Bernie Sanders’ Best Quotes On American Politics

Bernie Sanders

At a time when calling Barack Obama liberal is becoming more and more akin to confusing cheap linoleum with granite tile, it’s pretty easy to feel as if the circle of true, left-leaning leadership is wearing thin. If Republicans are the “Party of No,” Dems for some time have been the party of “I Don’t Know”. Enter Bernie Sanders, the Independent statesman from Vermont. All fire and brimstone, Sanders speaks for the people–not his pocket. And sadly, that’s an anomaly these days. Here’s big-hearted and bellicose senator at his best.

Bernie Sanders Class Warfare

Bernie Sanders Cuts

Bernie Sanders War On Women

Bernie Sanders War

Bernie Sanders Walmart

Bernie Sanders Wall Street Standards

Bernie Sanders Tax Breaks

Bernie Sanders Social Security

Bernie Sanders Patriotism

Bernie Sanders Middle Class

Bernie Sanders Gettysburg Address


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