The Tea Party Writes The Constitution

The Tea Party Writes The Constitution

I must have missed that section of the US Constitution where Thomas Jefferson promised upper-class tax cuts and no religious buildings for brown people.

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  1. Chris Marisic says:

    I normally won’t be so direct in statements using my true name but I will here and proudly will say it absolutely with no hesitation, FUCK YOU.

    We support the US Constitution EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN, unlike most politicians that seek to subvert nearly every section of it for their wills. It is you hateful bigots that bring meaningless things such as race into the equation.

    • alec says:

      In my version of the Bible, Jesus blows up the Ground Zero mosque with a pipe bomb!!!!!!!!!1

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah but if you read it exactly how its written you do not account for say the internet who governs that? All I say is read James Madison the Father of the constitution. You would not need the supreme court and judicial review if the document was not meant to be read in the context of our day. It needs to grow with us thats why amendments are so hard to pass and frankly what makes it great. We have only amended the constitution 27 times (really 25 thank you prohibition) to make it work in our modern day. Also if you read the constitution with its amendment, the government has authority to tax and regulate interstate commerce. Which means that yes the government can tax your income and government can regulate business that is involved in trade across state lines.

      • Elephant says:

        I like your version better! Can we write in some midgets too?

      • toben says:

        Only problem is that Jesus is the second most important profit in the Quran

        • Anonymous says:

          Is your substitution of “profit” for “prophet” intentional? I can’t figure out whether or not you’re trying to be clever.

      • Anonymous says:

        yea. and in my version of south park osama and jesus look so alike the seals kill both, just to avoid the confusion for tp’rs

    • Jayson says:


      You could just politely disagree, but no, you had to do so with immaturity and profanity.


      • Bob McGhee says:

        Disagree POLITELY with an inflamatory cartoon?
        I normally won’t be so direct in statements using my true name but I will here and proudly will say it absolutely with no hesitation, FUCK YOU.

        We support the US Constitution EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN, unlike most politicians that seek to subvert nearly every section of it for their wills. It is you hateful bigots that bring meaningless things such as race into the equation.

        • theconlib says:

          This cartoon wouldn’t happen if tea party members weren’t hell bent on converting us all to jesus while making sure we don’t do it in the naughty place and help our rich friends get richer. You guys don’t ever wonder why the rally’s are only filled with straight white people? Does that represent America for you?

          • Joe says:

            You have obviously never been to one and are basing your judgement solely on what nbc has spoonfed you. Heres a tip:

            fyi Democrats founded the KKK if you want to play that game.

            • blackhat says:

              theconlib wasn’t taking about partisanship, he was talking about demographics. So it was democrats who started the KKK? So what? The point is–as much as some would prefer to downplay it, or outright deny it–Teabagger rallies (and yes, i’ve been to a few myself) are attended by an overwhelmingly white, Christian, heterosexual majority.

              i would argue that the cartoon is mostly accurate. Teabaggers share a lot in common with the Know-Nothings of yesteryear…

            • Anonymous says:

              …and Republicans got rid of slavery.

              But these are mere facts, which aren’t nearly as much fun as dull, unimaginative, predictable propaganda.

            • Farn says:

              The Republicans of today are nothing like the Republicans of the 1800s. With their pro traditional rhetoric, they would have wanted to keep slavery.

          • ian says:

            to be fair, the majority of americans are straight, white, and christian

      • Anon says:


        You could have let people figure it out on their own, but no, you had to play captain obvious.


    • Scott says:

      Did the cartoon hit a little too close to home for you?

    • Bob McGhee says:

      Thanks, Chris. I hope it’s ok if i recycle your comment as it’s exactly how I feel:

      I normally won’t be so direct in statements using my true name but I will here and proudly will say it absolutely with no hesitation, FUCK YOU.

      We support the US Constitution EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN, unlike most politicians that seek to subvert nearly every section of it for their wills. It is you hateful bigots that bring meaningless things such as race into the equation.

      • DC says:

        “I hope it’s ok if i recycle your comment”

        Well, of course… Tea Partiers always let someone else do their thinking for them.

    • Dave says:

      “We” is very broad and general statement, many teabaggers do want to repeal the 14’th amendment and many are racist bigots. So don’t pretend to speak for the entire group when you are clearly incorrect.

    • Tom says:

      More hateful bigots are to be found at a tea party rally than here, methinks. I’m sure you’re not one of them though, Constitutionman.

    • azryan says:

      The Constitution ‘EXACTLY’ as written was a compromise and far from complete. Hence the need for a Bill of Rights…and then that not being good enough to get the entire Southern HALF of the Nation to quit slavery or see women as equal to men, etc. we needed to KEEP adding more amendments to improve upon a Constitution that was revolutionary but still flawed (to make a ‘more perfect Union’).
      People make fun of these extremist Tea Party people because they want to see us all living off of immoral biblical-derived commands jammed together with a narrow-minded and backwards view of what America is.

    • Brandon says:

      Just to clarify, you think black people and indians are 3/5ths of a person then? That’s EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN.
      You support the power of the government “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;”
      You support dumping our current economy and going back to the gold standard or silver standard?
      You admit that no where in the constitution is “God” defined to be a Christian God?

      Didn’t think so.

