell out and move in with hugo

  34. Jimmy says:


  35. […] America Is Not At War [image] – This message was found at a US military facility in Ramadi, Iraq, written by a member of the US Marines. […]

  36. Anonymous says:

    The Marine Corps ARE* at war jarhead

    • Anonymous says:

      The “Marine Corps” IS a single entity. Get your English straight or go home.
      Do you all really think this comment was meant for you personally? If you do, maybe
      you have other issues to deal with.

  37. FreedomIsn'tFree says:

    I am proud of our brave men and women who fight our battles for us, who enable us to live free and relatively safe lives. Those men and women sometimes fight traditional wars, and sometimes do tasks more akin to police work, taking SWAT teams into sting operations. The “wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan are delicate situations, and they are as careful as they can be to take out only those who are threats to the U.S. and their own countries.

    That said, I wish we were not there. I wish we had not been attacked on 9/11. I wish everyone in the world played nice, didn’t attack innocent people, minded their own business, and worked toward the good of society both locally and globally, making police work and wars unnecessary.

    Since that is not and will never be true on this earth, I work to provide our soldiers, our police, and our government agencies the best tools possible — tools which make their jobs safer, help them more readily distinguish between allies, neutrals, and foes — innocents and criminals — and help them take out only those who are dangerous. I pray for them — for their safety — for wisdom for them and for our leaders — and for peace. To not support them in these ways is to take them, our freedom, and our very lives for granted. We live in the greatest country, in the greatest time in history. The technological wonders which make our lives possible would cease to exist in an instant if foes attacked us with an EMP attack — technology our enemies are only months away from having, if they do not have it already. Meanwhile, our drug addicts are directly funding this terrorist activity, because a large portion of the proceeds from the illegal drug trade go to fund terrorists.

    As has been said, “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

  38. . says:

    you asked for the war when you voted for the retard. You asked for it a second time when you voted for the retard again. In us history, which Republican president didn’t end up in war. Bush owns a weapons company called Carlyle group. He made millions cuz of the war. But the real retards was the one’s who voted for him

    • Historian says:

      “In us history, which Republican president didn’t end up in war. ”

      Well… off the top of my head the first 4 that come to mind are Reagan, Ford, Hoover,
      Coolidge. Nixon actually inherited a war and ended US involvement in it. That takes us
      back close to 100 years.

      Here’s a question for you: since the first Democrat president took office can you name a war
      that was not started under a Democrat president ? I’ll give you 1: the Civil War.

    • FreedomIsn't Free says:

      Do some basic research. Bush does not own the Carlyle Group. He is one of about 1300 investors worldwide. Nor is Carlyle Group a defense company. It is a private equity company with holdings in a wide variety of sectors. Its defense holdings have ranged up to about 10% of its portfolio and are currently estimated at about 1%. Additionally, in 2002, Rumsfeld (Defense Secretary under Bush) canceled a major contract of the biggest defense contractor Carlyle Group owned, causing that contractor’s stock to lose 27% of its value; that is hardly something would do to make “millions cuz of the war.” Quit spreading conspiracy theory myths.

  39. T says:

    The us military is at war not just the marines. Get over yourselves

  40. Irishgal says:

    Don’t read more into this than just what it says. America is NOT at war; we all are at home enjoying freedom that has been paid for by others. The Marines, along with the other services, is doing the dirty work. I don’t care what your politics are; they serve because they volunteered, without questioning politics, and thank God they did. I could just see if some of the posters on here were drafted; be thankful that others serve because you can’t or won’t. My son is a Marine, has a college education, and is by no means illiterate, and many others who serve are well educated and chose the service. The stereotype of a “dumbass who can’t get a job so he enlisted” is no longer applicable. Just remember too, that thanks to them you do have the freedom to post what you wish, no matter how stupid. Enjoy your day at the mall.

  41. Jack Harnar says:

    Funny and true, in a cynical way!

