Thanks To BP, This Is A Whale

BP Oil Spill Whale

Scientists found this sperm whale 77 miles south from the Deepwater spill site off the Gulf Coast.

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  1. BS says:

    You are of course making the assumption that it was the oil spill that caused the death of this whale with no proof. I hope you certainly aren’t trying to draw a causal relationship based solely on distance?

    • Wendy says:

      are there normally 1000+ birds, 45+ ENDANGED sea turtles and 46+ dolphins washing up on the LA?MI/FL shores dead in a month?? Tautological cause and effect, moron. No more bullshit committee hearings necessary!

    • seriously????? says:

      Common sense is what you seem to lack. At least what you lack the most. How many dead Sperm whales have been found in the area dumb as!?

      • Arthur Dent says:

        There’s no context to this picture at all. Did someone examine the whale to determine the cause of death? If so, why is this information not included with the picture? I’m not happy with BP any more than the next guy, but that’s no excuse for a lack of critical thinking.

        • Ford Prefect says:

          Unless there’s a broken pot of tulips lying next to it, I think the evidence naturally points towards BP.

    • James W. says:

      Please tell me you are not that stupid.

    • Puerto Rico says:

      you do see that the whale was *ahem* cooked to perfection? no joke or pun intended…much but still the whale was burned man…i doubt that happened to him cause of the sun….now sun and oil….HMMM…

      • Chas says:

        What was this before BP turned it into a whale?

        • Antike says:

          #9 Hilarious.

          So many people defend BP and assume that the whale wasn’t killed because of the oil, so apart from the dead, ain’t wrong that is covered in oil?

      • mehoag says:

        actually that is exactly what dead whales look like from extended sunburn ,ive seen it twice before , several days( or weeks ) in the sun and you would look the same .

    • Guy says:

      Did you mean to log in as BS or BP?

    • DRoss says:

      @commenter BS –

      You’re worthless scum.

    • styubud says:

      I have no personal evidence that the world is round. Therefore I am a credulous fool for believing this to be so. Oh….and I believe that is oil on the whale. What’s your point fella? Ever heard of Occam’s Razor? Or was this whale born with a birthmark? Maybe baby whale made a mess with her coloured pencils.
      Just to be really controversial, I believe that we are f*cking up the planet in myriad ways and global warming is already harming us all in many ways. But that’s just my opinion. And that of 99% of the well informed vastly intelligent climate researchers. Ho hum

      • Common Sense says:

        Yes you do have personal evidence the world is round, go up in an airplane or a tall building or a very flat area and look at the horizon there is no infinite plane. On a clear day why cant you see the rocky mountains from Kansas or eastern Colorado. The answer is the earth is round. It is curved and you can’t see past a certain point becasue of this. Critical thinking FAIL

      • Anonymous says:

        You don’t need personal evidence… no one said anything about personal evidence… If you weren’t a lazy bum sitting behind your computer all day perhaps you could gather some personal evidence, but reading also works pretty well.

    • BA says:

      The whale’s body is caked in oil. That isn’t proof enough?!

    • Anon says:

      Welcome to the human FAIL project, brought to you by this galaxies comedy central. Hypocrisy IS the mother of all inventions.

    • 4of9 says:

      I think that BS is spot on, maybe another sperm whale killed this one, and it floated dead into the oil slick? Any idea that uses your brain is a good one in my book.

    • BS=Troll says:

      Guys, he’s just a troll!

    • Troy Fielden says:

      are u retarded or just plain simple?

    • For Heaven's Sake says:

      Re: BS – another assumption and probably closer to the truth would be the fact that the whale is covered in oil. Just a little glimpse of what is going on under the water. I don’t imagine whatever has been eating it is fairing any better than the whale. Give your head a shake

    • Joe Mama says:

      How silly. We all know how dangerously flammable water is. I mean if it wasn’t we’d use to put out fires and even drink it. The whale probably got tired of swimming and simply burst into flame. How stupid can the people who think all that oil spewing forth from an uncapped well would do any damage to the environment. I mean seriously, oil is from the earth, how could pouring millions of gallons of it into the ocean possibly be a bad thing. The environmental impact is simply a conspiracy theory dreamed up by stoners who spend way to much time on the inter-net-web.