      • Chris Marisic says:

        “Just to clarify, you think black people and indians are 3/5ths of a person then?” Amendments are part of the Constitution and have replaced this.

        “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;” What other purpose is there for a Federal government?

        “You support dumping our current economy and going back to the gold standard or silver standard?” Our currency should have never been removed from the gold standard to start with, so yes I support returning to it. The process would need to be done over an extended period of time (think decades) where our repurchasement of gold to back our currency will slowly devalue it. If we attempted to return it to outright it would cause a meteoric collapse due to how far out of line our levels of fiat currency have become.

        “You admit that no where in the constitution is “God” defined to be a Christian God?” Absolutely.

        • Bad Economist says:

          If we were to resume the gold standard, wouldn’t the massive purchase of gold drive up demand and therefore the cost? Having purchased gold at an inflated cost, will the price then drop when the rate of purchasing falls? Lending will be reduced so all forms of business growth will be curtailed without any means to loosen credit. Curbing credit may indeed be in our future, but I can’t imagine how the gold standard will be the solution.

          Take the name literally and correct me liberally.

        • Lay Learner says:

          Have you seen the price of gold lately? If we were tied to a gold standard, we would have runaway inflation.

    • Jeff says:

      Them and fox news.
      And the people at rallys…
      And Arizonans

    • hi chris. it’s evident from your comment that you clearly misinterpreted the meaning of this comic.
      please let me explain it to you.

      the illustration is not implying that members of the tea party do not support the constitution.
      it is simply suggesting that if members of the tea party were present at the time of the constitution’s writing (as this member is shown to be hovering over the shoulder of thomas jefferson),
      that their xenophobic and homophobic worldviews, combined with their now popular belief that the founders of the united states were predominantly pastors that embedded christian values in to the constitution, and their generally loud-mouthed uninhibited and predominantly hick hygiene and demeanor, would cause them to shamelessly suggest to jefferson that “we the people” be changed to, “hetero-sexual, non-immigrant, christian, white people.”

      do you get it now?

      basically, this comic is stating that you and your in-bred brethren blindly support the writing of, and fundamental beliefs held within the constitution, but are too dumb and socially backward to draw the parallels between what they actually mean and your twisted perspectives of the world around you.

      does that clear it up for you?

      maybe i need to further dilute the message in to words that you may be able to comprehend:
      it’s saying that you are dumb.

    • theconlib says:

      Then quit forcing your religious BS on the rest of us!!!

    • Sunny says:

      U just proved why ur clan is butt of jokes.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Constitution directly as written doesn’t allow a standing army, only state militias mustered for six month periods. So, by my reckoning, the Pentagon is unconstitutional, and Bush should’ve pulled all our troops out of Iraq in September of 2003.

    • Joebags says:

      Settle down Chris. Understand you’re yelling at a cartoon.
      Also notice which character is using all caps.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would you read the constitution EXACTLY as it was written in 1787. The year is 2010 and that means that we need to move past what the constitution explicitly says and start adopting it to the current times. Try not to forget that the people who wrote the constitution were immigrants themselves. Actually, we’re all anchor babies. How does that make you feel now?

    • danno says:

      if the tea party movement isn’t an expression of white anxiety, then what is it?

      -it’s not about the deficit because there was no tea party movement when the previous administration was passing trillion dollar tax cuts while starting two expensive wars.
      -it’s not about taxes because federal taxes haven’t gone up one cent since obama took office.
      -it’s not about healthcare spending, because medicare part d passed under (christ’s humble servant) george w. without a whimper of protest.
      -it’s not about constitutionality, because people were being jailed without trial and federal warrants didn’t matter for seven years after 9/11 with narry a tea party. health insurance isn’t considered to be commerce anyways, which is why it’s exempt from anti-trust laws.

      so what is it about? enlighten us. ..or just say FUCK YOU and add some sentences that don’t make sense and call it an argument.

  2. @ Chris says:

    This is why people don’t like the tea party. Right wing extremists bring hate and name calling to a whole new level.

  3. Trevor Smith says:

    Thomas Jefferson didn’t write the Constitution. In fact, he wasn’t even at the Constitutional Convention. He was out of the country at the time. James Madison played the key role in writing it.

    • Scott says:

      And neither one of them would ever want to be a part of the kind of stupidity, anti-intellectualism, hatred, xenophobia and bigotry that are cornerstones of the average teabagger’s mindset.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for clarifying that. I was just about to write something myself. TJ was in France at the time. His little buddy, James Madison, did quite a lot of the work.

  4. quadraginta says:

    the perfect straw man

  5. AlternatePersona says:

    When did the tea party say that? I don’t do parties, but this seems like a pretty bigoted to me. In a different direction than usual, but definitely bigoted.

  6. Yog-Sothoth says:

    Thomas Jefferson did not write the U.S. Constitution. He was in France while it was being drafted.

  7. malex says:

    I believe the cartoonist forgot that right-wingers *support* Prop. 8, not oppose it.

  8. Barrett says:

    Why does he have an anti-prop 8 pin on?

    Tea partiers have nothing against immigrants, but *illegal* immigrants. There’s quite a big difference.

    And what’s with the race card? Please show some evidence that there are any more racists in the tea party than there are anywhere else.

    Something tells me that the cartoonist doesn’t know anything about current events or politics. A few things tell me that, actually.

