Lazy People

Lazy People

The 113th Congress is the least productive Congress in history. And yet, they don’t advocate for cutting their own safety nets. Shocking.


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  1. GOD THE FATHER says:

    when I was a young boy, My uncle told Me that according to The Bible I could not bring Jesus to the earth because that would be saying that I was God. I never asked to be God. My uncle did tell Me that I was not living life according to God. he is now in purgatory, and wishing he had never said to his children that I was lazy and had no ambition and would never amount to anything, and I had no idea what God is, when I told him things he said that I would go to hell if I did not listen to him. his children told Me that he said for them not to listen to Me because i did not know the word of God, and Jesus would come back in the clouds. I had to wonder about that. what was he eating, and where did he go to relieve himself in the clouds. did anything fall from the clouds, or was He starving. so the best thing to do was to go Heaven and bring back GOD Himself so GOD could live on the earth forever with Jesus.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, your uncle also told you that “it’s my special popsicle that is nice to suck” and “it’s our little secret”

  2. GOD THE FATHER says:

    well jeb! if that were true, then pedophilia would be legal. if you were to die in prison, you will leave extremely pregnant.

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