Truth On September 12th, 2001

The rising debt, poverty, and disease in the south are beginning to reach deep into rich countries in the north. We can no longer turn our backs on this misery. If we dislike humanitarian reasons for addressing these issues, we should at least be motivated by self-interest…

The attacks are a language of last resort: the oppressed and persecuted have used many languages to reach us so far, but we seem unable to translate the meaning. So a few have taken the personal responsibility to speak in a language that needs no translation.

From A message from the global south by Saskia Sassen


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  1. Shadowlayer says:

    The assholes in question were not poor, they were well financed by extremist muslims who at the same time got their money from the US, Europe and Japan.

    What the muslim world shows us is that fanatism doesn’t always go hand and hand with poverty: just like dumb rich kids in the west like to go have some possibly illegal fun overseas, some rich maybe dumber but much more decided dumb rich kids on the east want nothing but to blow themselves up, and take a few yanks in the process.

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