Rolling back reform – the Republican war on the environment

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As part of their anti-environment agenda, the new Republican house has done a lot of wacky things from leading a witch hunt against climate scientists, to adding tons of riders to the new budget eliminating environmental protections. In a move reminiscent of the symbolic Freedom Fries maneuver, the Republican party has engaged in more cafeteria politicking, and has removed the biodegradable utensils and cups and returned to the plastic-ware of old. Choicest quote: “The new majority – plasticware is back.”

Luckily for normal people, there’s a new way to help the environment that can also make you money: Eco-ATMs are allowing people to exchange old electronics for cash. Bettering the planet will require innovation and forward thinking, not petroleum-based, landfill-clogging, old-fashioned styrofoam.

Bonus: States are also getting into the fun. Kentucky has declared itself an EPA sanctuary state, and Montana has proposed embracing global warming. Goodbye 20th century environmental recovery, hello 19th century destruction!


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