The Ann Romney Retort Meme

Ann Romney On Bullshit

Mitt’s about as interesting as a bag of rocks, so it unfortunately looks like the most we’ll be having this election season is with his horse-dancing, FLOTUS in training spouse, Ann. Ah, well. Some of these are from Quick Meme, and others are our own.

Ann Romney On Raising Boys

Ann Romney On Entitlement

Ann Romney On Dressage

Ann Romney On Houses

Ann Romney On Spending

Ann Romney On Cleaning

Ann Romney On Campaigning

Ann Romney On FLOTUS


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  1. ak says:

    Jealous because her husband got off his ass and made something happen ? you pathetic little liberal low lives, get off your ass and make it happen, instead of blaming everything else on your apathy

    • It must be hard to fake it so hard when you are a working class moron who can only get a sense of social well being by sympathizing with the upper class as if you have any place or claims there or with them. It is ironic because I went to boarding school and went through all of the staples someone coming from a wealthy family does and my best recollections remind me that wealthy people (especially the political and social conservatives) HATE working class people and think they are sub-human. I suppose you must be a bit of a class masochist because you like us to ram our spite for you and your families so hard up your ass.

      I am liberal and wealthy. So are a lot of wealthy people. So, time to save up and pay towards getting a college degree. Your ignorance and lack of refined academic or mental skills show too greatly for you to be taken seriously. But, once you study for a few years and learn how to read literature other than NASCAR pamphlets you might start finding that people listen to you without the response of blowing you off and calling you less modern than a Spanish Inquisition.

      Just a thought. Bye, now.

      • ReeFungorio says:

        I love it when people like you make yourselves look stupid without any encouragement.

        • disqus_sASIZgCTww says:

          Really? Provide details for how I made myself “look stupid”.

          I love when people on the net make these types of comments. It makes me feel like I am observing an auditorium of people with learning disabilities struggling to cobble together questions to a lecturer they could not understand to being with. I am willing to bet you have no sound followup.

  2. truth says:

    your an asshole shes been battling a diagnosis with MS

  3. Adamant says:

    Ann was Mitt’s high-school-hand-job, which in the Mormon world gets you fast tracked to wife status. She deserves no sympathy for being sick, considering how Mitt and Ann disrespect regular working class people who are also sick. She likes to pretend that she has worked hard, but the memes don’t lie: Raising kids on a millionaire’s budget is not an achievement. Her biggest contribution to society is a dancing horse.

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