Not quite a video…

Not quite a video, but possibly the craziest Western rejectionist vibes I’ve ever received from one MP3 (imitation is the greatest form of flattery, internetvibes!).

The background to all of this: I took a course my first year in college entitled Global Pop. It was an honors course, and basically turned into primer about why Western imperialism reaches into the cultural realm in the 21st century. So I found out all the sweet ways that the MAN rapes the rest of the world out of their sweet beats and oriental sounds (an entire vibe post should be done on the word oriental, by the way).

So I stumbled upon this MP3 from the days back when entitled “Arranged Marriage” (download it immediately!) by Apache Indian. First, he is NOT an Apache, but it is a total slam to the Unknowing Colonial Antiquities that Persist to This Day, because he is an Indian (subcontinent) that lives in Great Britain. Not only is he mad at our White Mans Burden fucking up his side of things, but he’s so mad he stole the Reggae vibe! I am not kidding you.

And what is this reggae impersonating, non-Native-American, British-Indian singing about? Well, his coming to terms with the backwardness of his own Indian culture! I don’t think this even makes sense, but there are about fifty different dynamics working against each other here.

Also, check out his picture:

In summation, Apache Indian is NOT American Indian (and probably doesn’t like the fact that a bunch of arrow shooters are mistaken with his kind), is culturally confused, and if you a do a Google image search on him, you will get ten pictures of him with Sean Paul.


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