The Power of the Bank

“I sincerely believe that [tag]banking establishments[/tag] are more dangerous than standing armies, and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

– [tag]Thomas Jefferson[/tag]

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  1. defcon says:

    sounds like Jefferson would vote for ron paul

  2. FalseFlag says:

    who wouldn’t vote for ron paul

  3. Thomas Jefferson says:

    I would sooner have defcon comitted for his vile Appeal to Authority, than I would vote for a man so totally deceived – as Ron Paul most assuredly is – by the Church. A rather large portion of my writings is available to all on the internet. So much so, in fact, that I hardly need words stuffed into my mouth by an Internet Buffoon. I’ll thank you to kindly refrain therefrom. Yours is a Double-Fail.

  4. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Good joke I said earlier, yes? Ron Paul is one of the few people who could have saved this country.

  5. lolwot says:

    “Internet Buffoon, “Double-Fail, Appeal to Authority”

    The only buffoon here is the pseudo-intellectual trying to sound intelligent, when he clearly doesn’t grasp the concept of capital letters. Well done bashing Ron Paul, retard.

  6. AlvinBlah says:

    Tommy J. Go back to writing a declaration of independence and your slave rapery you hypocritical bigot

  7. WeAreBeingLiedPoisonedAndForcedByTheOurCommunistGovernment says:

    Control the media and you control a nation. Control the food food supply and you control a continent. Control the banks and you are in control of the world.

  8. wake up says:

    These darn bankers are amazing when it comes to crime. I wish the american people would wake up and see the destruction that that they are causing. These guys were sovereign and the ideas that they have were quite different than what is happening and what transpired after 1913. If you remember Andrew Jackson blocked their charter for several years and Lincoln and Kennedy attempted to cut them out because their agenda breeds debt. What did they get? Well shot, and shot at, and mysteriously they end up with their faces on our legal tender that is NOT backed by gold. Perhaps the sick joke they jerks get their kicks from. People wake up! Research the history of the rotschilds and the rockerfellers also these crooks are all involved. Also watch zeitgeist, esoteric agenda.

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