    • Anonymous says:

      All this crap (, this is just the tip of the iceberg though. Plus the godawful spelling. These kinds of photographs just make my computer smell. And please don’t try and convince me that these photos are somehow not representative – there’s just too many of them.

      • Barrett says:

        Well, many on your side have *admitted* to being liberal plants in tea party rallies. I’d bet that a large portion of the crazy signs are from liberal plants.

        And sorry, I’m going to say that they are not representative. The liberal media only shows you pictures that make the opposition look bad. When there are a lot of pictures to choose from, you can find a lot of dumb ones.

        • Jon says:

          Source Please?

          I have heard this comment before – but it is a plant put out by Fox News and Glenn Beck.

          There is no research anywhere nor confessions of “plants” in the numbers that you seem to think there are.

          Similar to how Fox and Beck said that there were 500,000 people at the Tea Party rally in DC, when and independent PROFESSIONAL LARGE GATHERING ANALYTIC COMPANY put the number at more like 80,000.

          Yet still, you believe you are in the majority in this country? And not just a retarded minority voice that happens to be loud because you like to whine stupidity and happen to be supported by FOX?

  9. Trevor says:

    When the Constitution was drafted, there was no income tax.

    I haven’t heard anyone identifying themselves as “Tea Party” members that advocate criminalizing the constriction of a mosque anywhere.

    The frantic pace with which liberals are trying to associate Tea Party conservatives with extremists is quite amusing. Liberal policies are failing the country. The house of cards is coming down. Even incumbent Republicans are trembling in fear.

    The belief that the Tea Party represents homophobic bigoted religious fanatics puts *you* in the minority. Americans know better than that and it’s showing at the polls.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…

    • Chris Marisic says:

      Well said.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go to the ‘value voters conference tomorrow. You’ll hear a couple speakers who have called for banning mosques and turning back legal immigrants whose religion doesn’t agree with theirs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Go be intolerant somewhere else. If you think that you’re going to make a revolutionary change in the polls by bringing other intolerant uneducated non-voters out to vote, you’re sorely mistaken.

  10. Pulsehead says:

    Umm… Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. James Madison wrote the US Constitution. Maybe you should learn your history before bashing people for not knowing their history.

    For full disclosure, I’m neither a Tea party supporter, nor a Tea party detractor.

  11. M says:

    HAH, the TeaBagger inadvertently supported gay marriage by saying “NO on 8”. The irony is, i’ve actually SEEN teabaggers who hated gays with a “no on 8” sticker and pins, because he thought 8 was PRO gay marriage. You gotta love ignorance.

    • Chuck says:

      No you haven’t. What you have seen, though, is a liberal draw a cartoon thinking that Prop 8 was the opposite of what it really was.

      Seems the ignorant one is on your side.

  12. Marshall says:

    LOL – the Tea baggers response sounds the same as normal…”F.U. – we’re always right, and you’re always wrong!”

    They sure love to hate!

    p.s. The comic is spot on.

    • Barrett says:

      Yep, the comic is totally spot on. Because Thomas Jefferson wrote the constitution, Tea Partiers are against prop 8, are racists, and are against all immigrants.

      Oh wait, none of that is true.

      • Rico says:

        First off, that IS James Madison in the cartoon. They ALL wore peri-wigs then.Second, Tea Partiers SHOULD be against Prop 8 IF they are TRUE conservatives who want government interference out of private lives, and Third, yeah, they SAY they are not against all immigrants, only illegal ones, but their actions speak louder than their words – local Tea-loonies have been seen baiting Hispanic folks who have been native to Texas for more generations that Texas has been a state.

        • Ted says:

          Those Hispanics must be pretty old to have been natives longer than Texas was a state.

        • Barrett says:

          You mean aside from the fact that it says Thomas Jefferson below it?

          Please tell me which actions show that tea partiers are against legal immigrants.

  13. Jahwarrior72 says:

    typical “liberal” stereotyping and generalizations. so sad.

    • Aaron says:

      I hope I’m not the only person who sees the irony in this statement…

      • Ashley says:

        Don’t worry Aaron, you’re not alone. 😉

        I think this particular comic would be funnier if it wasn’t so damn sad. Anybody know what Canada’s immigration laws are like? They certainly have room for a few more!

  14. === === popular today…

    yeah! this story has entered the popular today section on…

  15. Justin M says:

    Wow! I was gonna rip this cartoon a new one… then I realized the website is called Really all the good domains were taken I guess, let me get out here

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thomas Jefferson didn’t write the constitution. just sayin’.
    also its protestant white people.
    Catholics do not believe in the literal word of the bible so were are heathens. (i know some Texans and they told me as such, paraphrasing )

  17. jojo says:

    the premise of this cartoon is…..cartoonish

  18. Keith Lutton says:

    Wow, i mean this is just ignant.

  19. David S. says:

    What a moron. The media is always demonizing the tea party, but guess what? They don’t give a shit about your fucking democratic social issues. All they want is for the government (democrats) to stop spending. At least they’re getting off their asses and being proactive. Fucking socialists, free healthcare for everyone, free food for everyone, you won’t have to do anything for yourself ever again. A democrats dream.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re right. Why should we help the poor like your fucking tea-party bible tells us too. Obviously the rich are in need of the money most so they should get tax breaks while people that can’t pay taxes, probably because they couldn’t get hired by white, intolerant people like you, just rot and starve, right? Glad you’re such a revolutionary. Try reading the Declaration of Independence. Since you probably can’t find it, i’ll quote it for you “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” How do you feel now?

