The New York Times Chronicles The Life And Times Of Rich White People

Oh no! A white person was denied access to their local organic food co-op!!!! Praise be Allah, the New York Times was there to document the bourgeois tragedies that the ‘mainstream media’ refuse to acknowledge:

“You’re suspended,” the entrance worker at the Park Slope Food Coop announced as I swiped my membership card. Some entrance workers speak softly, but not this one. Worse, there were a dozen other shoppers within earshot.

Flushed, defeated and taken aback — I knew I owed the co-op some work, but I didn’t know I had been blacklisted — I slunk around the corner for a takeout burrito…

The Flatbush Food Coop in Brooklyn, where guests are allowed to shop without joining and members who don’t want to serve work hours can pay a slight markup for items — Park Slope has one of the stiffest work requirements: 2.75 hours every four weeks for each adult member of a household.

It also has some of the best bargains. The organic spinach that costs $2.97 at the co-op fetches $3.99 at the Whole Foods in Union Square; 17 ounces of Bionaturae Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil costs co-op members $7.80 and Whole Foods shoppers $13.99.

Can you imagine that? Being denied at your fucking local organic totally locally organic Park Slope organic co-op? Imagine the shame and ridicule — that guy must feel like the Pol Pot of the Brooklyn nouveau-aristocracy! Plus, cheerleading 8 years of neoconservatism just gets so tiresome.. you know, with all the manufacturing of evidence and statistics and so forth.

Anyway, long story short, everytime a quotidian tragedy of being rich and White in America is reported by the New York Times, an Iraqi child loses a limb.

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  1. steve says:

    oh the troubles of being rich and white

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