  42. keith says:

    Its like this people complain about the war, they complain about our deficit, and so on and so forth. It was bin ladens plan in the beginning to dirupt our financial system and he has succeeded. And our financial system will continue to spiral down unless the defense system is cut back.. we spend a trillion dollars a year for defense.. that is more than the next top 15 military powers combined. We can’t even take care of our own country and we are worried about a bunch of people who have been fighting each other for the last 2000 + years?? I respect the troops don’t get me wrong but they are over there for one reason and that is to expand our empire…. 9/11 was a very sad day don’t get me wrong but more people die everyday on american roads each day than the twin towers… should we have went over there? Possibly.. should we still be there knowing its causing our financial system to crash? Hell no.. is there a reason to spend a trillion dollars making shit we will never use?? And paying defense program employees outragous salaries… if we are the greatest country in the world there is no reason we should still be in a war with third world countries…

  43. Anonymous says:

    Since Congress is the only group that can declare war, and they haven’t done so, the US is indeed not “at War.” If our government had a serious debate about the costs and sacrifices of going to war, we would either never have gone, or would have much more support and sacrifice from the people when we did go. I’ve read about the sacrifices made when we went to war in WWII, and I think similar is warranted today. However, the fact remains that America is not at war.

  44. ciew says:

    stupid americans finally realize this after ten inglorious years in Iraq.

  45. Joe C. says:

    How does it feel to be a pawn for the corpolitical interests. Hertz Doughnut? You got a little stain on your uniform. Is that blood or oil?

  46. childrentoys says:

    On one hand I get it.

    On the other hand, I’m thinking so friggin’ what? Marines joined of their own volition knowing full well that they could be sent off to war. What does this person think the rest of us should do? We work and pay taxes to support what THEY are doing. Yeah, we go to the mall too on occasion. So what? This isn’t WWII where pretty much everybody was impacted and the war effort was huge.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shouldn’t the whole country bear the burden of war if we as a country are involved in it; while many did join knowing they could be sent to war that does mean they joined hoping to be. Think what you would say if you were affected directly: A war tax to pay, or -god forbid- a draft.

  47. Cleveland says:

    I would point out that the person who wrote that CHOSE to enlist.
    So if America is still at the mall, that is THEIR choice, and it is the Marines job to defend that choice.
    Freedom isn’t free. Marines die so people can shop at the mall.

    • Anonymous says:

      To all you neanderthals who criticize the Marines, the US Army, and the US government for their actions in the Middle East and other foreign bodies and then follow up with an oh-so-articulate “I’m going to the mall… fuck you all!!!1,” you should hit your head against a wall until something useful falls out. Spending money in a mall run by corporations who profit within the economy fueled by that money you’re calling dirty is the ultimate form of hypocrisy. As long as you’re spending your money in malls on shit made in China and driving your ignorant, disgusting self to the mall, keep your fucking mouth shut.

  48. Harry Coverston says:

    “Until then, the Marines are not fighting a war that serves the purpose of the American people.”

    Does it? What purpose would that be? What has the invasion and occupation of Iraq done for ANY of the parties involved? This was an ill-advised and unneeded move in the first place. And it has proven to be enormously costly, in human lives, cultural treasures and international reputation not to mention money.

    BTW, America is not at the mall, either. The recession that resulted in part from this lame-brained invasion has taken care of that, too.

    Time to admit our mistakes and begin repairing the damage we’ve done. Bring our troops home.

  49. Harry Coverston says:

    “Bring them home to do what? ”

    To stop being cannon fodder for IEDs and targets for snipers.

    Bring them home, give them the education and training we promised them, let them return to civilian life before they are incapable of doing so. We owe them at least a chance.

  50. Peter Myers says:

    I know this was written by marines, to be shown to marines, but I’m getting tired of the marines selfishness. They are not the only ones in this war, there are other branches of service involved. It’s just like a marine to think they’re the only ones out there making a difference.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well done, the US. Marines do seem to believe their own bullshit. A war has two sides, sad this is not noticed’.
      Many other people are involved, worst of all the civilian’s that are killed, wounded, made homeless; they watch these overfeed guys , while at the same time see their children brutalised by the killing in an uneven battle; can’t call it a war.

