I’m More Of A Donkey Lips Person Myself

Remember that episode of Salute Your Shorts where Sponge and that greasy new guy ran a newspaper? They were bloggers. That’s what a blog is, except it’s on the Internet and somehow more pathetic than that one from the show.

Something Awful on the Gizmodo/iPhone 4G Controversy

Addnedum: This was the referenced episode of Salute Your Shorts: Pinskey and Sponge start a camp newspaper. While Sponge is writing actual news stories, Pinskey starts a gossip column, which soon becomes very popular. When he writes that Telly may have cheated at a recent sports event, it starts to get everyone into trouble.


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  1. AC says:

    This is what Jonathan Turley has to say about this. He’s got a significant point. This is a sucky case to use to try to trump in bloggers’ rights. Check the vid…

    • alec says:

      Yah, I think the point is that Gizmodo fucked up and Gawker is (and always has been) pretty skeezy. It’s too bad they can’t take Nick Denton to jail with Chen.

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