      • Ted says:

        You’re stupid. I like how you whine about rich people not paying taxes when they already pay a higher percent than everyone else.

        • Farn says:

          If you knew anything about the tax system, you’d know that the rich are currently paying much, much less in tax.

  20. Evan S says:

    You also missed that part of history class where they taught you that Thomas Jefferson was in France when the Constitution was drafted.

    But, of course, it’s the Tea Partiers and the Right in general who are the no-nothings.

  21. Tom says:

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen all day.

  22. Drall says:

    “I must have missed that section of the US Constitution where Thomas Jefferson promised upper-class tax cuts and no religious buildings for brown people.”

    Actually you missed the part where Governor Morris of Pennsylvania wrote the Constitution. Jefferson wrote the the Declaration of independence.

    I consider myself Tea Party.. and let me say I don’t agree with anything depicted in that cartoon. I think the Constitution is fine the way it is… and I”m tired of the politicians and talking heads (on Fox and CNN and MSNBC) making it read the way they want too.

    • Anonymous says:

      You missed the part where the constitution doesn’t say “there can be no income tax”, so the caption could read “Barack Obama”, or anyone else who didn’t write the constitution. Sorry you’re not smart enough to understand humor.

  23. adam says:

    amen to that chris

  24. X says:

    White Guilt? Check
    Stereotyping? Check
    Straw Man? Check

    Must be a liberal.

  25. Neutral says:

    Civilization will never advance unless those Christians that claim to love God and use him as a weapon against all things ‘icky’, realize that there are other methods of loving the all-mighty.

    Try Buddhism. They claim respect for all other religions and races.

    And actually, the word “Man” in early Rights documents meant “white man”. And the word ‘Man’ did not include ‘woman’.
    And two hundred years later, a ‘minority’ want to go back to that original slavery. Or maybe just go back to the Germans methods of ‘cleansing’ the population in World War two.

    Nice comic. Do a Google of the signs that people carry at the tea party rallies. Seems that many of those people don’t care about politics, but rather want to get rid of people who are not pure ‘white’ Christians.

  26. RJ says:

    Gee Chris I expected more from the morally upstanding intellectuals, of the tea party, that would rule us and tell us exactly what to believe.
    But F*** YOU? You have just shown your true colors or lack thereof.

  27. CB says:

    Well, at least he proved he was a tea-partier.

    AFAICT, ignorance is an inalienable right for them.

  28. Guantanimo says:

    I’ll be the person that drew this cartoon has never met a member of the Tea Party and asked about their views. I’m not a Tea Party member or support but this cartoon just smacks of ignorance and stupidity.

  29. Han Solo says:


    Not impressed with your childish slander of a few million people who just want a smaller government and more liberty, but continue to be charged with racism even though not a single shred of evidence has EVER been provided.

  30. Greg says:

    I Agree, F U!!!! All these naysayers have no clue what the tea party is about. Why don’t you look back at the 2008 presidential debates and listen to what Ron Paul said. He won every single debate, why???? because he brought up things the no one else dared to. Our “leaders” now a day, if you can call them that are exactly the same on each side of the isle. The argue and divide the sheep populace with petty differences on petty issues. They don’t even bring up the tough subjects because they are scared to actually change the status quo, and they don’t want to hurt the corporations that are throwing them money. Thats why this country is in such $h%t shape. Instead of standing up and looking into the tea part, or libertarian ideas, or anything other than the status quo, you idiots turn on your corporate controlled media who maintains the status quo and controls our congress and house and white house, and listen to them call these new threatening movements names. I’ve been to these rallies and there are black people, and Latinos and Asains, and White’s at these events. They are informed and they are a threat to the status quo, which scares the ruling class. They will lose their stranglehold very soon. They took us lightly in the beginning, and now we’re winning seats from the establishment. Why don’t you you actually do a little research sir, instead of drawing cartoons that make no sense if you actually knew what was going on. The movement is about person and civil rights and freedom. Unlike the current republican and democrats leadership who have both destroyed this country.

  31. Sean Reynolds says:

    I love this cartoon! Very clever. Only problem is that the Teabaggers *support* Prop 8. Just a minor detail.

  32. Ron Paul says:

    Ron Paul did kick major A$$ during those debates. Even when the other candidates tried to pin him down, he would come back and destroy them with actual logic and facts, instantly making them look like they had no clue what was going on. I think he would have been an awesome president. Maybe we’d be out of this recession by now. Of course, the establishment wouldn’t have allowed that.