    • sitka says:

      How else on earth would this whale BURN UP and become charred?

      • Anonymous says:

        See… this is where you should do some research before you open your maw… or type what your maw would say.

        Whales don’t sunburn like you and I… They sunburn like… well that picture.

        I am not saying that BP is off the hook or that they don’t have blame…

        But people…really… think for yourselves… think critically. Otherwise you are just another sheep following the hysterical media… Think about it, research it, and draw your own conclusions….


    • XYZ says:

      You made an appropriate choice for username before writing that comment.

    • Anonymous says:

      This whale is covered in oil, it obviously has a lot to do with the oil spill.

    • ASSUMPTION my ASS…is MORE than OBVIOUS the OIL SPILL killed that whale. What an ASSHOLE you are.

    • Anonymous says:

      it is a result of the so called “controled oil burnings.”
      its proof.

    • artreeus says:

      BP not only killed this whale but a large part of the Ocean
      along with BP Oil company’s are KILLING us ALL
      70-80 percent OXYGEN comes from algae, ALGAE THAT LIVES IN THE OCEAN
      stop killing marine life we depend on it more than we depend on Oil.

      the average person cant live past 3 minutes oxygen, 3 hours water or 3 weeks food
      bring ELECTRIC CARS our addiction to oil needs to STOP!!!

  2. Mitch says:

    just before anyone gets to hellbent out of control, the black stuff (im fairly certain) on the whale is the burnt skin from being exposed above the water for so long, and of course the deformed body is from sharks tearing pieces off. granted, the whale probably died because of oil, but the oil didnt cause it to look so hideous.
    i guess it sounds like im trying to defend BP, i am not. just dont want people seeing the wrong thing.


    • likely so... says:

      Or it could have been exposed to the areas where they are burning the oil off the surface of the water. Quite a few turtles have been found burned as a result.

    • Anonymous says:

      That would be true if the skin wasn’t black. It’s clearly been burned from fire, since the blackness is from a combustion reaction rather than prolonged UV exposure.

      • styubud says:

        By “fawk oil” I assume that your lifestyle is totally removed from oil, e.g. you never use electricity other than that which you generate yourself, all products you buy are not delivered by conventional vehicles but manufactured within walking distance from your home using zero carbon technology, the materials for which were manufactured (and so on)

  3. zach says:

    so….what’s the problem? is the whale dead?

  4. === === popular today…

    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on…

  5. Hurr says:

    Oh no, did it dead?

  6. they should shower tony hayward in oil too

  7. Bob says:

    Could have been dead for quite a while and drifted through oil. And quit calling it a spill.

  8. AngryMan says:

    Great, more reason to be unhappy

  9. John Sprite says:

    Mmmmm, looks yummy…

  10. Tom Felperstein says:

    I think the thanks goes to all of us. We have been warned for generations that there are risks to having a petroleum based economy. Did we change? No, the blood is on all of our hands.

    • john says:

      Whales need to die. What do they even do? “hey, I’m floating through the ocean. Taking up space, I’m a whale”…. yuck.

      • alec says:

        Whales are jerks.

      • whales are the most beautifull mammal on our planet!! and highly intellegent!! and one of the oldest species still around!! says:

        Then came mankind!! So intellegent!! We have no problem wiping us and all other creatures of the face of the earth!! lets have round of applause to mankind!! we have done so much to enhance our home ”PLANET EARTH” Humans are the best!! At killing and destroying and torturing and raping!! Should I keep going? yOU GET IT!! NO WE DONT EVEN COME CLOSE TO GETTING IT!! THIS WILL KEEP GOING ON UNTIL WE KILL OURSELVES!! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINING!! HAVE A GREAT LIFE!! and KEEP RAPING!!

