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Victims of Marijuana Laws vs Victim of Marijuana comic


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  1. Phat Freddy Says says:

    that’s exorbitant – but if you smoke that much something’s gonna slip under the radar

  2. macguy says:

    The problem its the system, not justice.

  3. Andrew says:

    of course justice isn’t the problem…justice is an abstract, subjective idea fool.

  4. DreadHead says:


  5. Don Juan says:

    Gotta agree.

    What justice? Justice would be restitution for the crimes committed by cops against users.

  6. Woodticked says:

    I was pulled over in northern Michigan by the state terrorists, uhhh I mean Troopers. They found one joint on me. I hired a lawyer for $750.00 and was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail & fined $400.00. The FBI wanted my fingerprints on a national data base and I now have a permanent “NARCOTIC POSSESSION” on my record !! This was a 1st offense for pot possession!! WELCOME TO THE MACHINE !!

    • AlienMidKnight says:

      I was stopped with 10$ of hash, a friend with me had 2x 10$ piece of hash. I was found guilty of having 3 grams of hash and my friend with 3 grams of hash oil. I told my lawyer we didn’t want to plead guilty cause the cops hadn’t received the laboratory analysis, he said he would fix this up for us, and said we wanted to plead guilty and we each received unconditional release, I never knew unconditional release meant that I would have a criminal record for 9 years for possession of narcotics until I realized that I had to ask for a pardon, now days a pardon for unconditional sentence is automatic after 1 year. Thanks for screwing up my life, but that is what happens when we give the power to cops and lawyers. Now I grow for myself. What they really wanted to do is ruin my name. Well done, too bad I was so young and poor. Just so you know, you are not alone.

    • sam says:

      well your an idiot because michigan is decriminalized you joke

      • michael says:

        actually it isnt decriminalized.

      • LJM says:

        You should try to avoid calling someone an “idiot” while misspelling words and ignoring all rules of punctuation.

      • Anonymous says:

        all you guys who try to say that someone else on here is an idiot for sharing there experience go fuck yourselves

      • mikelist says:

        the very thing i’ve been grinding my teeth about. passage of a medical marijuana law IS NOT decriminalization, and the mmj card holds no weight at all if you are caught transporting it, even if only for your personal use.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah.. Michigan Troopers think they own the freckin state.. they are all cocky prickjobs… never got a ticket till I met a state trooper. Guess they have to pay forthemselves somehow…. junk.

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it quite hard to believe you were put in jail for thirty days for 1 joint. Youre not telling the whole story.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree. I put two Pasadena police officers in the hospital when I was 18 and I only got 7 days in Harris County Jail. Well, seven days in county, plus a $10,k fine, court costs, & restitution (had to pay to have one of the officer’s jaw wired back together), & 10 years probation. But this is Texas; I probably would have gotten a ‘lot’ more time if I’d got caught smoking a joint. COME ON! It’s a gateway drug! (And even though MJ isn’t “physically” addicting and alcohol and cigarettes are, they are not gateway drugs.) What marijuana needs is a Lobby! No way Pfizer, Jack Daniel, his cousin Jim Bean, Budweiser, or the Marlboro Men are going to let the Senators they OWN vote to pass any law legalizing a superior product Americans can grow in their back yards! You got a headache?! Don’t smoke a joint. Take a Tylenol! Not to mention the Billions of dollars the DEA and assorted “law enforcement” groups bring in for fighting the never-ending losing “War on Drugs”! Heck, those “heroes” would be out of work if we allowed people to put into their own bodies whatever they wanted to! God Bless America! STILL THINK YOU ARE FREE?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are = you’re

    • Anonymous says:

      Who made up the joke “To Protect & Serve”? That takes some dark sick twisted mind to come up with the idea to put that on police cars. Probably the same guy that came up with “Fair & Balanced” for Fox News! Genius

  7. Jonny says:

    Excellent cartoons. The “justice system” in America is so insane it’s just unbelievable to me that not everyone can see that. People are just so easily manipulated by “just say no” type propaganda. It’s fucking sad.

  8. The guy says:

    the second one is sad but true i mean really they shoyuld fine him the 3million so he wont do it again not oh well 50thousand is good yeah fine that just dont do it again

  9. Dessy says:

    Would you mind if we used your work on our website? 🙂

  10. alec says:

    Nope, go ahead! Just link back to us if you don’t mind. 🙂

  11. john q. says:

    In the future say, Judicial System not the Justice System.

