Times Like These

America, land of the free?
Whoever told you that is your enemy

I sing of simpler times, when we were free to have blow jobs in the Oval Office. Let us recap the non-violent American news today:

Don’t ever mess with America ever, even if what you are doing is not a crime, don’t fuck with us period.

Service your masters, who cares about morality? Let’s get real, really realistic, ends must justify means, this ism is the only real one.

Fast food politics, the theory is always prettier than the reality

Is this what the people want? Is this for the people, of the people, by the people?

I want to impeach Cheney, I am so sick of this evil feeling, but maybe it is just tax-day.


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  1. alec says:

    Re: Don’t mess with America, ever.

    Completely agreed. American policy has shown a very irrational bent towards the Middle East when it comes to trade & public policy. The great macro story on this was the Dubai ports grandstanding (dey took der ports).

  2. Thanks, keep up the good work…

    Also nice collection you got here:)…

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