Come ye, my followers and hear the sermon for today.

The internet is not a place. It is not a location, nor is it an idea. The internet is something that we all sit with and work with. The internet inspires and tempts. The internet is full of all that we need use, and all that keeps us down. It is a beautiful yet wicked thing. The internet lives in all of us, and passes through all our lives.

In short, The internet is God.

But like the life and world of God, the internet comes with it’s pitfalls of equality and pornography. These are the temptations of evil. The internet is the epic struggle of good against bad in it’s most bruttish and brutal terms. Will you spend your time online for the betterment of man, or will you do nothing but read the slow drool of the retarded devil and his distractions.

As Pope I call my followers forward. This internet is a clear cut struggle of forces. It is NOT neutral ground. Any claim of net neutrality is to be opposed. I am against any neutrality online. There is no one undecided on the battlefield. And in this realm of holy struggle the undecided, or “neutral” will be swept aside.

My Democratic opponents support this exact kind of folly. They want everything about the internet to be neutral. That is the devil’s work. Not the sweet creamy inspiration of the lord savior Jesus Christ. Pornography, Liberalism, Satanism, and Anarchy must be purged from this internets of Googlers. Go forth my followers and spread this message of war. We will burn the webs untill all the works of Satan are nothing more than wispy remnants like the career of Michael Richards.

Thus closes thine sermon of thee day.

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