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  13. robcobb70 says:

    The US prison system(slave work force source) thrives on the anti-drug laws while allowing the real crooks to go free.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Slave work force”? WTF? Where do you live, Mississippi? You been Working on the Chain Gang? Or is What We Have Here, is a Failure to Communicate. (Anybody old enough to know what that all means?)
      The prison system isn’t about a slave work force. They aren’t getting rich off of forcing the convicts to stamp out license plates. They are getting FILTHY RICH charging Uncle Sam (us) $30,k a pop per inmate. DO THE MATH! Then ask yourself why they keep building more prisons and what INCENTIVE they have to E V E R let a man, or woman, go home. And these “prisons” are privatized. Capitalism at its most horrifying. I’m sure the word “parole” is a punchline to many jokes among the Wackenhut Board of Directors. Would you, if you were a greedy, racist, elitist who didn’t care about anybody than yourself, do anything that might result in your $30,k a year meal ticket walking out the door? Or would you have, YOUR, guards and staff make damn sure that as many prisoners as possible failed to qualify for early release? Thus lining your pockets, allowing your wife to go to that spa while you take your side-dish to Vegas for the weekend? Hey, greed is good?

  14. SS says:

    This is just ridiculous. I am a victim of the “Justice” system’s Marijuana Laws and it is the dumbest thing ever. Even for being at the wrong place at the wrong time you have to pay $700 plus serve 24 hours of community service (which you’re paying for as part of the $700 fees) AND be on supervised probation for 12 months?? OUTRAGEOUS! Not only that but its hard enough to try to find a job WITHOUT a misdemeanor charge on your record, and with it you have to wait at least a year before anyone will consider you. Why should I be punished for the wrong doings of someone who abused me that I was trying to get away from? I want to know what kind of logic these people have so I can understand the way their tiny brains are trying to work.

    • SS says:

      OH! AND it was a possession of paraphernalia even….no substance to be had nor did i own any of it…..AND the police were called for domestic dispute because I went to pick up my stuff after having not lived in that home for over 24 hours…….AND i wasn’t on the lease……riddle me that batman…….

  15. Techni says:

    As a victim of marijuana, I find this offensive. Quit trying to deny the damage it does.

    • yonnie says:

      what damage?

    • LJM says:

      How are you a “victim of marijuana?”

      • PIMPIN says:

        i’m a victim of marijuana too. I’m constantly hungry, and I’m kinda immature. Aaaand I need lots of sleep.

    • Yeah, that’s you there in the comic, the one guy. The point is that for every one of you, there are thousands of people whose lives were ruined by for example being put in a jail cell with a murderer for 5 years.

      Get it now?

      There are also children whose caring parents were taken away and they were put in foster care, there are cops who were shot in meaningless turf wars that for alcohol would have been solved in court, there are needy people turned away by social services because the cost of the drug war has broken the budget, and many other examples of people who have been harmed by marijuana laws even though they themselves never smoked it at all.

      And there are people with chronic pain suffering for want of the world’s oldest and safest pain killer.

      So if you can take a moment to think about somebody other than yourself, you will see this editorial cartoon is trying to tell you the miserable truth.

      • Jbud says:

        Beautifully stated! I couldn’t agree more. I’m saving this comment in my list-of-quotes, and will be using it whenever people argue with me that weed is bad and should have even harder penalties

    • Zedge says:

      Yeah! what damage? spit it out, back it up, where did you go? people that make dumb ass statements and then disappear piss me off! Losers!

  16. Norm Hill says:

    That’s real

  17. GMac says:

    Nobody has ever died from weed but thousands die from Alcohol every year. Surely somethings wrong with legality

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  19. WeedFriend says:

    @ Sam,

    Marijuana is not decriminalized in Michigan. It is legalized for medicinal use. Decriminalized is a totally different thing.

  20. Robert says:

    I’m allergic to it. (vomiting and it triggers migraines)
    I don’t care if people keep it to themselves in their own home, but when it goes to public places (parks, the elevators, etc) you should be beat over the head with a baseball bat until you feel like it makes me feel.

    I’m not anti-pot, I’m anti-douchebag.
    If you smoke, keep it to yourself, it can, and does, hurt other people.

    • A says:

      Well said Robert. Great minds think alike.