  11. Kumi says:


  12. Fabio says:


  13. Martin says:

    No – thanks to our hunger for oil. Don’t blame BP, they are simply your slaves in this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Transocean, the operator of the rig which sunk after an explosion in the Gulf of Mexico two weeks ago, was also reprimanded by UK regulators in 2006 for problems with tools used for blowout preventer pressure testing on another rig.
      The 2006 notice claims a blowout preventer testing tool was “not suitable for the purpose for which it was provided and failed in service, exposing persons to risks that endangered their safety”. This was on board its Sedco 712 rig leased by now-collapsed oil company Oilexco.

    • Anonymous says:


  14. HappyLunatic says:

    …was a whale.*

  15. Anonymous says:

    That’s just terrible.

  16. BPsucks,butsodoesthispicture says:

    That whale was dead long before the oil spill. Notice how the only parts of the whale covered in oil are the parts that stick up above the surface of the water? The whale died and floated through some oil. It only stuck the the dried areas above water.

  17. Benjamin Brooker says:

    The context makes one assume that the black stuff is tar/oil but it could just as well be decayed flesh. I see a picture of a random dead whale in the middle of the ocean captioned by a vague reference to BP, but no actual statement affirming what it implies. Sketchy….

  18. Jason says:

    Very sad. Shame shame.

  19. human says:

    this saddens me, americans are destroying the planet.

    • RISSE75 says:

      Americans? BP is a British company dumbass.

    • Eric says:

      Are you retarded? BP? BRITISH Petroleum… B-R-I-T-S-H petroleum…. Get your facts straight bud.

    • American says:

      American’s are not killing the planet, this is fucking british petroleum. What about that makes it American?!?! I’ll have you know, the entire country is so full of hatred toward BP you can feel it everywhere you go, F*** them and their damn oil. They deserve to be lynched!

      • Anonymous says:


      • Meanwhile... says:

        You are still getting your oil from Arco, which is a BP company because your anger doesn’t stretch far enough to change your purchasing habits.

    • an American says:

      Oh, AMERICANS are destroying this planet? Because, last I checked, BP stands for BRITISH Petroleum. Tool.

      • Joe says:

        You all are dumb as shit, who do you think is funding BRITISH petroleum and working on the rigs? AMERICANS, thats why BP stations are in the US and BP sells oil to other stations too.

      • anna says:

        bp wouldn’t exist if you didn’t need oil. You are destroying the planet. There are alternatives but BP are pretty powerful and have alot of influence in government I can see why they’d have no remorse because they get away with it and they laughing their heads off right about now making more money. It’s a pretty sad reality really.

        • Luke says:

          Just to put all you STUPID american people straight,

          BP purchased an AMERICAN owned oil company, this american company where the ones who built the oil platform and laid all the pipes that messed up and started to leak oil into the sea.

          Just because a british company purchased an american company, the stupid american people think they have some form of right to blame the UK and the british econmy! HA HA HA you american idiots need to do some research, the a-holes who laid those pipes where americans! Its the americans fault and it is them who is to blame, your presidant is blaming the UK aswell because he doesn’t want to lose votes.


      • Anonymous says:

        Obviously the oil had an effect on the whale. And the oil spill is effecting millions of animals anyway, so yea we can draw the assumption that its from oil. So BS you’re an idiot, did you really need to stand up for BP anyway? What point are you trying to make? And again you kind of can draw a casual relationship based solely on distance. Duh.

    • LOL says:

      He’s just trolling and you fell for it.

      • Anonymous says:

        The rig wasn’t under US control. We didn’t put it there; we just approved the off shore drilling. Oh and it’s not just the US’s fault, blood is on the entire world. We aren’t the only nation using oil.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey I have a fantastic idea. How about instead of coming together and doing something about it we just keep pointing fingers and trying to associate blame on who we hate the most? I’m telling you, it’s a rock solid plan. Once we can all agree on who to blame we can just hang them and that will solve everything!!!! right?

