14 Photos Of The Sensational (And Stylish) Putin-Bush Bromance

Putin Bush Blue Gowns

In case you missed it, present relations between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin–and more broadly, between the United States and Russia–are flimsier than balsa wood. This unpleasant reality is made that much more painful when we look back into the annals of the internet, and remind ourselves of an idyllic era when the heads of both countries not only got along well, but even dressed alike.

George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin’s friendship is the stuff of legend, beginning when Bush “gazed into [Vlad’s] eyes and saw his soul”. While we’re not sure when the movie will hit the Hallmark Channel, we do take comfort in knowing that current US-Russia relations are not set in stone. So Barack, why not order two mandarin collared suits and give peace a chance?

Putin Bush Collars

Putin Bush Mandarin Collars

Putin Bush Handshake

Putin Bush Suits

Putin Bush Flowers

Putin Bush Exotic Clothing

Putin Bush Meeting

Putin Bush Hug

Putin Bush Posing

Putin Bush Jokes

Putin Bush Holding Hands

Putin Bush Garments

Putin Bush Whisper

And…just for comparison’s sake. This is what we’re working with now:

Putin Obama Frown


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