News to Make You Blue Blue Blue

Blah blah blah, I’m a typical black guy, here are some poorly laid out points about why I dislike George Bush. This doesn’t come up very short of being Kanye West’s ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ statement. He just managed to write it out, sort of.

You know what I think the answer is to a raising AIDS population? More abstinence programs, and cutting funding into providing condoms to third world countries.

Will Sharon’s new party help or hurt prospects of peace with Palestine? Short answer: No (?), Long Answer: It wasn’t going to happen anyway.

Catholicism: Rainbow free. Sorry homosexuals, I know you were very desparate to join the ranks of a failing, crumbling religion, but guess what? Too bad. Just try to become a punter on the Arizona Cardinals or something instead.

You could argue. You could campaign. You could vote. But any well informed economist will tell you that you’re wasting your time. And here is one that does.

Oh, and remember the idea of missle shield system? Well, a year of work from Meelosh and Yafgany made it worthless. Great.

And in one point of boring dribble, the worlds most ugly dog died. Only in America could something grosser than Julia Roberts become famous for no good reason.

One point of happiness: the Ukrainian’s celebrating the one year anniversary of the Orange Revolution. I’m happy to see Ukraine move away from Russia, the big drowsy bear that seems to like to fall on its neighbors.


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