  33. Robert says:

    Liberals can only attack people with stupid and ignorant things such as this cartoon, and this is because they have no leg to stand on when it comes to real issues. They will always lose the debate and this is because of their progressive way of thinking. Lets have people break federal law with no consequence just because they want their votes, But you will never hear them mention that these people are not payed a fair wage and if they were they wouldn’t be working these jobs americans would be.It is time for people who want to change the constitution or do not like what it has to say to leave and find out what they have here is precious. People have a rite not to want a mosque next to ground zero but they still have the rite to build it, But the people building it should take the families who lost loved one’s in 911 feeling into consideration. People love to bring race into everything nowadays and this is just a ruse to draw people’s attention away from their inadequate arguments. I am a second generation american who’s grandfather went to war to become a citizen so his future family could live here and prosper from the ideals of the american dream. So he did it the rite way not the wrong way and because of this I thive and prosper if he thumbed his nose at the system I probably would have ended up being a criminal and my point from this is that we live from and by example of others. This is all I have to say and if someone wants to ridicule me for it, so be it their argument is probably not worth listening to anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      So the fact that there was an Islamic Prayer room inside the actual buildings of the World Trade Center is different. There are already mosques and Islamic culture centers all around Ground Zero. That’s pretty bigoted saying that anyone that goes into a mosque is quite clearly a terrorist. Have you ever even met someone that practices Islam? Or did you just see a guy in a turban, run up to him and shout terrorist and run away? There are prayer rooms in airports too! does that mean that we’re giving terrorists places to gather before they attack us again? Quick lets get rid of all things that people have a right to build, such as places where they practice religion, just because the people that carried out such an attack were of such a religion. I think that it’s intolerant of people to allow Klan members to meet anywhere near somewhere a black person was lynched by the Klan. we should probably rip all those buildings down too just to be safe so no one has their feelings hurt

  34. Vald33zNutz says:

    I must have missed the section of the constitution that says you should only tax the rich and govt creates rights…eg. Obamacare.

  35. John says:

    I don’t like the TEA party because they’re way to short on actionable ideas, and I’m all for tolerance so I like this comic. Still, your implying that TJ wrote the Constitution (he wrote the Declaration). The comic would be better with Madison in the hotseat.

  36. to John says:

    The tea party is tolerant. Thats the point everyone here is trying to say. And for the actionable ideas… what have the democraps or repulicons brought to the table? Show me where the tea party isn’t tolerant. And if you show me 1 protestor at an event and try to tell me thats what the whole movement is about, I’ll show you 1000 on the other side of liberal’s or conservatives. The tea party has great ideas like cutting taxes, and keeping government small so the citizens who built this country, can continue building it. The democrats ideas consists of building government up so our country is strangled by red tape and the republicans are for selling the remaining parts of our country off to the corporations who are putting them into power. I don’t think you have listened to any ideas from the tea party, except for maybe what you’ve heard on the main stream media, who (let me remind you) is owned my these corportations who control republican and democrat and have a vested interest in them. Its really not that hard to understand people. Why would CNN, Fox, or MSNBC say anything good about the tea party? The tea party is against the way our current system is set up. These people are the ones in control… are they really going to give them any good publicity? Thats like us giving our enemies ammo to attack us with. Of course, whos the enemy in this situation?

  37. Alex says:

    Aren’t Tea-Partiers *for* Prop 8? Prop 8 banned gay marriage in the state of California…

    Obviously too late to fix the cartoon though, so I figured I’d correct it in the comments for you

  38. Andre says:

    I’m black and I’m atheist. Where’s my asinine drawing?

    Ignorant fuck.

  39. JLD says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
    – Mahatma Gandhi

    Obviously we’re in the second “laughing” phase of this.

    I read Digg for entertainment purposes and laugh at you leftist/statists who support the current welfare-state and dismiss the Tea Party movement. You so-called “liberals” always pull the race card when you’re out of legitimate arguments and facts.
    The Tea Party movement is long overdue and supported by more people than you’ll ever know. We are about the Constitution. We are about freedom. We are the quiet hard-working guy sitting right next to you and never mention politics. We’re the project managers, business owners, programmers, construction workers, and working moms who just go to work quietly each day and realize we’ve been sold a bag of lies by the government. The Tea Party is about the Constitution – not someone’s interpretation of it. It needs no interpretation.
    Keep underestimating us. Keep blindly falling in line with the socialist propaganda the colleges teach you.

    I’ve been laughing all the way to the bank (literally). Since moving my money overseas into gold (keep laughing) four years ago. They laughed at me then and are laughing today, but facts are facts. I’ve doubled my money.
    For you misinformed leftists, take a look at the price of gold today (all-time high). This is a direct result of government interference in an economy. Quantitative-easing = money printing = devaluing your paper dollars.
    Government is evil by nature and brings out the worst in people. Why would you trust your future to fools who are elected?
    You kids who subscribe to emotionally-based, fact less arguments are going to get your asses handed to you financially and morally.
    Grow up, learn about the way things actually work and you will profit and thrive.
    Alternatively, stick to your baseless name-calling and subsist on the handouts that the government rations to you. Maybe I’ll throw you a quarter when you’re in the streets begging.

    Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
    – George Washington

  40. Mike says:


    The point it that if you:
    1. Support withholding basic rights–i.e. marriage–from homosexuals…
    2. Are opposed to the community center near ground zero…
    and 3. Are against miranda rights under any circumstance…

    then you categorically DO NOT support the constitution as it’s written. And I’ll proudly say with absolutely no hesitation that this makes YOU a traitor.