    • LJM says:

      Not a lot of people are aware of such allergies, so I think it’s possible to smoke marijuana in a public place (like wearing perfume in a public place or cracking open peanuts in a public place or smoking tobacco in a public place) and not be a douchebag. Elevator: probably douchebag. Public park: probably not.

      • JPS says:

        If I enjoyed a personal habit of vommiting on myself (and everything near me), who would care? It’s perfectly harmless, and there should be no laws against it. The smell, the order, the disgusting noise … but it never harmed anyone.

        I would understand if you wanted me to avoid my personal habit in the elevator. And probably, if I did it in the park, close to you … close enough to get a little bit of bile on your shoe, you might be offended at that, too, eh?

        That’s what your pot smoke is to me, douchebag. Like Robert, I’m not anti-pot. I don’t mind you doing it in your own house (just as I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I vommited in every room of MY house). But let’s keep both of our personal habits confined to that, ok?

      • sam says:

        Im sorry mr.asthma, but weed opens up the airways, unlike tobacco which restricts them. do your godamn homework before spewing retarded propaganda.

        and to the person who said no to it in the parks? fuck off. its my world too, and ill smoke in godamn public places if i very well please.

  21. A says:

    Ok, before I go into this, I do want to say that I am fully supportive of drug legalization laws similar to the laws governing the use of alcohol – in other words, I believe that ALL drugs should be legal for possession with restrictions on where said drugs can be consumed.

    Having said that, as an asthmatic, I am greatly offended by the short sightedness of this comic. If I go near a lit marijuana cigarette, my lungs close up. I have actually had to go to ER because someone was smoking marijuana on the street.

    This comic implies that there are no victims of marijuana. That simply is not true. Like I said, I am fully in favor of legalization of not only marijuana, but of the possession of all drugs (including meth). While I choose not to partake in any illicit substances, I do not believe the government has any right to prohibit us from possession or use of said substances.

    • DW says:

      As an asthmatic, doesn’t that include all smoke including tobacco or wood smoke? If so then you are in fact a victim of smoke inhalation and not necessarily of marijuana itself. I think what the comic was truly trying to say is that marijuana as a substance is non-toxic and non-lethal (unlike alcohol which is extremely toxic). There are many ways to partake in marijuana and not all of them involve smoking it. All of them will however get you thrown in jail if you are caught.
      So to sum up, victims of marijuana- 1, victims of marijuana laws – 1000. I think it’s a good and fair comic.

  22. wikiBuddha says:

    These may be funny, but it’s still the reality we live in.

  23. These pictures explain everything wrong with our country

  24. Anonymous says:

    I have not personally had problems with the law when it comes to weed but, socciety’s overal view about weed is just ignorant. I’m in high school and I’ll get just a slap on the wrist if my parents catch me with cancerous cigs but, if I have weed that does not cause any health problems I get in a shit ton of trouble. It makes zero sense for weed to be illegal..

  25. DNA says:


  26. Jon says:

    Smoking pot kills 500 people a day but the liberal media doesn’t want you to know about that.

    • MrBurrows says:

      Can I see a source on that? No? Didn’t think so. Now shut up and either stop being a closed minded asshole, or politely remove yourself from the gene-pool.

    • anon... says:

      If Marijuana kills 500 people a day, that must also mean:
      the matrix is real
      clowns kill people

      our government believes this… but they don’t

      they really don’t. THE FDA (food and DRUG administration) does surveys of how many deaths various drugs cause a year. In their findings no deaths have EVER been reported. Even when the country was run by replublicans (which I am myself)

      • anon... says:

        tell me your not one of those people who smoke cigarrettes and drinks alcohol but won’t smoke some dro because it will make you crazy and will kill you.

  27. dan says:

    i just prefer heroin to be died

  28. Ann Waybourn says:

    Its really sad the way marijuana users are treated in the US. The justice system puts more people in jail for possession of minor amounts of marijuana than it does for those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol. What is also bad is that a conviction for possession of marijuana will bar you from obtaining public housing and grants for higher education. If you commit assault, you are not barred from either one. The ‘war on drugs’ has done nothing to curb the usage of marijuana. All it has done is created more poverty, homelessness and outrageous numbers of inmates.

  29. Terry G McKinney says:

    Every once in a while you stumble on to some real truth on the net.This has been one of them.

  30. This is more sad then funny. Can we PLEASE stop locking people up for possessing a piece of a plant????

  31. james says:

    wow thats just crazy…..cant believe it! what a joke

  32. Anonymous says:

    This may be an old comic but I love you!