  20. Shekki says:


    Can you prove anything by this pic…?

    Is that oil, skin disease, decomposition…?

  21. John Smith says:

    Ya…. no way this could have just died of natural causes and then fish fed off the carcass… absolutely had to be because of the oil spill.

    Continue to spew your propaganda if you like…

  22. Anonymous says:

    and what does that mean? did it die of natural causes? does oil really cause a whale to die and decay that quickly?

  23. nature says:

    fuck you bp

  24. John says:

    World, R.I.P.

  25. Anglen says:

    So BP has created a 77 mile Kill Zone. I’m sure most will say that’s not correct. We don’t know how far the whale floated. But we have first of many photos. This off shore drilling has to stop!

  26. Anonymous says:


  27. johnny boy says:

    just cause it has some black shit on it, its oil? looks like rotten skin and flesh to me.

  28. mark says:

    i’m getting stupider with every one of these comments i read ….Ffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  29. Ryan Haylett says:

    This is kinda ironic… we used to hunt whales for their oil, now we’re killing them with it.

  30. […] “Thanks to BP, this is a whale” – Your daily dose of depressing gulf wildlife. […]

  31. […] “Thanks to BP, this is a whale” – Your daily dose of depressing gulf wildlife. […]

  32. Anonymous says:

    Prove this whale did not die of natural causes. This is RACIST. your RACIST!

  33. FukBS says:

    I will make the assumption that the current oil volcano probably caused this whales death…Even if it didn’t, the ocean will be in ruins for years and maybe decades to come

  34. Phil says:

    NOAA ship Pisces made the discovery. Cause of death is unknown at this moment. The ship gets in to port on the 2nd, when the various tissue samples can be taken to a lab and analyzed for a possible cause of death. A boat could meet the Pisces and get the samples in faster, but that’s an unknown factor. The size of the whale suggests a sub-adult, the height above the water was measured to help estimate the path the corpse followed before being sighted, using hindcasting techniques. This might predict where the whale died. It’s in the hands of the scientists now, so wait for a follow-up report from NOAA sometime next month.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh man, someone who doesn’t just rely on blind faith and conducts their own research.

      I was beginning to think that everyone that read this was a sheep.

  35. Fish says:

    “Human”, you’re a moron. How are Americans solely responsible for destroying the planet when BP stands for British Petroleum? Let’s not forget the fact that India and China’s skies have been turned into a cloud of smog. Get your head out of your ass.

    • Wolf-Alice says:

      It’s hilarious because you can’t read. BP does not stand for ‘British Petroleum’ and hasn’t since 2001.

  36. ! says:

    Just use some dawn….

    • Your Mother says:

      At this point it doesn’t matter too much who’s to blame. What matters is that the leak fixed, the oil cleaned up, and a better plan in place for the next time this happens, or preventing it from happening.
      Complaining about BP isn’t going to fix anything. It just makes the people complaining sound lazy and hateful. I get that everyone has their opinions, and that’s cool, but write them or the government an e-mail or something that will help.

      As for this picture, I was expecting some kind of proof or article explaining that the whale died because of the oil, which it very well could have.

      But again I stress that you stop pointing your finger at BP because when you do there are three more pointing at you.

  37. cornsomething says:

    That’s not a whale, its a giant tadpole.

  38. The Lord says:

    Uh I think the black stuff is proof enough. The point is to do as much damage to BP as possible. GG everyone lets keep it up.

  39. Ecstasis says:

    A whale died. Clearly this has everything to do with the spill in the gulf.


  40. Jesus Christ says:

    Yes. Revenge is so so sweet when it stands as the only true thing existing in society today.

  41. Ryan says:

    I like the way you blame BP. Thanks to us and our addiction to oil.

