A Quick History Of GOP Opposition

Republican Opposition

If you can’t afford to pay for your own meds, at least you can get high off your


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  1. Morrie Chamberlain says:

    This cartoon is so moronic. If I had invested my own money rather than giving to the government’s social security Ponzi scheme, I would have had a very sizeable retirement fund. Instead my money went to pay for all sorts of federal government inefficiencies and corruption and I will be lucky to get a few measly dollars in retirement – IF SS is still solvent. Medicare/Medicaid is nearly bankrupt and again one of the most inefficient corrupt/fraudulent federal programs around. Obamacare is already a distaster and it hasn’t even begun. Insurance premiums will rise dramatically (despite being told otherwise) and there will be a shortage of doctors as the more experienced doctors will retire early rather than put up with government mandates. Conservatism is not against new good ideas. It seeks to preserve what is good and incorporate new ideas when is makes sense. liberals are all about transforming the country into something new – usually at the expense of our freedoms and the prosperity of the country, all in the anme of fairness.

  2. cjeam says:

    They did pretty well on slavery, but that was a while ago.

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