18 Eye Opening Photos Of The Russian Occupation Of Crimea

Crimea Occupation Obama

Without a minute to spare following Sochi’s end, Vladimir Putin sent troops to Crimea on the supposed grounds of protecting its people from “fascist” opposition forces. Crimea is historically a pro-Russian area, and therefore an easy point of entry for Russian forces seeking to maintain power over the country in flux. The fear (for some), of course, is that Russia will try to expand its influence and seize control of other parts of Ukraine and re-assert its cultural and political dominance. With talk of annexing Crimea in the works, many in western parts of Ukraine are looking to Europe and the United States for help. Good luck getting that, though — imposing economic sanctions on Russia could mean EU leaders’ gas would get a great deal more expensive. And amid their own feeble economic recovery, that’s the last thing they want. Meanwhile, photos from Crimea present a populace that doesn’t seem to mind Russian presence.

Crimea Occupation Women Stroller

Crimea Occupation Young Couple

Crimea Occupation Russian Flag

Crimea Occupation Soldier Woman

Crimea Occupation Crimea

Crimea Occupation Old Woman

Crimea Occupation Line Of Soldiers

Crimea Occupation Soldiers Binoculars

Crimea Occupation Building Flags

Crimea Occupation Military

Crimea Occupation Patrolling

Crimea Occupation Girls Soldiers

Crimea Occupation Crowd

Crimea Occupation Lone Soldier

Crimea Occupation Soldiers

Crimea Occupation Soldier Tank

Crimea Occupation Flag Soldiers

All photos are from Al Jazeera and Heavy.


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  1. Dunstan Harding says:

    As with Hungary in 1956 and the former Czechoslovakia in 1968, Premier Putin is right. There will be no war over the Crimea. If he invaded eastern Ukraine, the same would be true. Putin knows that and so does Obama. Who,with his Secretary of State, is left to look weak, desperate, frustrated, and most of all powerless.

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