How The Internet Has Responded To The Shutdown

America Shutdown

In a move so moronic that it doesn’t even qualify as evil, the current House GOP has finally done it: they’ve “shut down” the federal government. Pay no mind to the fact that the most important aspects of the Affordable Care Act were implemented regardless, or that 800,000 Americans–you know, the blue collar sort about which the GOP claims to care soooo much–don’t know when they’re going to receive their next paycheck. Or that, well, less than 24 hours in, popular favor has already shifted toward Democrats for upcoming 2014 elections and that the ACA website has been swamped with traffic. Pay no mind to any of that. That’s just reality. Anyway, a tiny faction of the Republican Party is that much closer to unleashing their ideological fantasy on the country, and in their eyes–regardless of the consequences–it’s a success. The Internet, however, begs to differ.

Shutdown House Of Turds

Shutdown Nic Cage

Shutdown Tea Party Dems

Shutdown Congress

Shutdown Broken Watch

Shutdown Boehner Fox

Shutdown Switch

Shutdown Orange

Shutdown Open

Shutdown NSA

Shutdown North Korea

Shutdown Loss

Shutdown Drones


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  1. LanceThruster says:

    My embarrassment over the worldwide image of a dysfunctional US government is total.

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