  51. Douglas says:

    Can’t call it a war; such one sided and there are, or have been other troops engaged . And civilians having to watch, overfeed guys, doing unspeakable act, in their country . See their children brutalised by the behaviour of all the adults.

  52. walid ashoor says:

    Yes, America is at war, and will be at war for ever. And if they did not find another fictitious enemy they will creat one, just as they did after the collapse of communism. They gathered around a table and decided: lets make Muslims our next target, after all they are defenseless, helpless, and hopless, not to mention that we sell them our left over arms and weapons. Ironic, how the world is naive to believe the Americans that are the masters of weapons of mass destruction went to Iraq to look for the alleged weapons of mass destruction and kill one million Iraqi. Welcome my friends to the New World Order, the world of humilation and murder under the propaganda and false intention of the advocacy of the so called Democracy. I wonder who is next on the agenda of America and what lie they will pass on to the stupid citizens of this world in order to convince the world of their new atrocity.

  53. JO Windows says:

    Thats pretty messed up dude. Whoever wrote that is a bit full of themselves.


  54. dont care bout you says:

    People love war, the idea that were better, it fills them with happiness. If you support the troops you want them safe, not fighting for that country to be just like us. In my mind that means corrupt, and until the church pays up for all ITS sin, then ill still think that. Were not there for any good reason other then to make them Christian and just like America. You can always tell whos on what side with them lol. But thats just one Atheist’s opinion, and we all know how evil those darn Atheist are, right?

  55. Will you never understand? says:

    When are you boys ever going to wise up and understand what’s really going on? War is a game powerful people play, you boys are only pawns on the board. They decide, you die. They get richer and more powerful, you get a free stone for your grave and your mother gets a flag. No matter, even if you do finally “get it” there’s an endless supply of the gullible being born every day.

    • Andrew Webb says:

      So said USMC Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler

      • Had to learn the hard way says:

        That’s true and he was a great man for saying it. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter who says it or how often, the young people that do the dying never seem to hear it. I, and millions more just like me over the years, went into the military when I got out of high school to escape poverty and get a job, a roof over my head and something to eat. Naively, I thought I was embarking on a great adventure, I was going to see the world. Nobody told me I was going to have to actually kill someone and possibly be killed! Of course I knew it, but never believed it would actually happen. It was just dumb luck I made it home alive, many of the guys I was with didn’t, but at least they got their name on a wall in d.c. I see these kids making the same stupid mistake I did, over and over again. I always hope the next generation will be a little wiser, but somehow it never comes to pass.

  56. On one hand I get it.

    On the other hand, I’m thinking so friggin’ what? Marines joined of their own volition knowing full well that they could be sent off to war. What does this person think the rest of us should do? We work and pay taxes to support what THEY are doing. Yeah, we go to the mall too on occasion. So what? This isn’t WWII where pretty much everybody was impacted and the war effort was huge.

  57. Everyone has a bad day. I would assume when your day to day job is protecting people, some of which you don’t even know if they are going to kill you or one of your buddies at any given moment, might cause one to have more bad days than good ones. And then, when you finally loose a friend, I would bet that most good days would be clouded weith that as well. By the way, when was the last time you went to the mall?
    I sincerly hope you had fun.

  58. Thinkyhead says:

    Hate to break it to the Marines, but you’re America’s mall cops now. Fortunately they’re moving towards mercenaries for hire, so there is a viable after-career for soldiers with a penchant.

  59. Matt B says:

    Almost everyone here has missed the point that I think the author was getting at. They were trying to say was, while the military fights wars just or unjust, the American people quickly lose interest in what the really happens because Americans have become more interested in Celebreality television and famous persons sex lives. They don’t really understand what is happening at all in the world around them. They might have yellow ribbons on their car or “yes we did” stickers but in truth at the end of the day the average person doesn’t give a fuck beyond their job, home, and family. Sometimes not even that much.

