Retired Police Captain Gets Arrested At Occupy Wall Street

Retired Police Captain Ray Lewis Arrested At Occupy Wall Street Photograph

Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis is arrested for participating in Occupy Wall Street.


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  1. The occupy movement people are big cry babies. Go get a job, you lazy bums!

    • Citizen Dos says:

      Please do explain John. I completely understand the protestor’s motivations and message. I do not understand yours.

    • CaesarInvictus says:

      You realize that they are protesting corporate greed and the government siding with corporations (that are technically people as recognized by our government). Corporations are still shifting jobs overseas in order to maximize profits and our government is rewarding them with massive subsidies and tax breaks (regardless of them not actually paying taxes because they are located in other countries to evade taxes).

    • Tim T. says:

      For decades we’ve allowed the government and corporations to run our country as a business. They have been focued solely on profit. We, as a people, have kept our mouths shut and turned a blind eye to what has been going on in our own country, our own states, our own cities, our own neighborhoods and our own homes. In order to boost profits, the citizens have been forced to make sacrifices, not the government and corporate officials. We are forced to accept a lower quality of life. Not only do we have to accept this lower quality of life, but it is being forced upon our children and future generations. We are expected to endure high unemployment, lower welfare benefits, an extremely underfunded public school system, expensive medical care, diminishing social security, corrupt mortgage companies and a greed-filled banking system.

      Our eyes have finally opened and we’ve become aware of what has been going on right under our noses. Now the Occupy Wall Street protesters are labled as “job-less hippies”. They are trying to be silenced and are willing to fight to keep their voices heard. They have no other choice but to fight. What would you do if you had lost your job, lost your home, lost the ability to feed your children? Then when you tried to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life you find that there are no jobs and the government is not willing to help you.

      The answer is very simple John;

      You fight.

  2. Paxalot says:

    One day the police will grow a pair. Until then they’ll do whatever the rich man tells them.

  3. Rixar13 says:

    “Former Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis is arrested for participating in Occupy Wall Street.”

    As a former Marine Law Enforcement Officer USCG, I Richard McGinnis stand with the correct side of the issues…

  4. Johnny Milano says:

    ©Johnny Milano

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