What Will Happen If Gay Marriage Is Legalized?

What Will Happen If Gay Marriage Is Legalized?

The terrible truth about what will happen if gay marriage is legalized in America. Hopefully this pie chart will clear up any confusion about the outcomes of legalizing gay marriage in America!


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  1. Not Afraid of SSM says:

    We will rapidly cease to use “gay” as a euphemism for homosexual once same sex marriages are widely accepted. I think that’s worth a piece of the pie.

  2. Edna says:

    You can’t stop love. You can’t just pick who you love.
    Why is your favorite color your favorite color? Who knows. You don’t need a reason, you just love it and that’s all that matters.

  3. jayde says:

    this is totally not true, gay marriage isn’t wrong. if a man can marry any woman why can’t he marry a man, or if a woman can marry any man she pleases’.. why can’t she marry another woman? gay people arn’t going to go away and not allowing them to marry isn’t going to make them straight. people need to grow up and cut the shit. guys’ think its ok for two girls’ to get it on but it’s not ok for two men..? it’s not right. people just need to learn to except other people for who they are, and not what the would like them to be. and if you don’t like it, then don’t look. simple as that. it’s as easy as your ABC’s don’t ya think. war is going to happen, not because of gay marriage but because mankind is crazy, there is no such thing as a perfectly sane person. i am personally gay myself, we have rights too. we are here and we are staying. just because we are attracted to the same sex doesn’t make us an alien. we are humans and every human is different. let us live.

    • jayde says:

      wow im an idiot haha! ignore almost everything i said, i was talking on the phone while writing this and i didnt pay attention to the chart.. till now haahahhaaha

  4. another point says:

    For everyone out there against homosexuality, you share the same view as Hitler.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice.! haha

  6. Back to Basics.... says:


    🙂 but it did leave out that divorces will increase as well, since gay couples can grow tired of each other just like straight couples do of each other when they fail at keeping each other’s interests outside of bed. Couples should be allowed the right to initiate marriage/civil union and have it recognized by the state. Reasoning? Why don’t you try seeing how you’d feel with your lover dying in the hospital and you can’t go to see them because you’re not a legal spouse or family. Allowing gay marriage allows homosexual couples the right to the benefits of marriage and the disadvantages as well. I mean why won’t the heterosexuals just allow us to suffer in marriage just like they do? Also, if marriage is so sacred, why not ban divorce and just tell people that once they’re married they’re screwed.


    Well, it’s because you, (well not you specifically), but christians, (since they are the United State’s majority religion), are using those beliefs to attack our existence. Wouldn’t you become defensive as well if someone was trying to convince you that you shouldn’t exist? Or that because of your sexual orientation, that you shouldn’t be treated in the same human respect? I remember attending a Private Catholic High school while not being Catholic, and attending mandatory theology classes. From which I learned that one of their 8 core beliefs was that if you didn’t believe in the christian god, that you would be damned to hell. Well… I’ll be damned if I get damned by someone I don’t believe in. So my question to my teacher was, “What gives mankind the right to think that they can damn people to hell?” “Is that not god’s decision and his decision alone?” So quit reciting verses at homosexuals or quoting the bible… that’s just annoying. God gave you free will, if you can’t freely think for yourself with your own words, then maybe you shouldn’t have free will either, because last I checked, religion is to guide thinking, not to do the thinking for you… so use your own words. And in words that christians may understand, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Sorry for contradicting myself, but I find it’s often useful to use people’s own words or defenses against them.


    … Well… why don’t you question yourself and ask if these things are of the same species? Homosexuals are still humans and we have feelings as well. And if you say animals have feelings and can show affection as well, then I repeat, are they the same species? Brothers and sisters, mother, father, son, daughter in any order….. put them together and yes they are the same species, yes they can love each other, and can they marry? Well… society frowns upon it, but they do have the ability to love each other and procreate. And apologies for going to the bible references again, but Adam and Eve were made and they gave birth to Cain and Abel…. Both sons…. So where did the other offspring to populate the earth come from after??? Now to address the young and old marrying each other… some people are twisted where they’d actually just do this type of marriage to gain some material goods after the older one dies, but have you ever thought that maybe the reason why some young people are attracted to older people is because they have a more mature mindset, thus making them become not attracted to people their own age? Girls are proven to mature faster than boys in mind and body, thus they normally are more attracted to guys who can think on their level or are as mature as they are, which is normally the age group older than them. Same goes for older and younger marriage… the attraction is because there’s a type you’re attracted to, you can’t help that you’re attracted to a certain type. Also goes for homosexuals and heterosexuals, you can’t help that you’re attracted to a certain type or that you’re attracted to the same or opposite sex.