    I did two tours in Iraq and I did my job well. No one in my whole company even kill one baby. But I disobey orders I felt to be unlawful and paid the price for it. I was cleared of all charges because I was right. Not everyone in the military follows orders blindly but those who do should answer for it, as well as those above them. So much good comes out of the military for the individuals in and a good deal they help. But the military is a weapon of war and needs to find its balance in the new era of the world conflicts. I did everything within my power to reduce damage to Iraqi property and civilians often at risk of my own life. This sounds foolish but I value my cause, core beliefs and integrity more than my own life. I can only live once and I plan on doing it as close as I can to what I think is morally right. If you think there aren’t people who are brainwashed to kill Americans and will stop at nothing to do so, think again.

    So to conclude I think most of you have missed the point blinded by your own agenda. Both sides fight for their point because the other is ignorant, selfish, stupid, god fearing, god hating and the list goes on to what ever each side says. But a decent chunk of Americans are so dug in to their trenches they can’t see reason anymore no matter what side brings it up. Pull your head out of your ass and try to see things for yourself instead of what your leader tells you. Be proud to go against the grain if you think you are right. Mix in with people who have differing views from you and have arguments don’t just yell at them discuss talking points and find a middle ground.

    • Tea party forever!!! says:

      You haven’t even killed “one baby” yet? Crikey, useless f*ck! I’ll bet you’re against nuking the whole country so we can quit wasting my hard earned tax dollars.

  60. Inez Deborah Emilia Altar says:

    Well I think it is technically correct, should ask for volunteering rules to be easier might get them more company.

  61. Texting while speeding through mall parking lot says:

    “The Marine Corps is at war”

    What! We’re at war?
    When did this happen?

  62. War & Pizza Hut: Volume 2…

    For the previous entry, please see War & Pizza Hut: Volume 1 ******* Vietnam My “uncle” would not go to Vietnam. Some of his friends fled to Canada. Others loped off part of their trigger fingers. He settled on a less permanent escape. The night b…

  63. 8814 says:

    I get the humor of it, but unfortunately marines are the mentally handicap of the military and their joke just disassociates themselves from America.

  64. richard says:

    No, america is most certainly at war. Just using the Marines as our mercenaries – in addition to the literal mercenaries our government privately contracts.

    And, every tax-paying American citizen is at war. Though it is unquestionably a war for resources and spoils. Not to mention that the few production jobs left in this country only fuel the military-industrial complex – except for the fact that these companies (GE for one) do not pay their corporate taxes because loopholes were deliberately left in tax law.

    America 235 years of ‘freedom’ – 200+ years actively engaged in combat. There was never an end in sight – only a means to a slow global takeover.

    And as far as ‘prices at the mall getting high’ it affects everyone, even returning soldiers. This is just the consolidation of wealth into the upper echelons of society. Our soldiers aren’t fighting any “bad guys” – only trying to secure an economic future for this dying country through the use of sheer brute force.

    The classic bully the weak kid on the playground to take his snack pack because we’re too poor at home to pay for it ourselves.

    Speaking on that, the poverty level in America has risen dramatically since the economic meltdown (consolidation of wealth into the top 1%). It is now hovering around 25% of households. Of course the Census provides differing information; but, it is determined by one sole factor – check it out.

    BUT as a country we’d rather go steal other countries’ goods than improvise a way to make ourselves better for us. Our government does not represent the population, merely the corporations.

  65. Anonymous says:

    if you dont like what you are doing stop.

  66. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t agree with what you are defending why do it. If you see something you don’t like try to change it. Dont stand there in a uniform claimimg to love america when you clearly cant stand americans.

  67. Joey-Jo-Jo says:

    The marines may be doing the fighting, but as always, it is the people who are stuck with the bill.

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