    • Chris Marisic says:

      1. I don’t support government sanctioned marriage at all.
      2. I’m ethically opposed to the mosque built at ground zero however they are fully within their rights to build it.
      3. Miranda rights are only for citizens. Illegal immigrants nothing but the most basic rights afforded from international treaties, I’m not sure which treaty would be most applicable because I don’t care. Illegal immigrants are illegal immigrants. Same as terrorists are terrorists. The fact they choose to operate as a military without wearing uniforms mean they exclude themselves from a majority of protections afforded by the Geneva accords and similar treaties. Those rights are only granted to uniformed soldiers.

  41. Arnold says:

    What happened to the rest of the comments?

  42. Annette says:

    Why is everyone making the Mosque issue a racial issue. Simply put people oppose the Mosque being built near ground zero
    for reasons of decency. Is it that big a deal to find another spot? It would be like burying Hitler right next to a Synagogue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it is a big deal…since this is a supposedly “free” country (no thanks to Republicans and Teabaggers alike), they can buld a mosque wherever they damn well please, as per the first ammendment. And there was already a mosque at ground zero in one of the towers. How dare they build a mosque there!

    • Andrew says:

      Anything- anything at all- can be labeled indecent. I think it is indecent that the U.S. Army throws video game recruiting events for Boy Scouts who are minors. I also think that it is indecent for Christine O’Donnell to believe government has a place in peoples’ bedrooms. Where is the Tea Party’s passion for freedom when it comes to them staying the hell out of people’s personal lives? They’re a bunch of close-minded Baby Boomer zealots, many of whom (like Sharon Angle) live off the very government subsidies they rail against. They’re hypocrites and enthnocentrists.

    • Anonymous says:

      no it would be like refusing to build a church in a town that the KKK committed a crime. radicals do not represent a religion.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it would not be like burying Hitler next to a synagogue. Hitler was one person who was directly responsible for the death of six million people. Mosques, on the other hand, are places of worship for over a billion people, only 19 of whom killed anyone on 9-11. You can’t paint every Muslim with such a broad brush. If you persist in doing so, then let me point out that 30 million Native Americans were killed by Christians, but no one seems to get offended that formerly Native American lands are chock full of churches.

  43. Norma. says:

    I don’t get it:(

  44. John says:

    I really think most people of the tea party support the constitution completely. Thats the platform, Republicans are the ones that want to force religion on everyone. I think if people looked at what the tea party actually stood for they would agree, but all most people see are signs like “Obama is Hilter” and “Go bak to Kenya”. The media has successfully made a joke of the tea party, and fox news is making things even worse as they always do.

  45. bob smith says:

    Race a factor in the tea parties? Why would anyone think that?

    Because it’s really bizarre to find an all-white crowd of 100,000 in DC, one of the most diverse places on the planet. Is it just an accident that blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, etc. all forgot to attend?

  46. Anonymous says:

    i’m positive someone else has brought this up, but tea party people wouldn’t have an anti prop 8 pin. prop 8 is for banning gay marriage so being against it is in support of gay rights…but yeah nice comic. oh also Jefferson didn’t write the constitution. he wrote the declaration of independence.

  47. Principled Conservative says:

    @azryan said: “The Constitution ‘EXACTLY’ as written was a compromise and far from complete. Hence the need for a Bill of Rights…”

    The BoR are not to complete the Constitution. The Constitution as signed was complete. The BoR were added to emphasize and clarify the restrictions placed on the Federal Government by the Constitution. If you don’t know why the BoR were added you really shouldn’t be discussing the Constitution. For your edification and education the preamble to the BoR reads:

    “THE Conventions of a number of the States having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best insure the beneficent ends of its institution”

    • Principled Conservative says:

      That should read the Constitution as ratified, not as signed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you kidding? How can you call a document that was written over two hundred years ago complete? Sure it worked for the 1700s and the 1800s too probably, but that’s not where we are. To continue to lead a country based on rules set down 200 years ago is taking 200 steps backwards. Of course gay marriage is not written into the constitution, it wasn’t an issue then. Now it is. Simply not supporting something because it doesn’t show up in a 200 year old document is idiotic. The only constant in life is change my friend, and if you’re standing still, or worse, going backwards, you’re dead

  48. Joe says:

    Pathetic. True tea partiers from the Ron Paul school of thought are against ALL wars not declared by congress (which obama has expanded in afghanistan and pakistan), against the PATRIOT ACT (which obama expanded), against Guantanamo and all other secret prisons holding people without charges or trial (which obama has created more of), and FOR equal marriage for all (which obama has pussy footed on).

    Ron Paul also spoke in favor of the Mosques right to build and the obvious media attempt to divide and conquer using this and many other issues.

    The sheep have been fooled once again. I feel like I am in 1984.

  49. Romedog says:

    I guess this is a moderate Tea Bagger, he doesn’t support Prop 8.

  50. Frank says:

    First, Thomas Jefferson did not write the US Constitution and was not involved in the convention that created the US Constitution because he was in France. I support the limits the US Constitution put in the federal/national government and this is the most important thing we should be talking about.

  51. Robert says:

    Lets say I was running NPR and I hated hotdogs.

    I have a couple choices on ways to run my story. 1) I could make a story about why hotdogs are bad.

    2) I could make a story of why hotdogs are good, but have the spokes person be a NEO-NAZI.

    Sad day how fucking easy you people are to manipulated.

  52. Anonymous says:

    stupid post

  53. joeblow says:

    attacking the tea party on baseless grounds of being ‘racist’ is started to get old real fast…can’t you come up with real and formal arguments counter to their position??