    Fourth: A Little Fun thinking for you!

    From the studies of scientific evolutionists, homosexuals existed even in the caveman times. Why? The homosexual brothers didn’t have the desire to procreate, but they served a greater purpose, the continued existence of mankind. While the heterosexual brother would go hunting to feed the family, the homosexual brother would stay behind to care for the offspring of the brother and the brother’s wife/mate. The homosexual caveman brother would act as a mother in caring and nurturing the offspring, but still be strong enough to fight off any threat that would approach the offspring and protect them from harm, thus ensuring that they would be able to live and continue reproducing. So in other words, homosexuals are making sure you heterosexuals continue to live. Homosexuals even adopt the kids that the heteros create and toss away and raise them and nurture them to give them a chance at surviving in this world; just further ensuring mankind’s existence. Children born and not given touch, love, and affection are more likely to die than children who do receive these. An orphan would much rather be adopted by a gay couple than have to face the world alone.
    And HONESTLY… without all these gay designers… do you think you would have found your girl/wife to be so attractive without that hot seductress dress or those beautiful lingerie? If you don’t think homosexuals are keeping mankind’s existence alive, then just take away all the beautiful dresses, make-up, hairstyles, and slap some baggy sweat pants and baggy hoodies on all the women and you’ll see how fast the population declines…. LOL!!!


    …. First off, don’t you think we’re just as afraid of you as you are of us? Why do you think homosexuals take forever before they come out of the closet? It’s because we fear the persecution, the hatred, and the way society would view us and treat us. Do you think we would choose to be gay if we had to suffer all this torment? And when did you decide to be straight? This fear of facing all this hatred from the majority of the world is what is leading to all these suicides. It’s human nature to fear things we don’t understand… so why not EDUCATE yourself and take the time to understand homosexuals and walk in our shoes to understand why your intolerance would hurt us so. You’ll never know if your child will be born a homosexual either, and when that happens, what will you do then? Cut off your love as the parent? Deny them happiness, love, and the right to marry their partner? Would you not fight for your child? Who would your child turn to if they could not trust you, nor come out to you because they fear your rejection? These are hardships homosexuals must go through because the society does not accept us. And what if your intolerance is what leads to the death of your child?

    So why, you ask heterosexuals should teach their children to acknowledge homosexuality or tolerate it? Because you’ll never know when you’re intolerance will affect the people closest to you.


    I know from many of my friends that a lot of marriages ended because of modernizing times and since homosexuality is more open now, that husbands and wives are finally coming out to their spouses. Before now, homosexuality was so unacceptable that homosexuals actually forced themselves to marry an opposite sex and create a family because they feared persecution the community and society. I know many men who have children and finally just divorced because they finally came out; many being in their 40s, 50s, or even 60s. Majority who read this will think, that poor family being abandoned by their father/mother, husband/wife, but many won’t see the fact that that spouse had to live a lie their entire life in order to blend in with society and be accepted. Of course all of them still love their children, but they still can’t deny the part of themselves that desires to be with the same sex. I find it painful that they had to live such a great lie and how much relief they must have felt when they were finally able to be themselves and accept themselves as they are. All the homosexuals I know that have recently come out from a heterosexual marriage still care and support their children. So banning Same Sex Marriage won’t make homosexuality go away. You’ll never know if your partner is gay either. Homosexuals are great actors because in this intolerant U.S., we need it for survival.


    I believe our identity is one of our most valuable possessions. We don’t truly appreciate it until we’ve lost it or have it taken from us. Our identity is how we see ourselves, who we are, and how we distinguish ourselves from others, and it’s proof of our existence. Now imagine having your identity stolen and all your information taken away and you lose everything. This is the same feeling homosexuals feel when they have not come out to their loved ones. We fear losing everything, our family’s love, our friends, our jobs, and our relationships. We deny our own identity and hide it in order to blend in with what society views as acceptable and normal. We are at constant war with ourselves because we can’t accept ourselves and fear losing acceptance from our close friends and loved ones. This constant self-war is the result of society and community not accepting us, and the destruction of our identity leads many to sexual addiction or drug abuse, since homosexuals are frowned upon for showing affection in public or holding hands. We can’t function in a relationship until we learn to accept ourselves and this engraved portion of our identity called, homosexuality. Society always seems to show the extremities of gay culture, such as the drag queens and extremely flamboyant homosexuals, and then the major masculine leather homosexuals… but they never seem to show the normal homosexuals who are hard working who are not noticeable until you get to know them.
    So just like religion is a big portion of someone’s identity, so is homosexuality. And if the Christians deny homosexuals and damn them, then they make themselves no different from Pontius Pilate and the Romans who persecuted Christians and killed them, forcing them to pray underground or in secret. And I don’t think the crusades or Holy Wars were great justification for killing under god’s name.


