The Sad State Of American Political “Activism”

American Political Activism

Low risk activism–which is apparently the only acceptable kind these days–reaps a low-level reward…which is, of course, precisely the point.



Sean Hannity, Partisan Hack

Sean Hannity Hypocritical Hack



John Boehner And OJ Simpson, Unlikely Bedmates

Boehner Loves America

He loves it so much that he and his cohorts have tried to strangle its economy with their intransigence, then point the finger to someone else when it fails to be resuscitated.



#WhiteRage Hits Twitter

White Rage

On Monday, Salon posted an article assailing the phenomenon called white rage, wherein–according to the author–whites across the board possess “an unwillingness or inability to see African-Americans as fully realized human beings”, and that the all-white Zimmerman trial attorneys (in spite of the fact that Mark O’Mara has fought tooth and nail for all of his clients, many of which have been black) failed to rid themselves of the appallingly ubiquitous “three-fifths” ideology in which White America is entrenched. The statements were sweeping, and of course, so too was the manifest fury of latte-sipping whites on Twitter. Some of the best, most visceral 140-characters-or-less ripostes below:

White Rage 12

White Rage 11

White Rage 10

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39 Photos Of Vladimir Putin Being Absolutely Ridiculous

The Russian president might very well be little more than a thug in a designer trapper’s hat, but Rusky corrupter or not, the man sure knows how to take an amazingly absurd photo. Without further ado, here are some high-quality snapshots of the world’s first viral dictator:

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Some Bonus Videos Of Putin Being Ridiculous

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