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Dont Forget Jesus Riding On A Raptor

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    This is absurd and ridiculous.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The above is theist scum.

  4. It is somewhat cute but many people who oppose evilution (even young-earth creationists) have absorbed a complex set of beleifs and arguements needed to protect their belief system from the consequences of modern biology and other sciences. Many of them are not drooling morons. And many who do accept evolution have done so for the wrong reasons since they actually would have trouble explaining anything about the theory beyond the concept of common descent.

    I was once so put off by creationists and I.D. arguments and political lobying and propaganda strategies that I thought they (at least their leaders) must be the vilest people on the planet and I began to wonder if anyone could use such obviously false and deceptive rhetoric and yet actually believe in what they claimed. But after watching the news media and their extreme Marxist/Islamist hate, racism and deceit for the last decade, the creationists seem very mild by comparison.

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  6. RC says:

    Snake Oil Baron:
    Here’s a clue… the “Islamists” aren’t “Evolutionists”… and if you wanna talk ignorance, denial and deception, they are close to the top of the list. I don’t exactly know what you mean about the news media with Marxist hate and racism, though. If you’re talking about the mainstream media in the US, you’re WAY off base… none of them are Marxist (liberal biased, maybe – that’s debateable, but it’s intellectually dishonest to say that’s the same thing as Marxist), and the racism is very subtle if it exists at all. Mainly, the racism in the mainstream media is on the local level when it comes to reports of crime and criminals in the news (more reports of black and hispanic criminals/suspects than white or other races). If you’re somehow implying that the MSM is anti-semitic, well… I can’t see how media companies who are Jewish owned could be viewed as anti-semitic. If you are trying to imply something else, then you’re probably very wrong. Unless you’re talking about Fox News.

    If you want to lay blame on the people who accept evolution without extensive knowledge, I can only say that it’s a failing of our educational system which has been systemically undermined by religion on the local level to the point of evolution theory being barely taught in our schools, especially in rural areas and in the south. If it were taught with any real conviction by our educators, there would be very little question of what the theory is all about. Listening to creationist arguments against evolution will illustrate my point much better than I ever could. Some of the things they say might blow your mind from the sheer ignorance and stupidity.

    Creationists are pretty mild in comparison to other religious extremists, but they are still extremists. How extreme doesn’t matter to me…

  7. Woah says:

    That kid looks so stoned.

  8. Mark says:

    Actually, the kid looks like a typical American Christian youth….fat, dumpy and just all around moronic.

  9. Zaa says:

    funny but ohhh so not true

  10. troy says:

    when you can explain nothing to something and that no matter how far you dig all these million of years of species are found intact and in the same more or less depths if you believe all this was accidental why cant you even outrun a simple dog haha so much for natural selection and wheres the proof of million of changes throughout these so called adaptations even a platapus is still the same no half tigers/lions or whatever you think took place give your brain a shake and look at the facts not how you feel about certain people thats just ignorant thinking

  11. d says:

    Wow I think Troy’s single misspelled, nonpuncuated sentance in response just confirmed that many of the creationists are drooling morons.

  12. Anonymous says:

    that sucked

  13. Evolution on all levels (cosmological, spontaneous generation, biological, etc) is statistically impossible and has zero historical evidence. Just search for and read the weighty “Evolution Handbook” and you will clearly see Evolution is an atheistic fantasy.

  14. soph the loaf says:

    You will find also that there is no proof for creationism too. The bible is no more than one very persuasive man’s attempt (Jesus) to control an unruly populous and persuade them to be good to each other, that murder is bad and to live by a code of ethics etc with the fear that if they did not then they would be eternally damned. He had to explain this some how and he came up with genesis.

    You can not prove evolution, you can only disprove other theories and come up with a theory that most likely fits observation…Darwin’s theory of natural selection is as close as we have got to this yet, and with gene technology to back it up is an extraordinary plausible theory. Basically creationists suck! Get with the times dudes!

  15. Lars says:

    To the person using the nick of “Charles Darwin”: I hope you’ll never be in the need of antibiotics developed to work on bacteria that have developed resistance to other antibiotics. That would be such a textbook example of situational irony.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Lars you cracked me true.
    How is it that we have millions of knuckle dragging morons who blithely fly in planes, drive cars, use PC’s and take medicines that were all developed using the same scientific method that arrived at the concept of ‘descent with modification’ as Darwin termed it or colloquially ‘evolution’; deny it so vehemently? I guess that would imply the remotest ability to think beyond ‘my magic book is better than yours…’. I wish there were a god so she could save us from bloody creationists!

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  18. aedan91 says:

    hahahaha very funny

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ha that sounds about right 😛

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