    If you remove all this crap about laws, societal views, religion, and good versus evil, and go back to the basics… wouldn’t this heterosexuality and homosexuality be nonexistent and become purely instinct? There would be no difference between who we love and mate with, or who we are with; it would only be our instinct and it would be natural.


    There was once a time when humankind was so understanding and cooperative with each other that they all worked together and built a tower reaching high into the skies in hopes to unite the heavens with earth. God saw that man was becoming to confident and powerful, so he destroy the tower, scattered the people and made them all speak different tongues so that they would never understand each other and unite so strongly again. These issues are hindrances to the peaceful unity of humankind, and by not learning or not willing to learn about others and just allowing our prejudices to take over… we will never find peace as the same species.

    From a homosexual 23 year old.

  7. Zel says:

    Bananas are delicious. Thanks for the interesting comments to read.

  8. Logical Bystander says:

    /my children will think it’s O.K. to have homosexual relations.

    • Back to Basics.... says:

      If your child isn’t homosexual then you wouldn’t have to worry about it…. and if they are then…. refer to my post above and think about what you’d do. Homosexuals are born, not made….

    • -_-_-_-_-_ says:

      people have gay friends all the time, you not going to be able to pick your kidds friends, and 9 time out of 10 young people who are gay thier parents would be the last one to know anything. peronsally i know downlow dudues who have girlfriends thats really gay but uses females as over ups, i know guys who have gotten married and still married to women who have a gay boyfriend on the side. please dnt judge a book by its cover gay guys are everywhere just because you see it doesnt means it there

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  10. Random says:

    Actually, the terrorists would win.

  11. willymack says:

    What’ll happen if gays get married?
    The usual idiots will grumble for a while then say “what the hell; let ’em be as miserable as the rest of us” and all the controversy will be replaced by something equally silly.

    • Not a Biblical Issue says:

      The whole reason legalization of gay marriage is an issue is because of their tendency to have open sexual relationships. The majority of gay couples have sexual interactions with others outside of their relationships, furthermore their partners have full knowledge of it. The purpose for a monogamous marriage is to spend the rest of your life with the single individual you have promised to love and protect. If homosexuals were allowed to marry it would completely change the outlook and title of marriage solely because of their inability or unwillingness to enjoy only their partner. Marriage would soon become a useless tool which has no meaning.

      P.S. – I was reading your post “Just a normal Guy” and i was wondering if you could hear yourself when you spoke?

      • Jesse says:

        You’re joking…. right?

        I really hope so. It would be sad if someone that ignorant actually existed.

      • Religion sucks my D says:

        lmao did you really just generalize how homosexuals behave? Do you have ANY homosexual friends? They have a higher percentage of being faithful than heterosexual couples do. lol. You do realize how many “normal” couples cheat on each other? over 50% get divorced…..

        • Anonymous says:

          after reading all this shit I’m jus gonna say all homosexuals are wrong bc its not how we are physically designed. can you not see that? are you people fucking stupid like really? oh and to: “religion sucks my D,” I’ve got a friend who’s gay and she’s been cheated on multiple times. your “theory” is completely wrong. so go fuck yourself.

      • Comraderoger says:

        Stereotype much? Because, you know, heterosexuals never cheat on their spouses. Just ask Newt Gingrich.

        Oh, wait.

  12. docpatmac says:

    Yup, teh gays will be free to be as unhappy as all teh straights are, and to get divorced just as often, or less, or more, or whatever……which could actually become an issue for the LBGT community, but that’s on US, not on anyone else’s back. Gay marriage has been legal here in CT for a while now, and there hasn’t yet been a study done. What’s up with that Quinnapiac University? You study and poll every other God-damn thing in the universe, why not this in your home state?

  13. Paige says:

    Nice 😉 What’s sad, tho, is that people really believe plagues will erupt and kids will now learn to take it in the arse. Anyway. Go, gays! Get married!!

