The Best Jon Stewart Quotes Ever

Best Jon Stewart Quotes on America and the Macarena

Many would think that an American flipping to a comedy network to get their daily dose of current events would be a nadir in political progress and civic duty. But when that comedy network features the informed, rapier wit of Jon Stewart, a cultural low point quickly transforms into a nightly highlight on the Daily Show. From the tragedy of September 11th to the need to see Osama Bin Laden’s body, we can all learn a lot from the best Jon Stewart quotes ever:

Best Jon Stewart Quotes on September 11

Jon Stewart Quote On Bin Laden

Jon Stewart on a World of Religion

Best Jon Stewart Quotes Gay Rights

Jon Stewart on Christians in America

Jon Stewart on Mitt Romney

Jon Stewart On Reason and Religion


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  1. MarkmBha says:

    Great wit Jon!

  2. Umar Jamil says:

    Yeah! Nice Collection

  3. Leah Colson says:

    Some are good and some are not. Not a fan of Jon Stewart, but I do like some of the stuff he says, not so much the stuff on religion, however…

  4. Jason Scott says:

    I like the one about religion give hope to people in a world torn apart by religion

  5. bob says:

    What a joke thid guy is rich and he complains about wealth. Tells us that the we are the greatest generation? Really compaired to those that fought and died in ww2 then the survivors come back and turn this country into the greatest super power in the world and now their children are screwing it up. That includes John liberal democrat Stewart. This guy is just a wolf in sheep clothing for the democrats.

    • Paul Prince says:

      How are the children screwing it up? It’s the old, tired men in office that are completely out of touch with how the world operates.

    • Bob sucks. says:

      . This generation isn’t the children of the people that served in world war two. We’re more like the children of the generation that served in Vietnam. You might want to learn simple history and math before insulting anyone , bro.

    • Megan Brese says:

      and the children are the result of the parents that raised them. So really what generation is to blame?

    • Joey S says:

      The children are screwing it up?? The children are trying to repair the damage that past generations have done.

  6. Reminds me of lyrics to hit songs. Not so great when you read them. Jon will never become smaller by media piracy.

  7. Fudge says:

    Can no stand this loser of the loser people.

  8. Sam says:

    john is awesome

  9. Very impressive article. I have read each and every point
    and found it very interesting

  10. Jim says:

    Jon Stewart is one of the highest paid broadcasters…

  11. ReaganiteRepublican says:

    What tripe- only godless libs who like being told what they want to hear would possibly see any cleverness in this goofy left-wing hack

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