  33. Shaun says:

    Don’t blame it one local authorities as they are just pawns in the giant political game. Everyone knows by now that marijuana is about as harmless as caffeine. It is natural and is from the planet. The medicinal usages are endless and also the fact that it way more harmless than alcohol overweigh the fact that it is helping people more than hurting? Why is Marijuana so bad? Because it changes your state of mind? Some people need the break. The same break they get from alcohol or any other head change. Not really really sure why Marijuana is deemed the devil?!?!? Someone please explain to me.

    • Kris A says:

      Marijuana has been deemed evil ever since William Hearst helped run a smear campaign against pot in the late 1930’s . His smear campaign tried to directly link marijuana and hemp to the devil.
      Hearst supposedly also had an large interest in timber, hemp’s main competitor.

      Do a little research on “William Randolph Hearst”.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well known fact. But thanks for pointing it out. Americans today act as if it is perfectly logical to have some recreational drugs such as alcohol legal while less harmful drugs such as marijuana will get you a criminal record. They seem to think the laws we have today came down off the mountain with Jesus just after he got voted off the island and must not be challenged. But even if Americans really wanted to legalize drugs less harmful than tobacco and alcohol such as marijuana it couldn’t happen. At least not until Pfizer figures out a way to corner the marijuana market.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the worst part is the fact that probably upwards of 99% of men arrested, charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned for possession of marijuana, have all of this done to them by equal or lesser men who are hopelessly addicted to cigarettes AND alcohol! It’s so ironic someone should learn the meaning of the word irony and then write a song about it! (Notice I didn’t even mention that those same ‘men’ treat the law like a book of suggestions in their own lives. It would be funny if it weren’t so freaking wrong. Al Capone is a dashing anti-hero who has had movies made about his life and exploits but T-Dog in Palm Island Apartments is Public Enemy #1 for selling a dime bag or two. What’s so insulting is they don’t even try to provide the illusion that any or this is fair or makes sense.

  35. Anonymous says:

    just because you dont agree with someone doesnt mean we have to get all butt hurt online, leave your opinion out and throw the facts in, play nice!

  36. Ethan says:

    So true

  37. JLinTx says:

    Anybody know the annual budget of the DEA? How much do we pay Wachenhut to store our black guys? And what would we do with them if we released all the non-violent ‘possession’ offenders? In other words the crime of being black and poor.

  38. JLinTx says:

    Amen to post 63. My father was a 30 year Houston police officer and for most of those years an abusive alcoholic and or addicted to perscription drugs. The latter of which has put him in the hospital twice in the last three months and will kill him soon. I can’t tell you how many times he got off for DUI (drugs or alcohol) because he “used” to be a cop. Last time he missed the turn on his way home and ended up in a city 60 miles Southwest of Houston. The police there put him up in a Holiday Inn to sleep it off till morning.

  39. Pablo says:

    Marijuana kills even if you smoke once…


  40. brandon says:

    amen to that brother

  41. hater says:

    take that potheads!

  42. emilykw says:

    I think maybe the best way to avoid getting fined for drugs it to maybe just not use or have them….

  43. William says:

    Sums up all my thoughts on the subject…perfectly!

  44. john williamson says:

    hi i really like the cartoons for the humor and the sense that they make esspecially the first one. yeah i hate to say it but my life has really been put in shambles as a result of being arrested for marijuana. i got my first felony charge when i was growing a seven inch plant with two sets of leaves at the top in a closet in my house.i was growing it myself to make sure it was completly safe for personal use. when i was away from home one day working my landlord decided to go inside my house and search through my belongings. he finds a my plant and calls the police. when i return home from a good hatd days work i find about four police officials with a special investigations unit in my yard. apparently in the state of north carolina landlords can legally waltz in to your house without your conseant wnvr they plz when i always was under the impression it was against the law but in any event its not and im thrown in jail with a maintaining a medium for the manufacture of marijuana FELONY. when i went to court i plead to a deal of completing a exstensive drug court program that was a full time time job for a year and if i successfully completed the program my charges would all be dismissed. so i say fair enough and although the program was torture and hell i put up with it, did well and completed it after a year well when i finished everyone clapped and they gave me a certifacate but didnt drop tne charges in fact the felony remains on my record to this day and will for the rest of my life. eversince this getting a job and feeling human has been a challenge. this is a very sincere and true story….

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