  42. Sam says:


    Godamn you BP!!!

  43. Marc says:

    I bet there are a bunch of big dorado (dolphin fish) under that whale. Seriously, I’ve found and fished around a few dead whales in the Gulf of California. They looked just like this. That whale’s been dead quite awhile. Remaining upwind is a requirement. Could the oil have killed it? Sure. Can you prove it? Only with analysis. In the meantime, a more responsible headline would have been something like, “Dead Sperm Whale Found 77 Miles from Oil Spill.” This headline is shoddy journalism.

  44. Dave says:

    He’s fine. I just saw him at the shops buying some pop-tarts.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Looks like bigfoots dick.

  46. lol says:

    Only if we all considered ourselves Earthlings fucking idiots.

  47. nick keesing says:

    its obviously a negro whale, leave him alone, he is just cruising. You Americans are so fucking insensitive about race issues.

  48. says:

    Looks like a whale to me. Now report. On things that matter.

  49. Daimyo Jefu says:

    for all of you out there blaming B and saying boycott them what about the peole in america who work for them BP is arco and real americans like me and you work there just for a living so dont just get mad and start pointing fingers and do some shit to help dumb-asses! damn

  50. baz says:

    “that’s no excuse for a lack of critical thinking”


  51. DP says:

    maybe the result of some BP operation to burn the oil they skim off the surface with those booms. there was a group trying to rescue turtles and they said some of them were caught in the booms. they said that they were being turned away by members of BP while others set fire to the booms, turtles and all. just sayin, couldve been a whale caught in one too, right?

  52. Ejoliva says:

    That shit needs to get fixed on the double. It’s fuking up a shit load and continues to waste oil. This angers me to a great extent.

  53. kickskid says:

    awww look, his ancestors came up for a visit! Guess he wanted to back with them.

  54. ha says:

    just got back from local beach and theres no dead anything .. whale etc etc

  55. enano says:

    12,105 barrels of oil during the first 12 hours of Tuesday, 8,475 of which was collected and 4,130 of which was flared. The previous 12-hour amount was 12,325 barrels.

    estimated that about 35,000 to 60,000 barrels flowing from the well every day.

    for every 420,000 barrels, were collecting 60,000 est.
    thats fuckn sad why wouldnt this whale die

  56. Duncan says:

    If the whale is already dead can we eat it?

    I dont like whats happening with the oil, but I have to say BP followed the rules….
    The american goverment allowed BP to drill in a HUGELY ecological area teeming with fragile eco-systems…..
    The american goverment new the risks but they still allowed BP to drill.

    Where was the regulation that stated all drilling operations MUST use capping technology to stop a leak in the event of an accident…..

    BP followed the rules.

    Dead whales are a sad thing, cant we just stop wasting times pointing blame and just fix the damn leak?

    • Nuke it to the center of the planet! says:

      BP did NOT follow the rules!!
      They were allowed to drill (for some obscure money greeding reason ONLY!) But they didn’t want to post money in to the regular Plan A ‘as that was expensive’ (“Oh! An expenditure, oh no! Cash flows in, not OUT”), where then a Plan B should have been in place (“expenditure AGAIN but we wanna avoid SPENDING money – we wanna KEEP the money and make MORE money!”)!

      The US department “overviewing” and doing the check ups were to busy humping each other, drugging, drinking and running prostitution to actually go check what they were supposed to.

      If ANYONE had cared a little bit, this could have likely been a much smaller CATASTROPHY, maybe even AVOIDED… But before all, Money, Sex and Drugs will always come before to those greedy and ignorant enough! Like BP and the former US-administration!

  57. flyingpony says:

    uhm, the BP oil spill will definitely count its all destroying and devasted losses and the Mexican Gulf can more or less be considered dead by now, but this whale looks more like it was attacked, half-eaten and then started to rotten… But then again, I’m not a scientist………….
    (And where the F*@K are those guys from those secret departments with secret technology that secretly nuke stuff to hell and stop i.e. a damn hole like BP’s!!???? and what the F%&K are they waiting for!!!!!??? – Stop talking about, JUST DO IT!)

