Wacko Jacko Heart Attacko

Rest in peace brother, time for the ultimate dance party.


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  1. Ioloap says:

    MJ was a hasbeen pedophile. People think he was innocent but what 40+ year old man goes on national television and says that he shares his bed with young boys. That they sleep together. Stranger’s young boys in your bed with an alarm that sounds anytime someone comes close to the bedroom yet he’s innocent?

    His 3 kids I’ve always said were not his and now the world seems shocked that a black man and a white woman cannot conceive blonde blue eyed caucasians?

    The news call him the Self proclaimed King Of Pop. Which is correct. No one gave him that title. He declared it. Even to the point that his 2 boys share the same name Prince Michael. What an egomaniac.

    Genius? Savvy businessman? Let’s look at the first. Genius. His dad beat him and put him on stage and started his career. Quincy jones produced his 2 first solo efforts. Then Quincy left. Michael went down the tubes. Quincy isn’t even going to the funeral. What instrument does he play? Notice that when the money well ran dry, no more songs. Why? He doesn’t write shit. He buys songs and puts his name on it but in the end, no one would sell him anything cuz he couldn’t pay. He couldn’t even get a Vegas show when he tried. america did not want him so he went to Poland and The emirates. Asia loves him.

    Savvy business man. He bought the Beatles catalog. What person in the world does not know that is worth something?? Do you have to be savvy? No. But here’s where his businessman title hits the tubes. his videos cost more than some movies. He bought himself into debt with neverland, the animals, the park, the spending binges etc etc.

    His death? His death brings parallels to the real King. Embarking on a big tour, pills, heart attack at home etc etc. He wanted so much to be like Elvis he even married the king’s daughter in a bid to take attention off the pedophile charges that came in. Lisa Marie agreed to the deal as she saw this as exposure and she was trying to launch her own artist career and when she realised this was not working. she cut out.

    I give him the following: Great entertainer, decent dancer, good stage presence. King, no. Genius, no.

    He knew he could never do the 50 shows and had to bail out. The 50 shows were set up so that he could pay off some creditors….yeah great business man with $600 000 cash in his account and $400 000 000 in debts.

    I was asked to sign a petition for MJ to dedicate HEAL THE WORLD to a certain boy who died that I wrote a song for but I didn’t sign for 2 reasons: 1) MJ and children don’t mix 2) I knew the shows would never happen.

    Now Uri Geller (another crackpot friend of MJ) says MJ really had no clue how to do 50 shows.

    Remember, he was going from not performing in say 20 years to doing 50 huge shows. that’s a big deal. u have to be ready. he was not.

    MJ died 20 years ago and since then an empty reptilian shell roamed the streets looking more and more over the years like the Thriller that he was.

  2. WAKDATJAK says:

    Sorry Wak, yuz gotz to be careful when youze mezzin aroun with dem drugs. Sayonara my wacko bro!

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