The Message Of Occupy Wall Street

The Message Of Occupy Wall Street Political Cartoon


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  1. Motherfucker Jones says:

    This is a ridiculous, the gist of the “occupy wall street” campaign is a bunch of fucking college medieval literature majors whining about how they cant get a job because they wouldn’t buckle down and work hard in college. Crucify me and call me a Republican (irony for those who cant read), but i also hate the Hampton CEO club who stole about 25k from my grandma. Why am i even commenting here you may be asking? because Prosbeforehos needs to fucking balance out their bleeding liberal horseshit with some good opinionated writing. This site is Glenn Back dressed in Blue.

    • Dolemite says:

      Your grammar is shit sir.

      • John H. says:

        His grammar is shit and he stole his user name from a third rate comedy film. I’m guessing he doesn’t have an original thought in that little brain of his.

        • Misguided says:

          Okay, not defending Mr America up there but no need to take this out on the character Motherfucker Jones. He’s hilarious! Oh booo elitist bs.

          • Anonymous says:

            Clearly you haven’t been down there. Its not a bunch of “elitist bs” its people from all different walks of life amking a difference and it’s meaningful and powerful and it is the way we can change the horrible shit thats going down you ignorant dumbass

      • JM says:

        You really ought to have a comma after shit, as in, “Your grammar is shit, sir.” 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      M.J., have you talked to any of the people of OWS? They’re not just from one group of people and don’t only consists of the Left. We all got screwed over by the Wall Street gang, but there are still some of us who are unaware as to how. Apparently you are one of those people and seriously need to educate yourself on the matter. A good place to start, watch “The Inside Job”.

    • PG says:

      Oh they know what they’re protesting…

    • Matt says:

      The difference between this and Fox News is that Prosebeforehos doesn’t pretend to be equally representative of both sides whereas Fox’s slogan is “Fair and Balanced”. It’s okay to only report liberal news, so long as you make that clear that that is what you are doing, which I think they do.

    • Last Hobo says:

      Man….It’s depressing that folks would lower themselves to answering this Mother…..F…. thing that calls itself a person…oh…sorry MotherFuckerJones yeah, a proper name for a monkey calling itself a person…..

      It boggles the mind that there are those who cannot hold a newspaper…even with the aid of their tails…long enough to discover that we are being robbed blind by our own government’s support of corporate greed and bail-out, and off-shore address to avoid taxes…and…
      Well, you get the point….or not….

      There are no jobs you motherfucking consummate idiot.
      I hate resorting to name-calling, but, unfortunately it does enrage the monkeys in their self-imposed cages. And that’s really fun to watch…..
      So I allow myself that little indulgence.

      Can we even begin to address the the changing of the laws that once protected us from illegal methods of corporate thievery? Is this really OK with the monkey?

      Ye,s it probably is, because he ENJOYS his job of throwing shit through the bars of his cage.

    • alec says:

      College medieval literature majors? Sounds like a job for… Hipster Barista.

    • Josh says:

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Volklman says:

      You’re right (punny). This comic is worthless because it is not in line with your political perspective.

    • Confused Liberal says:

      Seriously, I completely agree with Motherfucker Jones. After 1 trip up to Occupy DC in the hopes of being able to express my disappointment with the increasing disparity between the super rich and the middle class, I was severely… underwhelmed. What I found was a large circle of 50-60 year olds sitting together in a sort of pow-wow discussing everything from the war in Iraq to ancient alien civilizations. I’m tired of Occupy Wallstreet playing the part of posterboy for liberalism in the United States. As of right now, It’s a campground where people can sit and whine about everything they hate about the world. Until they come up with a more cohesive message that doesn’t sound something like “destroy governments and capitalism,” they will only at as an embarrassing misrepresentation of the American public. And please criticize my grammar…. It builds character.

    • Gingerbeard says:

      Then just stop reading this site.

    • Gingerbeard says:


      You conservative asswipe.

  2. joshua says:

    What a great depiction.

  3. Steve says:

    The OWs are the future of this country. I hope!

  4. Irreducible Contrarian says:

    Like any other movement, OWS has its share of people that don’t really know why they are there other than that they are struggling to make ends meet without any hope for the future. However, to say that the majority of people in the OWS movement have no clear goals would be false. The idea behind the movement is that unequal wealth distribution halts market growth, puts downward pressure on jobs and income, and further degrades the protections that were put in place to protect us from these types of market shocks. The core of these protests is a desire to redistribute income based on need, build and maintain a strong public sector with nationalized industries, and a clear plan for the future with clearing up tax loopholes and incentives to the wealthiest among us.

  5. Bluecollar Jim says:

    I know what they are protesting. Like me, they are still waiting for the money to “trickle down” like Reagan swore it would when he starting cutting taxes for the super wealthy and deregulating EVERYTHING!

    • Not American says:

      I like that song about him though, ‘drug store truck drivin man’. Not really i any position to comment about all this 99% stuff but it’s a good idea from what I know. You should still look on the bright side though, your better off than most people. Oh wow it’s midday over there isn’t it? I should probably sleep.

  6. Anonymous says:

    motherfucker jones,
    i think if you had gone to college, you’d find that it doesn’t matter how HARD you work. Effort means nothing, only results (i.e. the degree) counts.


