A Fascinating Look Inside Amazon’s Warehouses

Inside Amazon's Warehouses

Amazon, quickly becoming the largest retailer in the world, has some of the largest storage and shipping warehouses on the planet. Through a process known as chaos storage, Amazon warehouse employees put new goods onto the closest empty shelf and then record a unique bar code for both the shelf and the good. The result is the beautiful organized chaos of Amazon’s warehouses:

Inside Amazons Warehouses

Amazons Warehouses

Amazon Warehouse Photograph

Amazon Shipping Warehouses

Amazon.com Shipping Warehouses

Amazon Warehouses

Amazon Warehouses Photographs

Amazon.com Shipping Warehouse Picture

Amazon Picture

Amazon Warehouse Stocks Picture


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  1. ruidoblanco says:

    looks like raiders of the lost ark final scene

  2. Mark Michigan says:

    Been there. Worked that. Kept the t-shirt.

  3. northierthanthou.com says:


  4. stupidrepublicans says:

    See all the rows of merchandise Amazon is so proudly rolling out at breakneck speed? Most of it is directly off the backs of millions of women and children slaving for hours in sweatshops for pennies. American ingenuity at it’s lowest. Boo.

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