  14. I propose making the big blue pie chart the symbol for proponents of marriage equality. I envision T-shirts and bumper stickers and pins.

  15. fbc says:

    The two great recurring questions of humanity:

    1. What could it hurt?

    Followed quickly by:

    2. How could we have known?

    It’s not as if marriage is a fundamental shaping force and institution which predates history, or anything.

    Oh wait — it is!

    • Anonymous says:

      very smart 🙂

    • John Sinclair says:

      Not so smart. In the thousands of years marriage has been codified, there have been many iterations of its shape and form: harems and polygamy, Prima Nocta, arranged marriages, even the preference of aristocracy to breed with siblings and first cousins. Yes, such a fluid system has been “a fundamental shaping force and institution”. Mankind seems to screw right on through, perpetuating the species. A shame in some cases.

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  18. A JEW says:

    Some of these comments… I can’t tell if they’re trolling… or just stupid. Well, everyone’s making a big deal out of the Bible. I’m a Jew… so… I read the Torah. Yup. Anyway, if God and Jesus didn’t like gay people, there wouldn’t be any. Simple as that.

    • Shenanigans says:

      God and Jesus didn’t like thieves and liars, but somehow we got plenty of those running around.

      • Adam says:

        Richard DolanI find the point isinreettng that economists are afraid of mathematicians and physicists. My worst grade in graduate school (a C) was in an econometrics class where I had to repeatedly correct the prof’s solving of derivatives. I should have kept quiet, but had a mathematics degree, and couldn’t stand for him to make all those obvious mistakes.

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  20. Anonymous says:

    Marriage is not about sex! Marriage is to say, “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you create a deeper more personal relationship with me in which we devote all of our commitment to each other above everything else?” marriage has nothing to do with who you have sex with and who you don’t have sex with. People don’t get married because they are the most genetically suited to reproduce the most successful offspring. Whether or not two individuals can have a child does not determine whether they are eligible to get married.

  21. Cristina says:

    Brilliant. LOL 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    Ha. I love how people are arguing a funny joke. Just lighten up and enjoy the “graph”.

  23. Jay says:

    So gay people do believe in marriage?

  24. notfrank says:

    I resent this! Im gay and proud of it!

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  26. Mark says:

    If gay people get married, others will fight to legalize human-canine marriage. Then everyone will be having sex with dogs, and the human race will go extinct.

    Ah, religion.

    • Comraderoger says:

      Animals can’t give consent. Humans, on the other hand, can. See the difference?

  27. S says:

    It’s disgusting that the second homosexuals gained a trace of mainstream acceptance, you began marginalising other groups — like bisexuals and polygamists — when you are only a few decades past being considered a mental illness yourselves.

    It’s also laughable how you waged your war for acceptance by diluting heterosexual marriage, instead of insisting that your own cultural practices were just as legitimate and deserving of recognition.

    Just because you want to imagine that girls sharing “a bicycle built for two” or a couple guys barebacking are the same as impregnation, doesn’t actually make it the same.

    tl;dr: everyone is stupid, gays included.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The male homosexual population will ultimately fall into decline due to a lack of procreation. Fundamental religious zelots should embrace gay marriage as a way to rid the human species of homosexual genes.

    • Comraderoger says:

      Just how stupid are you? Really, I want to know.

      • John Sinclair says:

        It pretty clear, Comraderoger… noname is dumb as a hammer. There have been gay people for as many years as there have been straight people procreating. Millennia. The percentage of gay to straight has remained fairly consistent over the hundred-plus years it’s been scientifically studied. Apparently, that chicken/twit OP thinks that homosexuality will decline as soon as guys have a legal choice between male and female partners. What? Are all parents of gays locked in sham marriages. Gaiety was foisted on me by me mom and pop. Apparently, he/she/it thinks there is some simple genetic principle at work in the manufacture of gay folk. Not “hammer”. I’ll say instead he’s a black-hole of dumb — sucking all the intellect out of any room he walks into.

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. ansley says:

    i love that chart.

  31. Mark says:

    If gay marriage becomes legal, then people will want to marry their iPods.

    • Comraderoger says:

      While I love my iPhone, iPad and iPod Shuffle, they are incapable of giving consent so your comment is a logical fallacy.