  7. Amy says:

    let me start with this. i think the world ending in 2012 is simply going to be a major change in what we know, believe. and i think we’re in the middle of that RIGHT NOW.

    the economy sucks because it’s impossible to fix with banks sitting on the country’s money. if they won’t put the money they get back into circulation by giving people loans to start businesses, buy a house, etc., then how can the economy get any better?

    i read one article about OWS where it said Obama was supporting the protesters. I feel as if this economic crisis thing is above Obama and a lot of people are still expecting him to solve it.

    we’re not much of a democracy anymore honestly. our country is ran by corporations. corporations who obviously have become exceedingly greedy and too cautious.

    on another note, i would love to be in NY protesting outside wall street. OWS KNOWS what they’re protesting. the american dream is literally just a dream these days and i’m so glad to see the people standing up to the corporations. it’s inspiring.

    • The one with sense. says:

      I agree with Motherfucker Jones, not to a complete extent, but agree more than what you people seem to think is going on…

      One thing to put straight, you obviously aren’t looking hard enough for jobs if you can spend your time scouring this site. If you are spending time not looking for a job then that’s your fault.

      Fact is, this generation got lazy. We have too many choices and distractions and freedom. it wasn’t like that back in the day. If Mom kicked you out by 18 and you didn’t do jack shit, you was homeless.
      Nowadays, in the same scenario, you get job seeker’s allowance, disability benefits for your fucking “skivitis” and can live comfortably without moving a finger.

      Don’t give anyone shit that there is no jobs about, anyone who says that went up their local high street and probably handed in 10 CV’s within a half mile radius. Well unfortunately, that is called being a lazy cunt.

      And, what is this about effort get you nowhere, only degrees get you somewhere? Every employer knows for FACT that they would rather have someone with all the effort and optimism they need from someone with no degree, over someone who got a fucking “Art & Design” bullshit degree and did nothing except learn how to increase their alcohol drinking limit.

      College is as Motherfucking Jones said, a dead zone nowadays. Anyone can get in, you don’t need shit to get in, and you can do all these fancy degrees like “Art” and “Book Studies” which in hindsight to when you need a job, won’t get you anywhere. I mean, for god’s sake, you can get a degree in “Harry Potter” studies nowadays. I went to College, and I know this from personal experience.

      I now work in my own business, which is actually blooming. I started it when I realised how fucking dumb and lazy and stupid everyone was around me studying their alcohol limits more than their degree about paint and needed to get out, and therefore dropped out. I realise that making an effort and wanting to be successful is all I needed and bit of the good ‘ol will power.

      Thing is, we are all too lazy, and everyone feels like they have these special “rights” to shout out and blame other people for our own stupid choices. And to be honest, it’s not your fault. You’ve been brought into a world with TOO MUCH choice. Unfortunately, when we get too much freedom of speech however, we start to blame the bigger man for things because we can. Time to get your life sorted folks.

      I am not responsible for any grammatical mistakes and I also don’t give a flying fuck whether there are some or not.


      • Naresomez says:

        Just going to point something out, not making a big deal/argument out of anything, but it’s highly unlikely that, in a given area (state, county, province ect.) there are enough jobs for every healthy work-able individual. Yes, there ARE lazy cunts out there that put little effort into finding jobs, but sometimes, there’s nary a job to be found, at least for those with low qualifications. Tim Hortons and McDonalds can only employ so many.
        “Get a fuckdarn’d education then!”
        (Not always an option)

        • mitch says:

          siggghhhhh, yeah we are lazy and over privileged. boooy workin so hard really let your generation steer us in the right direction! thanks to cunts from your generation, we are in this big economic mess. so thanks again! you’re generation absolutely failed your children not just in the economy, but with the environment and social issues as well! great job!!

      • Taylor says:

        I love common sense! seriously people, stop complaining. I f you are unhappy with the government here, you can go live in a country where all the citizens are starving or being killed for no reason.

        I agree with everything you just said!

  8. JM says:

    Oh, rather a lot of the people know what they’re protesting, but there are hangers-on that go down and join in to protest for their own, separate causes. If you go down there and ask what they’re protesting, a lot will say what Occupy Wall Street is really about, but others will cite different reasons for being there. And there are a lot of people who go down to show support without even entirely knowing what they’re supporting, just knowing that it’s something good that they ought to agree with.
    Obviously the majority are intelligent and know what they’re doing, but there are a lot of ignorant people mixed in with them, and if you inadvertently talk to all the wrong people, you can get quite a different impression of the movement.

  9. Sarah says:

    I am so fucking sick of people saying “This generation is so lazy! They need to get off their asses and get jobs! I worked my way all through college and didn’t expect anything from others!” You know what? There are lazy people in every generation, not just mine. It doesn’t help that not everyone belongs in college to begin with, but you have to go because you’ll never get a job that pays decent money if you don’t go. It doesn’t help when people from the generation who raised us can’t acknowledge that some members of my generation are lazy and self absorbed because they raised their own children that way. It doesn’t help when you do your best, work your way through college, get a degree, and still can’t find a job. You think that calling the members of OWS lazy bastards who need to get a job is going to change anything? The only reason I’m not down there myself is because I have to GO TO WORK AND GO TO SCHOOL. It doesn’t change the fact I’m still getting screwed over just because my parents aren’t billionaires. We do not need to be fighting amongst ourselves, that won’t accomplish anything. Maybe you don’t like the OWS movement, then do something constructive to change things, instead of complaining about others that are trying to. So until I have some time between school and work to go change things in my city as best I can.

  10. Zach says:

    Love this.

  11. Aaron says:

    There are so many topics being protested in this movement because there is so much SHIT going on in our government!

  12. Palmer88 says:

    The Mussolini thing is actually a fake quote, and that’s not Fascism anyways. That’s corporatism.

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