News to Clean Your Shoes

You know when the shits hit the fan? When Joe Scarborough, someone who attempts to be more smeary and conservative then his Fox News FUHRERS, denounces the policies of the NSA and George Bush amid the recent NSA-spy-on-every-American scandal. It also doesn’t help if you are easy prey, with new polls showing less than 30% approval ratings and thousands have died in Baghdad alone in the pastmonth.

In similar affairs, Salon has an expose on ‘The Rise of Christian Nationalism’. For further evidence, John McCain, once a staunch opponent of the proposed federal ban on gay marriage, has been moving further to the right to pander to the ultra-right that did not back his 2000 nomination.

In other news, people at the United Nations still they think they are important. This includes Kofi Annan, who has called for a ‘Green Energy Revolution’. This does not include turning bodies of victims of the Rwandan or Darfur genocide into carbon-based fuel.

Ever felt that politics is just a bunch of bull shit? Ever wonder if things get accomplished behind closed doors? The answer is no. And the NYTimes proved it (or at least antedotally!).

In the funny link of the day: it’s the Super Mario Brother! I hope he wasn’t looking for E3 passes (Mmm gliven). Part two of funny link: the Mohammed hamster dance!


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