Peanut Butter, The Atheist’s Nightmare!

Finally, my PROOF! God, I needed this. All of my friends have been all up in arms about ‘science‘ this, ‘science‘ that. Well I don’t NEED science, I got G-O-D on my side. And he is tall and white and has not yet committed adultery or molested a child as proven by a jury of his peers. So you know what, all you HIGH and MIGHTY thinkers, science may be all ‘factual’ and ‘proven’ and ‘thought out’, but I only need one FABLE, and that’s the Bible. God’s word, spoken straight through the mouth hole of a bastard Jew child who liked carpentry. I mean, what makes sense, a 2000 year old super hero or tested ‘theory‘ and ‘science‘? Jesus is the best, and if you don’t think so, he’ll poke your eye out and kick Allah in the testicles at the same time.


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  1. Matt says:

    I’m allergic to peanut butter. Where does that fit in?

  2. alec says:

    It means your allergic to God and Booker T. Washington. Which makes you the anti-christ and a racist at the same time. Happy now?

  3. hamsterloveday says:

    ahhh! i think i found life in my peanut butter. how do i know if it’s really alive?

  4. I_love_Jesus says:

    You make think that you don’t need science. A lot of misinformed and ignorant people think that they don’t. But you should realize that science, when applied properly, proves God! Look at all the info.

  5. alec says:

    Yah, look at the info, you IDIOTS. I mean come on there’s the fucking peanut butter. You think SCIENCE could design a platypus? Or a banana? NO! Because then science would be dumb.

  6. Ok...but says:

    Don’t you need oxygen for life to happen? A sealed jar of peanut butter doesn’t have oxygen. In fact if you put a living human being in a seal jar he or she would last what? five minutes, tops? Not only can you not get any new life in a sealed jar of peanut butter, it pretty much destroys any existing life, except stuff that stays dormant. So tell me again, how does this prove anything?

  7. alec says:

    No, you don’t need oxygen for life to happen. You need prayer. Lots of it. And an ark. With lots of dinosaurs. And plenty of Jesus. But not enough so that the Jews could get there hands on him again. And if you put ME in a sealed jar, I’d love forever, because I’m clever and resourceful.

  8. huhummm says:

    I’m not an atheist. In fact I’m a proud Catholic. But this line of reasoning is one of the worst I’ve heard. I can only imagine the many ways the most prolific atheists would put him to shame. He’s not using his God-given brain! I pity the idiot who would accept his argument hook, line and sinker. For the love of Christ, please delete this video.

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  11. Anonymous says:

    well good point with oxygen, but life did start without oxygen on earth and created anaerobic organisms which we still have today (for example if you see a bloated can of food DO NOT EAT, it is full of anaerobic bacteria, that is very very poisonous, something i came across with a poutch of cat food actually)

    anyway, I digress….. this argument is stupid for many reasons

    firstly, there is not enough water so the macromolecules canoot float about .

    The amino acidsa re laready in protein form so cannot randomly fuse together,

    also the DNA is already formed, so it again cannot randonly fuse

    I would imagine if you replaced the jars of peanut butters with water full of amino acids, ribose, doxyribose, glucose, lipids, oxygen, and you batterd it with bolts of electricity (which can all be made in a lab quite easily {look up stanley miller experiment} ) and you did it trillions of times, over millions of years… you might get a self replicating moeculue such as a strand of DNA, which is the basis of life

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