    • Dan Castro says:

      Yea, just because there were posters of President Obama dressed to look like and African Witch Doctor and with a bone through his nose while no one at the podium said a word about it or the signs that compare the President to Hitler, yea nothing could possibly racist about a bunch of white people doing that while talking about “taking OUR country back”. Got news for you, we are are in this together as WE the people. This is not YOUR land, this is OUR land.

      • Joe says:

        People said Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch worse things about bush. But the race card was never pulled on them. Gee, I wonder why.

  54. James says:

    Haha thats the declaration he’s writing brah, not the constitution. Makes me wonder if you’ve ever read it. Typical Tea Party basher; well meaning, poorly informed.

  55. William Thomas says:

    Proof that people evoke an American history that they don’t even understand and change it to serve their own needs:
    1. In the bubble, the cartoonist seems to be confusing the famous line “that all men are created equal” which was written in the Declaration of Independence and nowhere mentioned in the Constitution.
    2. Thomas Jefferson in France during the Constitutional Convention serving in an ambassador capacity. James Madison is considered “the father of the Constitution” for his tremendous amount of input. Jefferson’s only contribution were letters to Madison and others to basically give them pep talks.

  56. Bwhite says:

    I do not support tax breaks for the rich just as well as I do not think they should be taxed high just because they are rich. “We hold these truths to be self evident all men are created equal” as such they should be taxed and treated equal. Why do we give things to some that do not support this nation but seem content to throw extra burden on anyone that excels!

  57. Pass d'Mayo says:

    Well, sure, Tea Party nutcases are about as rational as a cartoon duck on LSD, but where the hell do the liberal idiots got the idea that the people who lived in the 1700’s were hippies from the 1960’s?

    Slavery was legal back then, and blacks weren’t even considered human. Women weren’t allowed to vote, and their approval wasn’t required for them to get married (it was the father of the bride who decided who she would marry). Slaughtering the natives was viewed as a fun sport for all ages, and their views on the French and Spanish would make Rush Limbaugh look like a Care Bear. And where the hell do you idiots get the notion that homosexuality was OK back then?

    As much as it hurt your retarded liberal sensibilities, today’s Tea Partiers are much closer to the fathers of your country than you unwashed hippies will ever be. And clearly I don’t mean that as a complement to the Tea Partiers. I’m just pointing out the fact that just because Washington & Co. were slightly less troglodytic than some other groups of people in the world a that time, it doesn’t mean they weren’t a bunch of racist, anti-semitic a-holes who thought women were objects, blacks were animals and gays, indians and foreigners were only good for target practice.

  58. TegHardinAlvin says:

    You are 100% right, you did miss the things Thomas Jefferson promised in the U.S. Constitution. We all missed what Thomas Jefferson promised in the U.S. Constitution. But I think that this is mainly due to the fact that he was not a participant in the Constitutional Convention, was not a delegate, did not right it and did not sign it. The Scribe of the Constitution was James Madison. That being said, aside from all those pesky things I like to call “FACTS,” well, no, your caption is 100% wrong.

    None of our Founding Fathers said anything about income tax cuts at all. Income tax was not even legalized as part of the Constitution until 1913. Also, and feel free to check this, All the Founding Fathers were very religious people, so it would not take a very big mental leap to think that they thought of homosexuality as wrong.

    • Ed Darrell says:

      It may be useful to remember that one of the major failings of the Articles of Confederation, to be fixed by the Constitution, was the inability to tax at all.

      After the Revolutionary War, the economies of the 13 newly-independent colonies were ravaged by the inability of the Continental Congress to tax anything, to raise money to pay off the monetary debt owed to France, or to pay the soldiers in Washington’s army.

      We got the Constitution precisely to provide a taxing authority to pay the bills. Do Tea Partiers read history at all?

  59. mdogg says:

    i’m a tea partier and i really can’t relate to your cartoon. was it your intention to create some kind of joe twelve pack boogey man? i support the movement, thru campaign donations and attending rallies. i’m 35, white male, pro-choice, pro-gun, and married a black girl. we are both college educated (mba and ba in finance), 178k hh income. i’m an atheist, shes christian.

    our issues are not social. i could give a fuck about gays – marry them all. who cares? immigrants? fuckin’ love em’, gimme all the cheap labor i can get. i’m even pro-drug decriminalization. my concerns — and these are top of the list for most tea partiers — is the size and role of government, individual freedom, freedom in how you conduct business, lower taxes, and less gov’t spending. these are the core issues that unite us, even democrats (yes, there are democrat tea partiers).

    while social conservatives may want to latch on to the tea party, they do not represent the core of the movement. in my view this is largely a libertarian movement that is finally going mainstream. ever notice most people you meet like republican fiscal policy, but can’t vote for them b/c of the religious bullshit? likewise, most favor democrats policy on social issues (even abortion gets 70% favor-ability), but hate the way they want to regulate every detail of your life (salt intake, car you drive, healthcare). the tea party, at least the way i see it, would give you the best of both. laugh or ridicule me if you want, but i think you’re just whistling past the graveyard. we’ll find out come November.

    props to you on the cartoon, i just disagree with it characterization.

