When There’s Money To Be Made, Public Education Will Be Fixed

Fixing Education

Let public school system administrators cozy up with private test companies, have ’em set some unreasonably high standards for aid that teachers–especially in impoverished districts–can never reach, and as you make your way to the bank lament the laziness inherent in today’s public school teachers. It’s brilliant.


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  1. GOD THE FATHER says:

    on the way i stopped in at the black bear diner. while listening to some simon, and garfunkel songs and preparing my thoughts, and benny just went bonkers. when i got up to leave and looked at the taxes on the ticket, i went, holeeey cow!
    any way, the oak tree was cut down, and a road was built only a few feet away from the site where i saw what thought was my son with other men around him near where the road is now. sents mom won’t tell me what he really looks like they were all handsum devils, and a woman who i thought was down pat in my mind. She was sitting on the log that i prepared months before, for the meeting not knowing who they would be, or when they would show up, but when i opened the tent and looked out. there was the smile from a face that i will never forget and looked as young as ever, i thought oh, man, she hasn’t aged a bit. ( me on the other hand things have changed) i zipped the tent shut and put my clothes on quickly and went out to meet them. they were gone, and i could not even see a foot print in the sand? i thought what is she doing! that was in two thousand. yeah, she stumped me again? how did she find me…
    i knew that i had years to go in my work …
    i watched the news over the years and said how did i predict that, and nobody knows? it seems like sombody is being told …
    i knew that he had blue eyes like his mother, and he could not be more powerful than me… why was she doing this…
    where did i have to go?
    in two thousnad two, i wrote letters from places that are now destroyed. i wrote them from what i picked up from heaven by name, (and saw some folks who said, there he is.) i sent them to oprah winfrey, in the letters i told her that i would bring her a bottle and a glass, (she was going to need it when she talked to a friend.) i walked the windy city for days without sleep to find things that i wrote about. ( i just had to throw those shoes away for some reason)
    things would get strange when she had her yard sale…
    to write her OWN book on what she read …
    what it is like to be the only person authorized to write a book about god, and has it in Writing.
    she is the only person that was allowed to witness the future in great detail.
    she was not on the crew.
    she was sent a pen that was used in the first letters sent, of the second coming, and it contained many years. all she had to do was watch the news, and don’t watch it like i do.

    sow! oprah! it’s time to pull out the pen, and i hope i spelt your name right this time.

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