Is This What We Call Freedom?

This Is Freedom


Assessing The Real “Threat” Of Terrorism

Risk Of Terrorism

Not included in this chart is the fact that you are approximately 9458238495 times more likely to be afflicted with a roommate/friend/acquaintance/family member who enjoys Nickelback than die from a terrorist attack. Now those are some terrifying odds.


Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of Capitalism

Wake Up On Wrong Side Of Capitalism

Unfettered capitalism only exists for the poor; state socialism is always there to ensure the success of big business.


A Grandma Protesting In Turkey

Grandmother Protestor In Turkey

Can you imagine seeing anything like that in the States? Me neither.


Obama’s Snowden Hypocrisy

Obama Snowden

I think “doing what this moment demands” just meant voting Barack Obama into the White House.


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