What Is And Isn’t Sanctioned By The American Government

What Is And Isn't Sanctioned By The American Government Picture


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  1. Tinyal says:

    Well done, visually straight-to-the-point.



  2. Kate says:

    What does this have to do with television? Yes, it’s an issue of police/government censorship, but none of the images above have any obvious ties to visual media at all! This post is so typical of the new “occupy movement” – which has unfortunately invaded my country despite it’s irrelevance to any of our lives – ignorant, naive, and blaming all large corporations for any and all of societies inequalities.

    • Tt says:

      Kate, you’re making me lol here… Media is one of the tools of large corporations and this pic demonstrates it quite clearly: Between all those programs you watch are *commercials* designed to sell “products” that you “need.” *The News* is bought and paid for by these commercials… it’s sort of in their interest to slant information on many stories a certain way, this one in particular. Do you not see the relevance? No? ‘Salright hun… what flavor Kool-Aid you drinking today? I’m sure somebody will mix you up a fresh batch. Question everything, Kate. OM isn’t perfect, but they’re not what we’re being told either.

  3. Michael says:

    Not surprising that you wouldn’t understand the concept of private and public property. The top left and bottom right is called private property and the government has nothing to do with ‘sanctioning’ it. No wonder I turned my back on the American left.

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