You didn’t try hard enough, stupid.

The former American secretary of state Colin Powell has revealed that he spent 2 and a half hours vainly trying to persuade President George W Bush not to invade Iraq and believes today’s conflict cannot be resolved by US forces.

“I tried to avoid this war,” Powell said at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado. “I took him through the consequences of going into an Arab country and becoming the occupiers.”

From Mr. Sullivan but a better read on Powell by James Bennet.


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  1. AlvinBlah says:

    thank god powel isnt running for office. he’s exactly what the republican machine needs right now…but his wife thinks he would be shot so he is not doing it. lucky break for us democrats.

  2. kameelah says:

    wow. a whole 2 and a half hours. thanks for this! i am reposting to kameelahwrites!

  3. Mike says:

    Dear Colin,

    Fuck you.


    Over 3,000 dead American soldiers.

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