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  33. All in all, if you have a problem with homosexuals, stop having them.
    Homosexuals would not exist without hetero-procreation. Further more you must have a pretty shit life if what goes on in a house, on the other side of a country affects your existence. Who died and gave you the right to say what can and cannot be done? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t god. You know all this fighting and these stupid arguments are so redundant. When you go to outer space and look back and see the world, this tiny little pathetic spec of galactic dust, all of this battling and waring on other human beings which are even smaller and less significant, is so redundant. Why should something so small matter? People here are talking about how men and women fit together so perfectly, and how marriage is designed for people who can reproduce, and so and so is so wrong. But what does it do to you? What if your child that you love so much, that you have had so many high hopes for comes out to you because they trust you? Will you turn your back? Does it not matter anymore that you child has achieved a masters degree or a doctorate, or even owns a firm and supports you and your significant other? We don’t tell you how to live your lives, so what divine gift have you been given that lets you decide how we go about ours? Ever thought that you are the ones who are the problems? Because of your narrow-mindedness and ignorant opinions people live in fear to be who they are! How f*cking wrong is that?! I am ashamed of how love can even be an issue, because that is being denied to homosexual couples. Not sex, because god knows you do not have to be married to have sex, which is how most people are born now-a-days; outside of wedlock. I shouldn’t even have to say homosexual couples! Couples! Because that is the definition of couple right? A pair of two things, not a man and a woman. As a matter of fact, a pair is usually used to describe two objects which are alike, therefore it is true to say that a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, are more of a pair or couple then a man and a woman would be. Now I know no one will probably have read this, and I really don’t care really, but I just cannot comprehend how people can be such ignoramuses, it has nothing to do with you so stay out of it. If i decide to marry another man because I love him, then f*ck you! It is not any of your business! Chances are that you wont even know about it! No, it wont open up a hole in the center of New York for demons to get loose and attack heterosexuals around the world, or crash your economy, or stop you from being able to have children and becoming infertile. But It might just save a child from poverty and being put into a horrible home and later possibly, becoming a mass murderer; it will make a bunch of people in my life extremely happy, and I definitely wont bother with people who want to hate on my happiness or relationship. Grow the hell up, and mind your damn selves and leave everyone else alone.

    -Age: 17; Nationality: Canadian; Sex: Male; Orientation: Doesn’t Matter.

    • Shenanigans says:

      That’s like saying if I have a problem with thieves, liars, and murderers I should stop having them. People need to take responsibility for their own illicit actions. If, “I was born this way,” is a cop out for sluts, it’s a cop out for gays too.

    • guest says:

      well said… what really more is there is say? I’m catholic and am in no way homosexual .. but despite my religion and my personal views I have tolerance for others whose religion or views differ, and in fact have a few homosexual friends… thats all you need really… to enjoy your views and opinions but understand that everyone else is entitled to do the same, and that their opinion might differ from yours but that is their right

    • One of God's followers says:

      If you fucking fagots say you’re just like straight people, then why do you try so hard to prove you’re different ? And when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, he did not tell all gay people to leave, he destroyed them too. Bible states “No 2 men shall lay together and enter the gates’. God’s Law not man’s. I have the right to raise my children and grandchildren how I choose, not the way forced by new changing laws of the gays.

      • What if one of your granchildren is gay?

      • Whataclevernamenot says:

        It also states you shouldn’t pierce or tattoo your skin. In the same part of the bible. For heaven’s sake, I hope no one in your family has earrings 🙂

      • Ben Magno says:

        God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of how they treated one another, especially the poor.
        Do you have the same hate toward cotton and polyester blends?
        How about eating shrimp?
        How about you get your own mythology right, and don’t pick and choose what justifies your own small mindedness.

  34. Dogbert Galliano says:

    Unfortunately the whole debate with regards to inter species and the whole sex argument was put into context this week in New York

    a 36 year old Manhattaner was arrested Tuesday evening, the accused who cannot be named for legal reasons was caught committing sexual acts with the cat while waiting for an east bound train appeared in the JC in Orange County, NY. The judge immediately threw the case out of court stating that it is nonsense as this would have been the first recorded event of an NYer putty something into a kitty

  35. Stephanie says:

    YAY more weddings!! I love wedding cake!

  36. Joe says:

    that chart is actually incorrect. The part about schools teaching children how to have gay sex, that will actually happen in sex education. They will be forced by political correctness to explain gay intercourse for men and dildos and fingering for women.

    • bamamazter says:

      you are stupid, they don’t teach sex education in school today. they teach not to have sex until you are in a committeed relationship or marriage.. really people they stopped teaching anything about sex in the late 1990’s as soon as the AIDS epidmic started going underground and people stopped dying everyday.
      as a gay parent of twin sons, you really get the stupid sign …….