  58. Joe says:

    You do see that is a dead carcas, sun burnt?

  59. C says:

    So what we’re forced to conclude about this debacle is that environmentalists and their paranoia had absolutely nothing to do with this disaster.. right. If BP hadn’t been pushed out to deeper waters by their legislation, then this disaster would not have continued past the first fix.. where’s the media on that?

  60. BS says:

    If you want them to stop drilling them stop using products that use oil. If it wasnt BP it would be Shell or someone else. All of us are to blame really.. we are happy to invade habitats as long as we dont make a headline…

  61. Barry says:

    Makes a change for oil to be invading America. Not the other way round.

  62. Hika says:

    So much for blaming Icelandic, Japanese Norwegian for declining whale population.

  63. Jonathan Agnew says:

    Looks overdone to me, let this be a warning to all aspiring Japanese Chefs, remember to cook whale evenly on both sides on a low heat, constantly turning.

  64. anonymous says:

    I guess we sure showed those fuckin aquatic organisms who’s running shit round here!

  65. Andy says:

    The whale was obviously already dead you rube

  66. a dead whale says:

    do we know how the whale died?

  67. John Butler says:

    If you had kept whatever in the image as a surprise and ask people to identify what is in the image then I am sure the answer from people was ‘scrap of a huge ship’.

  68. Alex says:

    The black skin is caused by sun exposure of the whale floating on one side for an extended period of time. Its a sunburned whale without a trace of oil on it.

  69. The Hypocrisy of the Yank.. says:

    Did hear many of you yankies crying when one of your chemical companies killed 15,000+ humans in Bopal or scampering to give out compensation claims.

    11 killed on oil rig leased by part British owned BP resulting in 4 presidential visits,a $1.6bn+ clean up and establishment of $20bn compensation fund in 2 months

    15,000 + killed in accident at Bhopal plant owned by American company Union Carbide resulting in 0 presidential visits, no clean up and $470m compensation in 25 years

    Or even

    $45 million compensation paid out by oil firm Trafigura to 30,000 victims of dumped toxic waste in Ivory Coast after 4 year legal battle.

    Let the world do what you say USA and not as you do…

  70. Anonymous says:

    There are plenty of other whales in the ocean.

  71. Rahyl says:

    Whales die all the time. The dark coloring on the flank is a textbook example of decomposition, nothing more.

  72. Jack says:

    It looks like a big alligator. Sort of.

  73. Luckyeyes says:

    Those of you that left ignorant comments… Consider this was your world and you made all the animals that live on it, and cause of US!!! They have to suffer>>>?? Every living thing has a purpose on this earth no matter how big or small, or it woudnt be here. I would love to see how a human can survive if they were forced to swim through this oil disaster!!! Won’t be laughing theN!!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    fawk u whale….
    fawk u dolphine…..

  75. Erik M. says:

    This has to be more than just a coincidence but we will know more once the lab results are in:
    The NOAA Ship Pisces reported a dead 25-foot sperm whale on June 15, 2010, that was located 150 miles due south of Pascagoula, Miss. and approximately 77 miles due south of the spill site last week. The whale was decomposed and heavily scavenged. Samples of skin and blubber have been taken and will be analyzed. The whale had not evidence of external oil. Sperm whales are the only endangered resident cetacean in the Upper Gulf of Mexico. There are no records of stranded whales in the Gulf of Mexico for the month of June for the period 2003-2007.,subtopic_id,topic_id&entry_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=809&subtopic_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=2&topic_id(entry_subtopic_topic)=1

  76. bobsuruncle says:

    its only a stupid whale. for all we know oil is good for them

  77. bobsuruncle says:

    its only a whale! not a baby HUMAN. whales cant even use the internet

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