  60. Brad says:

    SHOCKER!! The Left cries racism. See a pattern yet?

    The Left’s only response to every issue to to label their opponent in some way in a childish attempt to discredit them instead of the actual issue itself. Racist. Homophobe. Bigot. Sexist.

    The Left is simply incapable of debating an issue on the merits of the facts.

    They have they social agendas and if you don’t want your money taken to pay for them, get ready to be labeled.

    What they don’t understand is that they’ve cried wolf one too many times. American’s who believe in the Constitution aren’t afraid of the labels anymore. The Tea Party is evidence that the silent majority is tired of being silent after years of bullying by the left.

    America is finally waking up and taking America back from these socialists.

    Hey black folks. How has that Left-wing socialist agenda worked out for ya? Generation after generation of blacks being shoved into government housing by the guilt-ridden Left. Hand out after hand out. A new Plantation state who’s occupants know little more than to look to another for support.

    The sooner all American’s of all colors get back to the fundamental values of hard work, self-sufficiency, small government and self-determination, the sooner the quality of life for all Americans will return.

  61. […] [Prose Before Hoes] Categories: Entertainment, Funny, Funny Pictures, Political Tags: Funny, picture, political […]

  62. Anonymous says:

    Why is it they always show our President with a sour look never pleasent and smiling?

  63. Anonymous says:

    Liberal propaganda, just look at how the “Tea Party” guy looks like a Nazi caricature of Die Juden… Liberal Nazis make me sick

  64. Neal says:

    “I normally won’t be so direct in statements using my true name but I will here and proudly will say it absolutely with no hesitation, FUCK YOU.

    We support the US Constitution EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN, unlike most politicians that seek to subvert nearly every section of it for their wills. It is you hateful bigots that bring meaningless things such as race into the equation.”

    You support calling African Americans 3/5 of a person, you support women not having the right to vote? really?

  65. Derek Young says:

    Someone else probably already said it and I’m too lazy to scroll all the way through, but Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. He wasn’t even in the country at the time. You are probably thinking of James Madison.

  66. […] The Tea Party writes the Constitution … a political cartoon. Published 09/18/2010 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Tags: cartoon, constitution, missed, mosque, thomas jefferson Amplify’d from […]

  67. Ed Darrell says:

    Um, this cartoon refers to the Constitution. Gouverner Morris would have been the guy writing the preamble — Jefferson was ambassador to France, in Paris at the time.

    Is the cartoon yours?

  68. paul c says:


  69. Sonny says:

    The reason why you missed the section in the Constitution in which Thomas Jefferon promised upper class tax cuts is because Thomas Jefferson didn’t write one word of the Constitution. He was in France. The Constitution did not specify a massive welfare state and class war policies (like the progressive income tax). You are thinking of the Communist Manifesto.

  70. danno says:

    if the tea party movement isn’t an expression of white anxiety, then what is it?

    -it’s not about the deficit because there was no tea party movement when the previous administration was passing trillion dollar tax cuts while starting two expensive wars.
    -it’s not about taxes because federal taxes haven’t gone up one cent since obama took office.
    -it’s not about healthcare spending, because medicare part d passed under (christ’s humble servant) george w. without a whimper of protest.
    -it’s not about constitutionality, because people were being jailed without trial and federal warrants didn’t matter for seven years after 9/11 with narry a tea party. health insurance isn’t considered to be commerce anyways, which is why it’s exempt from anti-trust laws.

    so what is it about? enlighten us. ..or just say FUCK YOU and add some sentences that don’t make sense and call it an argument.

  71. Dave says:

    This is the most idiotic drivel I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing. How does this represent the Tea Party? You know, there were more KKK members amongst the Democratic members of congress than there have been on the conservative side…

  72. Annoying Hairsplitter says:

    If the homophobic straw man in the above cartoon was against gay marriage, the button would read “YES to prop 8”. California Proposition 8 was a proposal (backed by the Mormons and other funnymentalists) to disallow marriage other than between a he-goat and she-goat… Those of us who believed that equal rights should also apply to gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals voted AGAINST prop 8.

    But it’s still funny… 🙂

  73. Anonymous says:

    I think the cartoon would have been better without the caption.

  74. Hittman says:

    Ah, the Race Card.

    You lose. Thanks for playing. But try not to bother the grownups again, OK?

  75. John Timberlake says:

    Man you people are ignorant. Have you ever tried talking to a tea partier? Funny, I just happen to be a Mexican-American tea partier – and as a matter of fact, the organization takes no stance on prop 7, supports the 14th amendment absolutely and has nothing to do with religion. I also happen to be an atheist and my best friend is gay. But don’t let reality ruin your worldview.

    If you would like to educate yourself; try reading something outside of your bubble:

    But because you won’t:

    Core Values

    * Fiscal Responsibility
    * Constitutionally Limited Government
    * Free Markets

    That’s all there is to it.

  76. Darin Larkin says:

    Jefferson did NOT write the Constitution. It was authored primarily by James Madison, who was a compromise between Jefferson’s anti-governmental philosophies and Hamilton’s greater-government stance. The way the document turned out, I’d say it was a perfect compromise Only brain dead zombies, aka Democrats would agree with what that cartoon was saying. True Tea Party supporters shroud themselves in the Constitution; not wipe their feet on it. Unlike the current POTUS.

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