  37. TOMM says:

    THIS IS SHITE !!!!!!!

  38. Dan says:

    Calling gay people married doesn’t make it marriage any more than calling a circle a square makes it angular. So, your “graph” is erroneous.

    • Comraderoger says:

      Why not? I fail to see why calling two men or two women who get a marriage license and then get married isn’t a marriage.

  39. AngryOak says:

    Where is the “homosexuality will be accepted as legitimate by society” piece of the pie?

  40. Shenanigans says:

    I like how a completely feasible outcome is worked in and associated with the other ludicrous outcomes. If gay marriage is socially acceptable, it’s only a matter of time before homosexuality is incorporated into sex education in schools (if it isn’t already).

  41. Anonymous says:

    All y’all are missing the real issue! Should marriage, to whomever, be a legal issue? It’s a sacred vow and doesn’t the Constitution stated that there is a separation between church and state? There should be no legal document of marriage, it is a sacred rite.

    • thenewguy223 says:

      The Episcopal Church has no problem with men marrying men and women marrying women. But yet gays cannot legally be married in Episcopal churches in many states. Why is this? It’s because gay marriage was outlawed. THAT is what interfering with church and state is. Not to mention atheists get married and people get married in courthouses too, not churches. You dumb hick

    • Ben Magno says:

      From a purely religious standpoint, if it were that, the church should have ultimate say. Marriage as a legal institution should be applied equally. Any legislation needs to be enacted fairly, not based on religion. Religion could be used to justify polygamy, same-race only marriage, you name it.

  42. Bi the Bi says:

    What about the bisexuals? Do they get to get married too?

  43. AUTUMN_LOWE says:


  44. guest says:

    dahaha shouldn’t schools teach you how to have gay sex anyway? they teach you how to have heterosexual sex (well they explain it) in the interests of health and safety… but wouldn’t that apply to gay sex, cause that carries heath and safety issues with it too

  45. Hey, idiots. No one is teaching children sexual techniques in sex ed classes, therefore they are not going to “learn how” to use dildos, fingering, et cetera even when  – not if-   homosexuality, bisexuality and everything in between become types of perfectly acceptable social norms. What kids learn in sex ed is how they can get pregnant and all the ways they can get STDs, via vaginal, oral, and anal sex which are all things that STRAIGHT PEOPLE DO TOO. The purpose of sex ed is teaching responsibility for your own health and the health of others, not demonstrating how to give a master BJ. Sexual orientation makes no difference in the way pregnancy and STDs occur.

  46. usabarb4u says:

    I suppose they would end up divorced like the 50% or more of Americans….which would generate jobs and income into society.

  47. Brenda Flynt says:

    everybody has the right to marry the one they love. same when the blacks and whites wanted to marry. now they are happy and nothing happened. so let gays marry

  48. Bob says:

    More Butt damage. ouch

  49. foodgrade says:

    The gay life is a standing wave. It’s a life style that is freely chosen. It’s a standing wave with people entering and leaving the lifestyle all the time. I’m working hard to push gay marriage through because I’m interested to see what effect binding legal contracts will have on this standing wave, but also because I can’t wait to see what the next demand from the gay community will be. There will be a demand. The gay life style is about attention, lots of attention so the demand will be calculated to offend as many people as possible while still being capable of being bought into legislation. I can’t wait to see the uproar.

  50. Warren Townsend says:

    An interesting take. Unfortunately it’s wrong. It assumes there must be terrible consequences for something to be wrong. To many people, gay people getting married is in itself the terrible consequence. What makes gay marriage insidious is that homosexuals have long been asking the government to stay out of their private lives, now they expect the country, and by extension all of it’s citizens to condone their behavior, when a large portion of the population feel that it is morally wrong. How would you like to be sold out by those who are supposed to represent you?

  51. Philo says:

    Happiness and love is not something that can be legislated
    into existence. Homosexual marriage won’t make gay couples happier. At the end
    of the day homosexuality is not accepted by most religions. An estimated 78.5%
    of the world’s population are religious. Gay couples will never get the
    satisfaction they are after because what they practice is sinful to the
    majority of the world. That’s why gay activists are so extreme and label anyone
    who does not support their lifestyle as haters. Homosexuals will always feel a
    void in their lives. Marriage is an illusion to them that will bring them happiness,
    but when that reality collapses it will make things worse for them. Based on
    these facts and other thoughts gay marriage should not be legislated.

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