Short & Made of Meat

Salon has an article about the image of women in media — specifically, being idiots.

“Some of the images currently being retailed to teens illuminate both how far young women have come, and how easy it still is to cling to, recycle and sell outmoded yet comfortable images of unthreatening femininity.”

And a couple of sentences later: “I chose “I Like It Like That,” mostly because the lipstick-application-cum-simulation-of-fellatio cover and a blurb promising “plenty of aprés-ski hot tub fun” Does this need any more explaining? These are the SEEDS YOU SOWED. The feminist movement went from hero to zero in approximately 40 years and there is no one to blame but females themselves.

A conservative talk show host printed an open letter apologizing for voting for George Bush. I’ll let him sum it up best:

Katrina, Harriet Myers, The Dubai Port Deal, skyrocketing gas prices, shrinking wages for working people, staggering debt, astronomical foreign debt, outsourcing, open borders, contempt for the opinion of the American people, the war on science, media manipulation, faith based initiatives, a cavalier attitude toward fundamental freedoms– this President has run the most arrogant and out-of-touch administration in my lifetime, perhaps, in any American’s lifetime.


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