Got some hot nerd action from reddit:

* Getting rid of X
I’ve been trying to use more keyboard and less mouse, and this is a pretty interesting look at an extreme solution. I’m planning on trying out i3 instead of metacity as my WM in Ubuntu, but I haven’t found the time to play around with it. Work has been busy so maybe not for a while.

* DNA as seen by a computer programmer
Basically if you are a computer programmer interested in how humans work, this is a really interesting/exciting look at the building blocks that make up life.

* Nerve cells from skin cells
One of my friends works on figuring out how stem cells turn into a specific type of nerve cell. The idea that spinal cord injuries may someday be a thing of the past is pretty exciting.

* Drones could be grounded
Defective software means drones miss a lot, maybe into innocent people. WTG USA!

* People forget that Obama cut taxes
It’s funny to me that there is this myth of Obama as a socialist president. He’s pretty moderate to conservative all things considered. I guess the rest of America is basically borderline fascist and so a moderate looks radical in comparison.


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  1. Mmm … I don’t think junk DNA is actually junk. Doesn’t that kind of kill the analogy?

    • Kit says:

      Not really, actually he addresses that in the post. The theory he presents is that the junk DNA is used for encoding transitions, though he describes the question as open ended.

      Besides even if he just said junk DNA was straight up junk, that’s really only a small part of the analogy.

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